15 Best Beaches in Mumbai To Visit With Your loved Ones

Are you even a true Mumbaikar if you haven’t been to any of the beaches in Mumbai for an evening “picnic”? Mumbaikars count themselves lucky enough to have this amazing coastline that other cities could only dream of. Mumbai is truly blessed with beautiful beaches and scenic views of the Arabian Sea. The beaches are so beautiful and mesmerizing. Not only do they have picture-perfect backdrops but they satisfy your very soul as well.

The serene view of the sunset over the Arabian Sea. The view is just as beautiful as it sounds. Beaches in Mumbai are also well-known for the amazing food stalls that serve every Mumbaikar’s favorite food. Who doesn’t love the lip-smacking taste of Chaat, Pav Bhaji, “Barf ka Gola”, and much more.

Mumbaikars love having these beaches as a place to get away from the fast-paced city life. It’s a perfect place to just to chill out and relax with your loved ones.

“Sand on your feet and People to meet”, that’s what beaches are for, right?

Here’s a list of the Beaches in Mumbai that you must-visit.


Girgaum Chowpatty In Mumbai
A beach so good that even the Queen left her necklace next to it. Girgaum Chowpatty is one of the most popular beaches in Mumbai. The view of the Queens Necklace, the Beautiful Malabar Hill, and the endless Arabian Sea is a real treat for the people. The beach is a paradise for photgraphers.

Millions of people gather here during Ganesh Visarjan to wave goodbye to the beloved Lord Ganesha.

From Dancing Monkeys to Horse and Camel rides you can enjoy all of it at Girgaum Chowpatty. The food stalls here serve every Mumbaikars favorite fast food that makes you drool over the amazing varieties of the flavors.

The Marine Drive, Hanging Garden, Tarapurwala Aquarium, etc are some of the tourist attractions that are nearby Girgaum Chowpatty. Girgaum Chowpatty is one of the most visited beaches in Mumbai and you should head over there soon as well.

Nearest Railway Station- Charni Road & Grant Road


Reviews“Great place to enjoy your evenings. The place is mostly crowded on weekends and public holidays. Multiple stalls of food are present at the entrance of the beach. The food is great and best for quick bites.” 

Hotels near Girgaum Chowpatty


DADAR CHOWPATTY Featured TOP Beaches in Mumbai

“Peace in Chaos”

Dadar Chowpatty is a small beach that’s located in the hub of the city. One of the quieter beaches in Mumbai. The beach is not as big as the other beaches in Mumbai but the localities love it.

Mumbaikars need no introduction about Dadar, do they? Localities come here to walk, jog and enjoy the slient and breezy weather while looking over the Arabian Sea.

Generally visited by people who are looking to have a relaxing time.

Nearest Railway Station- Dadar


Travellers Reviews – ” This beach is customarily used for jogging and watching beautiful sunsets. The beach is frequented by residential locals coming for an evening stroll, early morning yoga or to spend some leisure time. The absence of shacks and eateries ward off the tourists a little bit. There has been renovation and beautification of Dadar Chowpatty which has made the beach clean and beautiful.”

Hotels near Dadar Chowpatty.


JUHU Featured in TOP Beaches in MumbaiThe Juhu beach is a slice of the spirit Mumbai dwells on. It is a favourite amongst every Mumbaikar and tourist as well.

Offering a splendid sunset view alongside tasty treats like Bhelpuri, Pav Bhaji, “Barf ka Gola”,  and other local delicacies make Juhu beach a gastronomical treat.

Juhu Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Mumbai, it stretches up to 6 KMs. Juhu is one of the most affluent areas in Mumbai, many consider it to be one of the best beaches in Mumbai.

Nearest Railway Station-  Santacruz, Vile Parle, and Andheri


Travelers Review- “Definitely one of the best beaches in the film city of the country. With a wonderful view and a great crowd to keep you engaged and feel relaxed. The presence of many stalls and food courts near this beach also makes it quite attractive for the people. It can be regarded as the perfect spot for an evening stroll.”

Hotels near Juhu beach



The Versova Beach is a continuation of the Juhu Beach. Separated by a creek, the Versova beach is one of the quieter beaches in Mumbai. Silent yet sound, the Versova beach is a good place to relax and get away from the chaotic city life for some time.

Versova Beach is one of the breeziest beaches in Mumbai. The fish market auctions are held daily and are not to be missed by photography enthusiasts.

Versova is also known for the “Koli” (Fishermen) community. The vibrant Koli festival of “Coconut Day” is worth witnessing.

It is one of the most ideal beaches in Mumbai for swimming and jogging. Also if you are water sports enthusiasts, then Snorkeling is something you would definitely enjoy.

Nearest Railway Station-  Andheri


Travelers Review- “The beach was nice not so crowded as it’s a case with the Juhu beach where there are lots and lots of people coming from all walks of life to enjoy the evenings. The versova beach is not so crowded and it’s maintained well if you want to spend quality time with someone you can visit this place. Very nice beach.”

Hotels near Versova Beach.

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Marvé beach is known primarily for its cashew nut groves and a medieval Portuguese church, besides the magnificent view of the sun itself. Marve beach reminds us of the Goan beaches thanks to the Churches built by the Portugese and the Cathloic natives that reside in the locality.

The Marve beach is just a ferry ride away from the beaches of Gorai and Manori, Marvé beach is best visited between October and March.

To see the “Goa in Mumbai”, Marve beach is the must-go place. Needless to say, Marve has a magnificent view of sunrise and sunset.

Nearest Railway Station-  Malad


Travelers Review- “Away from the industrial pollution and the chaotic city life, Marve Beach is situated in Malad, in the western suburbs of Mumbai. Due to the strong tides and currents, it is generally not recommended to swim in the sea waters or even to step aside post evening hours.

Hotels near Marve Beach


Aksa Beach in mumbai

“Tujhe Aksa Beach Ghuma Du Aa Chalti Kya?”

Set against the backdrop of coconut trees in the background, Aksa beach is defined by its clean sand and its idyllic quietness. Commercial activities take a backseat here, where seclusion is a state of mind. The tranquil surroundings of the beach makes the perfect setting for a peaceful walk during the sunset and the calming breeze only adds to the beauty of this beach.

Aksa Beach is known for its silence and is one of the most peaceful beaches in Mumbai. One more thing that is special about the Aksa beach is that the beach is very clean. Clear sand is a highlight of this beach and you should take a barefoot walk down the beach.

Nearest Railway Station- Malad


Travelers Review- “I saw this place at the sunset time. It was awesome . I would like to suggest everyone ‘ Be there in the evening, you will really find it enjoyable with the pristine beauty of Aksa’. It is a long sea shore, good parking space and good public transportation.”

Hotels near Aksa Beach


Madh-Island is a popular weekend getaway for Mumbaikars. The north-west coast of Mumbai houses the relatively-isolated Madh Island beach—part of a cluster of fishing villages. A watchtower built by the Portuguese in the early 17th century called the Madh fort stands to this day and is a breathtaking structure overlooking the sea.

Just like the Aksa beach, Madh Island boasts of treacherous tides and swimming could turn out to be a dangerous affair.

Blanketed by mangroves on all sides, Madh Island demarcates itself from the mainland in a rather picturesque manner. Pamper yourselves with spas and gourmet dishes at some of the best Five-star hotels in the vicinity, and just lose yourself in the magnificent view.

A watchtower, which is a breathtaking structure at the beach, was built by the Portuguese in the early 17th Century.

Covered with mangroves, the beach is beautiful in and out, if you are looking for some quality time to enjoy with family. The location of Madh island beach makes it one of the most famous beaches in Mumbai.

Nearest Railway Station-  Malad


Travelers Review- “Small beach surrounded with local village, usually visitors don’t go to this beach as aksa beach is good spot on this line which is near. But if you want to take a good healthy run then this place is ideal nobody disturbs you here.

Hotels near madh Ishland Beach.


Mumbaikars!! looking for an ideal weekend getaway? Manori is your place. Arguably amongst the best beaches in Mumbai.

Tucked further away from Marvé, Manori is one of the most pristine beaches in Mumbai. Manori has become a well-visited place for parties and weekend getaways. Mumbaikars visit Manori to just chill out and enjoy some time away from the city chaos. You can rent out rooms and cottages along the seashore and have a very good time in Manori.

Manori is famous for its creek and it’s a peaceful place situated away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Manori is one of the most serene beaches in Mumbai.

Nearest Railway Station-  Malad


Travelers Review- “Very clean beach with not many tourists around here. Great getaway during weekends for people living in Mumbai. People can come here to Relax here away from the busy life and schedule. You’ll find various resorts and guest houses with access to the beach.
You’ll even find refreshments on the beach right outside the entrance.”

Hotels near Manori Beach.

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The home to Essel World and Water Kingdom, Gorai beach is one of the most popular beaches in Mumbai. Away from the fast-paced city life Gorai beach is a silent and calming beach. It’s easily accessible via ferry or road, the beach is one of the popular attractions for tourist.

The ferry rides to and from the Gorai beach are very popular. It is one of the highly recommended beaches as it has an ample variety of hotel and five-star resorts to enjoy the weekends or holidays. It undoubtedly deserves to be a part of the best beach in Mumbai list.

Nearest Railway Station- Borivali


Travelers Review– “Beautiful beach, clean beach. Not too crowded. Good for a family outing. Ensure you read up on tide timings before visiting. During high tide, you cannot go to the beach as water almost rises up to the boundary wall. Beautiful beach, clean beach. Not too crowded. Good for a family outing. Ensure you read up on tide timings before visiting. During high tide, you cannot go to the beach as water almost rises up to the boundary wall.”

Hotels near Gorai Beach.


Vasai Beach

Vasai is known for its creek, beaches and the Vasai fort. The Vasai beach is a popular attraction not only for the locals but also for the tourists. The view of the “Vasai Creek” is just amazing and soothes your eyes.

A nice and peaceful beach within city limits. The way to the beach is very narrow and one has to way a long way to reach it. There are horse and camel rides here at reasonable, however, not much eating and munching options, thus, it’s good if you carry your own stuff, especially if there is a kid.

So, if you’re planning a short picnic to spend your evening with your loved ones, then the Vasai beach is one of the best places to be.

Nearest Railway Station- Vasai


Travelers Review- “Great place for an outing, greenery, grey sand, beach vibes, cool breezes are some of the benefits of coming over here. Feels great when u just sit here with your loved one’s releases stress..”



Vasai is known for it’s beaches and Bena Beach is another excellent beach in Vasai. The Bena beach is an excellent destination to spend extraordinary time with your loved ones.

It is a famous tourist spot as well as a paradise for photographers. There’s plenty to entice your senses and offer you recreation at its best, get soaking moist in the spirit of journey which you get to discover at Bena Beach.

Enjoy together and have a memorable time at one of the best beaches in Mumbai. The beach has all the factors to make you fall in love with the place. Bena Beach is not just the place for sightseeing, it’s much more than that.

Nearest Railway Station-  Vasai


Travelers Review- “Quite and calm. It’s a black sand beach with very few tourists. The entry to this beach is via the Vasai village with lots of bushes & trees.”


KALAMB BEACHLooking for an uncrowded beach? The Kalamb beach is your place to be. It’s one of the most silent and peaceful beaches in Mumbai thanks to its isolated location.

Kalamb beach gives you ample space to spend some quality time with your loved ones. The breezy weather and the surreal view from this beach just adds to the beauty of it. Wait for the mesmerizing sunset that offers a breathtaking view. The sound of the sea waves is so soothing, it just brings a sense of calm in you.

Explore the unexplored at Kalamb beach. The beach is known for its semi-thick black sand which is a rarity in and around the beaches in Mumbai.

One of the best beaches to stay at night is Kalamb beach because the roads to the beach are covered with shady trees, which mark the breathtaking view of the destination. It is undoubtedly one of the best beaches in Mumbai.

Nearest Railway Station-  Nala Sopara


Travelers Review-  “Awesome beach must visit once. It is breezy and can also be reached through public transport. One can completely enjoy here there are also small stalls for snacks. There are also camel ride and horse rides available. I had a memorable experience here so you should also try once.”

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Rajodi Beach

Do you have a thing for water sports? If yes then don’t wait anymore and just head over to Rajodi Beach.

Rajodi is one of the most famous beaches when it comes to water sports. It is a paradise for adventurous people, especially for the people who love water sports. It is a must-visit beach if you want to experience the thrill of water sports. Thanks to Rajodi beach, now you don’t need to head too far away from the city to enjoy water sports.

Apart from the adventurous activities, the beach has many other things that make it worth visiting. The small shacks on the beach remind us of the beaches of Goa. The local food is a must-have if you ever visit the beach.

Nearest Railway Station-  Nala Sopara


Travelers Review- “Rajodi Beach is the cleanest beach. it has also a water sports activity. this beach is located far from the station so we have to have own vehicle or have to catch public transport to reach here. The beach has a parallel road so when you are on the road you can see the whole beach view from the road.”



Overlooking the Arnala fort, the Arnala Beach is a very popular beach. The distant view of the fort that was built by the Portuguese before being rebuilt by the Marathas, is a joy to behold.

A ferry ride from the beach to the fort is one that you should not miss. The fresh tender coconut water sold by women hawkers is quite affordable and gives you that refreshing feeling without burning a hole in your pocket.

You can experience camel rides at the beach as well, it’s a worthwhile experience that makes you feel as if you’re far away from everyone in a dessert.

You can also plan a weekend getaway to Arnala thanks to a large number of resorts in the vicinity of the beach. A short trip to make memories with your loved ones.

Nearest Railway Station-  Virar


Travelers Review- “It’s a Hidden beach, the road to the beach goes through the narrow lanes in between small villages. Its beautiful beach. It’s very quiet with no buzz of food sellers. Enjoy nice tender coconut on the beach.”



Explore the unexplored!!

Uran is surrounded by the sea on three sides, sounds amazing, doesn’t it? It is a small fishing village. It is unexplored by tourists and not many people know about this beach. Calling it a hidden gem wouldn’t be an understatement. So if your nerves are screaming for respite, stretch in the sand and soak in the sun even as your stress melts away.

So if you are willing to spend some time away from the hustle-bustle of the city, then Uran beach is the best place to visit, which can be reached by road or train easily. This is one of the perfect and best beach in Mumbai.

Nearest Railway Station-  Uran


Travelers Review– “Best place to enjoy with colleagues and family. Come around 4 PM and fall in love with the beauty of the beach and the fresh air.”

Hotels near Uran Beach.

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