Top 15 Holi Parties in Mumbai 2018 That You Cannot Afford To Miss

Holi, the festival known for bringing the lost colours in life, is perhaps the most vibrant festival celebrated

Holi, the festival known for bringing the lost colours in life, is perhaps the most vibrant festival celebrated in India. A Hindu festival, it is believed to have begun after Prahlad defeated the demoness, Holika, and burnt her. This festival is celebrated on the full moon day in the month of Phalgun (Feb- Mar). It not only celebrates the victory of good over evil but also marks the beginning of Spring. Holi parties in Mumbai are perhaps the most attractive and have their own way of making this festival even more enjoyable.

Even though it is a Hindu festival, it is celebrated all over the country by people of different faiths and beliefs with the same enthusiasm. People begin their celebration a night before Holi by preparing a fire. The story of Prahlad brings into notice the evil attempts of the demoness’s brother, Hiranyakashipu to kill Prahlad. He had asked Holika to burn Prahlad alive. Later, instead of Prahlad, it was Holika who lost the battle. This story is remembered the night before Holi along with the fire preparation to mark good’s victory over the evil. People believe that the fire is prepared to end all the negativity and evil of their life. 

holi parties in mumbaiOn the next day, people celebrate the positivity with colours. Applying colours made of several organic items on people’s skin is believed as an indication to pass on the positivity and celebrate the end of their life’s evil.

In places like Varanasi, Holi is played with flowers. Following the Krishna way, people play with flowers and dance, which is often termed as Raasleela. While in other places, the usage of colours and water is common. Along with the other developments, there are several enhancements in the festivals too. In cities, there are parties especially organised for this festival.

Holi parties in Mumbai are one of it’s kind. They not just focus on the colours, but have fun factors like pools, rain dances, DJs, food and what not! The organisers charge minimal entry fees to ensure the complete enjoyment of all the attendants. Holi parties in Mumbai attract people not only from Mumbai but also from outside. These parties welcome every type of person, be it a common individual, a student, a working man or celebrities. Several parties are organised in the city, and each one of them is as unique as the others.

Mumbai is a city of dreams, and the way festivals are celebrated here is no less than a dream. Seeing the trend in previous years, one can predict that the Holi 2018 in Mumbai would be no less than a complete package of fun, frolic, and entertainment. Like the festival each year, Holi 2018 is also going to be full of exciting Holi parties. These parties will be organised at several places like amusement parks, near beaches, grounds and so on.

Some of the best Holi Parties in Mumbai are:

#1 –  Holi Bash 2018 by EsselWorld & Water Kingdom

Why restrict your holi celebrations to 2nd March? You can celebrate your holi 2018 through the weekend that is from 2nd March to 4th March at Essel World and Water Kingdom. There won’t be any colour but there will lot of good music, good food, and unlimited fun.

holi parties in mumbai

Location: Essel World, Water Kingdom: Mumbai, Gorai Island, Global Pagoda Road, Borivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400091
Entry fee: Water Kingdom Rs. 486 – Rs. 690 Essel World Rs. 325 – Rs. 443
Book your tickets: Go Events, Book My Show

#2 – Bollyboom Holi Bash 2018 (BKC)

Celebrate your holi 2018 at Mumbai’s only family-friendly bash. Bring your family along and celebrate with talented artists such as Mann Nagpal, Ali Merchant, Siana Catherine, Progressive Brothers, Ankur, GIDA, Omen and Emcee Noizee. There is also a special kids’ zone, so there is one more reason why you must celebrate your holi with the entire family.

holi parties in mumbai

Location: MMRDA Grounds: Mumbai, BKC Road, G Block BKC, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400051
Entry fee: GEN: Rs 500, VIP: Rs 900
Book your tickets: Eventshigh, Book My Show

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#3 – Rang de Holi (Mahalaxmi Race Course)

There is no better location to celebrate holi than the one with the beautiful Arabian Sea forming a pretty picture in the background. One of the best holi parties in Mumbai, Rang de holi is where you should head to if you want to celebrate holi with free colours, live performances, rain dance, bhang, and some surprises that the organizers have lined up for you. This is the best way to celebrate the changing colours of the season.

holi parties in mumbai

Location: Mahalaxmi Race Course, Royal Western India Turf Club, Dr. E Moses Marg, Royal Western India Turf Club, Opp KK Marg, Mahalakshmi, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400034
Entry fee:  Student Pass: Rs. 349, GA Pass: Rs. 499, VIP Pass: Rs. 999
Book your tickets: Events now, Book My Show

#4 – Holy District 2018 (JVPD Grounds)

Juhu hosts some of the best holi parties in Mumbai, one of them being the Holy District. After a successful first edition, the second edition of Holy District 2018 is back with more grand and entertaining. With amazing artists lined up to pep up your celebration, if off-the-grid celebrations interest you, then Holy district is the place to be.

holi parties in mumbai

Location: JVPD Grounds, Juhu, MHADA Colony, Juhu, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400049
Entry fee: Early Bird Gold: Rs. 1250 Early Bird Regular: Rs. 650
Book your tickets: Eventshigh, Book My Show

#7 – Holi Reloaded 2018 (Juhu)

18 artists, 2 stages, and one big venue; that’s holi reloaded for you! One of the biggest dance and music holi parties in Mumbai, Holi Reloaded 2018 is back with its 6th edition of fun, frolic, and wonderful performances. Book your tickets now and celebrate your holi 2018 in a grand way.

holi parties in mumbai

Location: Tulip Star, Juhu Tara Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400049
Entry fee: GA: Rs. 995 VIP: Rs. 2560
Book your tickets: Submerge, Book My C

#8 – Youniverse Music Festival (Inorbit Mall, Malad)

What’s life without music? No celebration is complete without music. The youniverse music festival is an open genre music festival that caters to people with a different taste of music. So, even if you are not the type who likes to celebrate with colours, this is your chance to still celebrate holi 2018 with pure music.

holi parties in mumbai

Location: Inorbit Mall, Malad, Link Road, Malad (W), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400064
Entry fee: Early Bird GA: Rs. 600, Early Bird VIP: Rs. 800
Book your tickets: Eventshigh, Book My Show

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#9 – Eggsplore Rang Barse 2018 (Kutchi Ground, Borivali West)

Eggsplore is one of the glamorous holi parties in Mumbai. It is here that you witness the best of everything – from celebrities to food and colours. This is the first time such an event is being held in Borivali, so if you stay in that area and are wondering where to go, you know where to head for the holi 2018 celebration.

holi parties in mumbai

Location: Kutchi Ground, Near Aura Hotel, Link Road, Borivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400092
Entry fee: Early Bird (Regular): Rs. 500, Early Bird (VIP): Rs. 800
Book your tickets: Go Events, Book My Show

#10 – Splash Inn Holi (Gokul Tulip Bungalow, Malad West)

No celebration is complete without good food. Splash Inn is a foodie’s delight. You can indulge in unlimited food and thandai. If you are a water baby, you can have fun at their pool party and if you are single, you can still enjoy your holi 2018 by purchasing a stag pass. The main attraction of the event is a live performance by DJ Dinesh who will sing in 51 different voices!

holi parties in mumbai

Location: Gokul Tulip Bungalow: Mumbai, Madh Marve, Danapaani Road, Malad West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400061
Entry fee: Stag: Rs. 999, VIP Table (5 pax): Rs. 1203, VVIP Room (7 pax): Rs. 19968
Book your tickets: Go Events, Book My Show, Eventshigh

#11 – Colour Splash (Maitri Lawn, Borivali West)

Why stop the holi celebration in the afternoon when you can enjoy it non-stop for 8 hours! Celebrate your holi 2018 with colours, non-stop music, and rain dance. It is easily one of the biggest holi parties in India.

holi parties in mumbai

Location: Maitri Lawn, Near Mahavir Nagar, Saibaba Mandir Road, Borivali (West), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400092
Entry fee:  General Access: Rs. 499, VIP: Rs. 699, VVIP (Table for 4): Rs. 10000, VVIP (Table for 6): Rs. 15000, VVIP (Table for 8): Rs. 20000
Book your tickets: Go Events, Book My Show

#12 – Somshiva Colour Festival (Hiranandani Estate, Thane West)

If you are the one who loves psychedelic-themed parties, then this one is for you. For the first time in Mumbai, you can celebrate your holi 2018 in a psychedelic-themed party with eight artists lining up for entertainment. There will be a 40-feet fabrication of Lord Shiva and the venue will be covered with hippie décor. If losing yourself in a trance is your mantra, Somshiva colour festival is the ideal holi party for you!

holi parties in mumbai

Location: DK Lawns, 23, Wagbil Road, Hiranandani Estate, Thane West, Beside Waghbill Bus Depot, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400615
Entry fee:  General Stag: Rs. 300, General Couple: Rs. 500, VIP Stag: Rs. 500, VIP Couple: Rs. 900, VIP Table for 6: Rs. 15000
Book your tickets: Go Events, Book My Show, Eventsnow

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#13 – Holi Fit by FitZup (Amandi Lawns, Madh Island)

Don’t let holi be your excuse for skipping your daily exercise routine. Spend your holi 2018 in a healthy way with the fitness community. Do your workouts in a different way with games, challenges, and competitions revolving around fitness. You can also indulge in tasty and healthy food and groove to the Bollywood music.

holi parties in mumbai

Location: Amandi Lawns, Madh Island, Next To Retreat Hotel, Malad West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400061
Entry fee:  Registration fee: Rs. 999
Book your tickets: Eventshigh, Book my show

#14 – Holi Long Weekend (Imagica Water Park)

Imagica is the most exciting amusement park in Mumbai and celebrating Holi here would be an unforgettable experience. Every year, Imagica organises a Holi party that is full of colourful experience with the rides, DJ, food and so much more. Fill your Holi 2018 with amusement and colours in this theme park.

holi parties in mumbai

Location: Imagica Water Park, 30/31, Sangdewadi, Pali-Khopoli Road, Off Mumbai-Pune Express Way, Tal-Khalapur, Dist-Raigad, Khopoli, Mumbai, Maharashtra 410203
Entry fee:  Rs. 1500-1700
Book your tickets: Book my show, Go Events

#15 – Color By The Bay (Wilson Gymkhana, Marine Drive)

What can be more beautiful than celebrating positivity near the tranquil sea? Celebrate your Holi 2018 at the Marine Drive and get drenched in colours and water. Not only will you be able to enjoy the colours, but you can also witness the whole new vibes with DJ, live performances, games and many more. “Colors by the Bay” will be the attraction of the Holi 2018. This seven-day festival can beat all the Holi parties in Mumbai.

holi parties in mumbai

Location: Wilson Gymkhana: Mumbai, Marine Drive, Girgaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400004
Entry fee:  General Entry: Rs. 499, EB General Entry + Food: Rs. 750, VIP Entry: Rs. 899, VIP Entry + Food: Rs. 1250
Book your tickets: Go Events, Eventshigh, Book My Show

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These were some of numerous Holi parties in Mumbai. The list of such parties is endless, and you can find options to suit every person’s choice. So, go ahead with selecting the best party according to your type and book your tickets before it is too late. Mumbai is known for its thrill, and you cannot afford to doubt it’s Holi enthusiasm.

However, all the enthusiasm turn into frustration sometimes if you cannot get rid of the colours, bhang effect and so on. Herbal and organic colours are easy to remove and don’t harm the skin. However, people nowadays use chemical colours, and that makes it important to take necessary precautions to have a safe Holi. 

Here are few tips to consider to have pleasant after effects of Holi 2018:

#1 Wear clothes that would cover your body as much as possible to avoid the contact with colour as much as possible.

#2 You should also apply moisturizers, lotion or oil on the parts of your body that aren’t covered. These things form a layer and thus, doesn’t allow the colours to come in direct contact with the skin. It also helps to remove the colours easily.

#3 To protect your hair, massage your hair and scalp with oil and also cover it with caps, scarfs, etc.

#4 Use shampoos, soaps, conditioners, body washes, etc. to remove colours from your body.

#5 Holi is the festival known for Bhaang. However, one should be very cautious while consuming that. Try to avoid consuming more than your capacity. Bhaang hangover can last for more than 12 hours and could even end you up in hospital, so be careful. Have lemon or orange juice if it seems to be too much or have fruits like kiwi, bananas, strawberries, and apples to reduce your hangover. Don’t mix it with alcohol.

Holi is fun, but make sure you don’t do anything that could result in something untoward for you. Play it safe and have the best of your time at the Holi parties in Mumbai. Make your Holi 2018 the best Holi of your life!

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