Kala Ghoda Festival 2019

Kala Ghoda 2019: Dates, Events, Schedule, Maps and Timings

Kala Ghoda 2019 is here! If you are a connoisseur of arts and love dance, music, installations and

Kala Ghoda 2019 is here! If you are a connoisseur of arts and love dance, music, installations and everything related to art, then Kala Ghoda Festival is the place to go this weekend.

Kala Ghoda means Black Horse. Located in the heart of the city in Fort area, with Regal Cinema in the South on MG Road, Port to the East, Oval Maidan to the West and Stock Exchange to the North, Kala Ghoda is rightly called the cultural heart of the city.

A walk down the historical lane

Kala Ghoda got its name due to the black stone statue of King Edward VII sitting on a horse and made from black stone. The statue was installed by Albert Abdullah David Sassoon but was removed by the Byculla Zoo. The area’s pride was restored when a new statue was put in place in 2017. Of course, the new Kala Ghoda is sans its rider. However, is one landmark that’s hard to miss.

Kala Ghoda started when the residents, business luminaries, art galleries and art patrons came together on 30th October 1998 with the objective to preserve the art and heritage of South Mumbai. Each year the Association organises a street festival in February, from the first Saturday to the next Sunday. It started as a street festival with the entire Kala Ghoda being transformed into a venue that hosts village artists and urban sellers as well as performances of dance, music and theatre. However, over the time, it came to be known as the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival.  Over time the festival spread to Azad Maidan and Horniman Circle.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Kala Ghoda 2019 festival. Residents of Mumbai and people from across the country and the world will be attending the Kala Ghoda 2019 festival, which is slated to start on 2nd February and end on 10th February 2019.

Sections to look forward to in Kala Ghoda 2019 Festival

Kala Ghoda 2019 Children Events

There are many activities for children in Kala Ghoda 2019. The Museum Gardens become the venue for children to exhibit their painting skills. This year’s theme is Dream STEAM that focuses on science, technology, engineering, arts and maths. It is an opportunity for kids to get hands-on experience in all these fields. Schools can participate in the exhibitions and submit exhibits. There is also a literature section where children can participate in writing workshops.


Kala Ghoda 2019 - CinemaIf you are a movie buff, you just cannot skip this section. Here’s your chance to catch up on some of the best documentary, regional, offbeat, and feature films from India and around the world. Want to walk down the memorable movie lane? Then do not miss the theme of Kala Ghoda 2019 – past forward, where you can watch some of the greatest films ever made in the past 20 years.


Kala Ghoda 2019 - DanceThe Kala Ghoda 2019 dance theme revolves around Desire, Determination, Excitement, Energy and Passion. Dance troupes from across the country and from Germany, United Kingdom and the USA will perform at Cross Maidan, Churchgate. From Shakti Mohan’s troupe Nritya Shakti to Kamalika Ghuathakurta and Srijon’s Rabindra Nritya and Rukmini Vijayakumar’s Bharatnatyam performance, each day is packed with different and enthralling performances from eminent artists.


Kala Ghoda 2019 - Food

A festival is incomplete without food. Kala Ghoda 2019 features Flavours of Kala Ghoda, MasterChef workshops, food walks to hidden foodie places around the area and a culinary-themed treasure hunt, the last being a first for Kala Ghoda festival of 2019. The restaurants in the neighbourhood are going to feature a festival themed menu to make it more special for the patrons. Start prepping your digestive juices; for you are in for a gastronomic treat.

Heritage Walks

Kala Ghoda 2019 Heritage WalksHeritage Walks during Kala Ghoda 2019 will take you on an exploratory walking tour to the hidden gems in the area. For those who do not like to walk, there are heritage bus tours. 20 locations, mark the 20 stories of this 20th Kala Ghoda 2019 festival.

Even if you have no interest in art, music or dance, Kala Ghoda 2019 is worth visiting for the ambiance, and the gorgeous spread of foods. It’s the perfect way to know your city better.

Kala Ghoda 2019 festival promises to be an absolute extravaganza, do not skip it at any cost!

Kala Ghoda 2019 MAP

Kala Ghoda 2019

Kala Ghoda 2019 Schedule

Download the schedule to plan your visit.

Dream CatchersCSMVS11:00 AM  Join us on a sacred journey as you weave your very
by Chaahat AdvaniLawns12:00 noonown dreamcatcher and let your inner boho shine!
(Age: 6 to 12yrs)
Khatron Ke KhiladiCSMVS12:00 noon   Get ready to be amazed by the power of fire in this
by Science UtsavLawns– 1:00 pmenchanting science show. (Age: All)
Our PlaygroundCSMVS1:30 PMEnjoy a fun-filled collaborative session through play
by Madhulika DhindawLawns2:30 pmto create a vision for a better tomorrow.
(Age: 6 to 12yrs)
Math with OrigamiCSMVS3:00 pm –Unravel the fun of Math with Origami.
by BobLawns4:00 pm(Age: 10yrs +)
Tribal Beats by SaevusCSMVS4:00 pm –Introducing the tribal natives of the Indian wild
Lawns5:00 pmthrough music and dance. (Age: 8 to 12yrs)
Mo-Glitter by Shruti NarayanCSMVS5:00 pm –Do a creative mosaic, add some glitter and you get a
Lawns6:00 pmMo-Glitter! Experience using mixed medium.
(Age: 6 to 12yrs)
Foiled!CSMVS11:00 AMCreate your own sculpture with scraps and foil with
by artist Arzan KhambattaLawns12:00 noonartist Arzan Khambatta . (Age: 8 to 14yrs)
Everyday Math throughCSMVS12:00 noonAn interactive storytelling session using the language
Stories, Fun and DanceLawns– 1:00 pmof Bharatanatyam with everyday math presented
by Neha Khaitanfrom A Flower Child. (Age: 7 to 12yrs)
Clever, Cleverer, CleverestCSMVS1:30 pm –Hear the award-winning story of the clever tailor
by Maulshree KalothiaLawns2:30 pmRuparam and see how a little can go a long way,
especially in these times of excess. (Age: 5yrs +)
Build a Rocket LauncherCSMVS2:30 pm –Explore, play, discover and build your own rocket
by Science UtsavLawns3:30 pmlauncher. (Age: 5yrs +)
Think with your HandsCSMVS4:00 pm –Get creative and let your imagination run wild. Join
by Sticky BitsLawns5:00 pmus in a fun filled session.
(Age: 5 to 10yrs)
Rhythmic Art Strokes andCSMVS5:00 pm –Be a tree, a wolf, water or wind and join Allison
Spirit Dance Expression of theLawns6:00 pmMoreu as she takes you on a journey with a spirit
Elements of Naturedance of the elements of nature which culminates
by Allison Johninto an expressive Mural painting.
Little Van GoghsCSMVS4:00 pm –Understand the value of patience through the Starry
by Saturday Art ClassLawns5:00 pmNight painting. (Age: 6 to 12yrs)
3D DoodlingCSMVS5:00 pm –Open your wings of creativity by making 3D models
Lawns6:00 pmof things around us with a special 3D pen and let
your imagination take shape. (Age: 6 to 14yrs)
Plastic Not in my OceanCSMVS11:00 am –   Let the magic in your hands convert plastic waste
by Natasha D’CostaLawns12:00 noon into a beautiful bench. Bring your plastic bags,
wrappers, etc. to help build a strong sturdy bench
presented by the NGO, Start Upcycling Now.
Of Dreams that Glow andCSMVS4:00 pm –A fun-filled poetry writing workshop, that gets kids
Words that Flow!Lawns5:00 pmto give words to their wishes and come up with their
by Richa Guptaown original poem. (Age: 7 to 15yrs)
Birds ‘R UsCSMVS5:00 pm –An interactive session for kids of all ages, where
by Monica JhaveriLawns6:00 pmwe will learn about identifying local bird species in
Mumbai. (Age: All)
Our PlaygroundCSMVS4:00 pm –A playful, collaborative session of individuals
Lawns5:00 pmto create a vision for a better tomorrow.
(Age: 6 to 12yrs)
Our Planet Blue!CSMVS5:00 pm –Join us on an exciting musical story about our
by Katie BagliLawns6:00 pmplanet’s environment, sung to rap beat by a group of
children. (Age: 6 to 14yrs)
The Six Traits of CreativeCSMVS4:00 pm –An introduction to the basic traits of creative writing
WritingLawns5:00 pmand the use of graphic organisers which help in
by Reshma Krishnan Barshikarbuilding a discipline of writing. (Age: 10 to 15yrs)
Wear Your ArtCSMVS5:00 pm –As Kala Ghoda turns 20, let your imagination spruce
by ChangeoverLawns6:00 pmup a plain cotton canvas tote bag into an unusual
piece of art using 20 shades and tints! (Age: 6yrs+)
Reviving Indian ArtCSMVS11:00 am –Learn the nuances of the Indian art of mandala to the
by Students of ABWALawns12:45 pmchildren of the NGO Toy Bank. The mandala design
Grade 11 IBwill be created on a board that you can take home.
Workshop withCSMVS1:30 pm –Students of the Dhirubhai Ambani International
Drawing WordsLawns5:00 pmSchool Primary Art Core Group will view the Drawing
by Yasmeen IsmailWords exhibit and attend a session presented by
British Council Mumbai.
Puppet WorkshopCSMVS4:00 pm –Make children discover that you can make your own
by Frédéric SimonLawns5:00 pmgames with everyday objects and stimulate your
imagination. Presented by Alliance Francaise De
Bombay. (Age: 5 to 10yrs)
STEAM Stories with PuppetsCSMVS5:00 pm –Physics and chemistry are made easy in this
by Usha VenkataramanLawns6:00 pmimmersive storytelling of The Moon and his two
wives as Alexander T Wolf teaches about materials
and their uses. (Age: 8 to 12yrs)
Magical MandalasCSMVS11:00 am –Unleash your mind to create a dreamscape through
by Anita YeweleLawns12:00 noon  circular patterns. (Age: 6yrs +)
Experience STEAMCSMVS12:00 noon – Spark your curiosity with hands-on science activities
by Agastya FoundationLawns1:00 pmand share the Ah! Aha! Ha Ha! experience!
Know Your RhythmCSMVS1:30 pm –Go on a joyous journey to explore, be imaginative
by iexpressLawns2:30 pmand harmonize with the inner self through a sensory
process. (Age: 5yrs +)
Interactive Storytelling andCSMVS2:30 pm –Enjoy stories of the Father of the Nation – a fun-filled
DanceLawns3:30 pminteractive session with a drama on making a
by Nidhi Baghariadifference. (Age: 2 to 10yrs)
Puppet Stories to understandCSMVS4:00 pm –Interactive math and biology stories of King
Math and Biology ConceptsLawns5:00 pmVikram who solves an improbable task
by Usha Venkataramanand Jack on his mission to grow a plant.
(Age: 8 to 12yrs)
Creative DaydreamingCSMVS5:30 pm –Sketch your dream and write a letter to the President
workshop by Dream On,Lawns7:00 pmabout your vision for India.These will be uploaded to
India!™ – India’s first-everwww.dreamonindia.com under “Map of Dreams”
multilingual Book of Dreamsand select dreams will be included in the printed
copy of the “Book of Dreams”. (Age: All)
Kiki and Bobo: StorytellingCSMVS11:00 am –   Storytelling followed by a colourful activity for the
and Illustrating for YoungLawns12:00 pm    entire family to get involved in. Don’t forget to get
Childrenyour colours. Presented by British Council Mumbai.
by Yasmeen Ismail(Age: 4 to 8yrs)
20 Ways to Write Your NameCSMVS12:00 noon –   Explore different styles of letter writing; creating cool,
by Bhakti OberoiLawns1:00 pmcolourful & fun ways to write your name and make
your very own paper nameplaque. (Age: 6 to 12yrs)
Under 18 Visual Arts PrizeCSMVS1:00 pm –All schools and organisations to gather for the
DistributionLawns2:00 pmresults of the Children’s Art Installation,
themed ’20 TIMES’.
Ooey GooeyCSMVS2:00 pm –Get messy and ignite your curious minds as you
by Nutty ScientistsLawns3:00 pmcombine chemicals, make your own slime, colour
changing experiments, create elephant’s toothpaste
and see amazing chemical reactions.
(Age: 4 to 9yrs)
Know Your Art presentsCSMVS3:00 pm –Mathematics, geometry, shapes and colour. Steam
S. H. RazaLawns4:00 pmthem up and what do you get? A masterpiece by
Indian artist S.H. Raza. Come and learn about his life
and take back your own unique artwork.
(Age: 6 to 12yrs)
Frozen Dry Ice WorkshopCSMVS4:00 pm –Ever wondered how ice can be dry? Play with
by Nutty ScientistsLawns5:00 pmcarbonic ice and create mists, blow balloons, make
sounds through friction and enjoy the never ending
bubbles! (Age: 4 to 9yrs)
Twisted Tales with theCSMVS5:00 pm –The Gruffalo is walking through the woods, listening
Gruffalo!Lawns6:00 pmto stories that could help him get smarter than that
By Talking Turtleswitty mouse! Join him and listen up, as his wooded
buddies tell him twisted tales! (Age: All)
• All registrations will begin half an hour before each workshop time at the CSMVS Lawns
• Entry on a first come, first serve basis
• For all installations (under 18), please refer to our Visual Arts section
Curators: Nuriya Rao & Tasneem Rajkotwala
Team: Ranjana Nair, Yashika Kukreja, Kimmie Kukreja and Arun Mohnani
Acknowledgements: Arzan Khambatta, British Council Mumbai, Alliance Francaise De Bombay,
Saevus, Katie Bagli, Rishita Chandra, Usha Venkataraman, Science Utsav and Nutty Scientist
Note: All programs are subject to change.
Papa’s MarathonKitab Khana10:30 am –It’s marathon time! How fit are you? Have
with Nalini Sorensen11:30 pmyou counted the number of steps you take in
a minute? Author Nalini Sorensen shares the
story of her Papa’s Marathon! (Age: 5+ yrs)
Click a Story WorkshopVisitor’s10:30 am –Pictures speak a thousand words and
with Tejal PandeyCentre,12:30 pmthousands of words make a story! Learn how
CSMVSto make images. Don’t forget your cellphone
*each child needs a cell phone for session*
(Age: 10+ yrs)
Lucky it’s not just ChristmasKitab Khana11:30 am –Woof! Woof! Woof! That’s Lucky! Who?
story!12:30 pmLUCKY! The Cocker Spaniel puppy. Love,
with Nalini Sorensenlaughter, tail wags, singing and loads of fun with
author Nalini Sorensen.(Age: 5+ yrs)
Puu with CG Salamender andKitab Khana12:30 pm –Drawing words and writing pictures: a
Samidha Gunjal1:30 pmworkshop making picture books with author C
G Salamander and illustrator Samidha Gunjal.
(Age: 6+ yrs)
Flying with GrandpaKitab Khana3:00 pm –Peek into the world of Xerxes and Grandpa
by Madhuri Kamat4:00 pmalongside creating a fun game to entertain your
elders with author Madhuri Kamat.
(Age: 8+ yrs)
Creating CharactersKitab Khana4:00 pm –Learn how to make a fun, loveable character with
with Anita Heiss5:00 pmAustralian author Anita Heiss. (Age: 8+ yrs)
WonderwordsKitab Khana5:00 pm –Do you know what tsundoku or bhaat-ghoom
with Rituparna Sarkar6:00 pmmeans? Leap into a world of words that cannot
be translated into English and hop on this
wondrous world tour. (Age: 9+ yrs)
Woka ChimniKitab Khana10:30 am –Meet young Woka Chimni a house sparrow
with Preeti Vyas11:30 amfrom Mumbai, who travels across India.
Author Preeti Vyas tells you about her
adventures. (Age: 5+yrs)
Nani’s Walk in the ParkKitab Khana11:30 am  –You haven’t been on a walk unless you have
with Deepa Balsavar12:30 pmwalked with Nani! Accompany Nani and her
grandson Venki on an adventure around a
special neighbourhood. Come be prepared to
create the biggest most amazing picture ever.
(Age: 6+ yrs)
Fantasy Writing WorkshopVisitor’s10:30 am –Write a short fantasy story set in your own
with Aditi KrishnakumarCentre,12:30 pmmagical world. Fill it with mysterious beings,
CSMVSanimals and side quests that take your
characters to their goal. (Age: 10+ yrs)
Music for JoshuaKitab Khana12:30 pm –Have you ever wanted something so badly that
with Chatura Rao1:30 pmyou followed it around and tried to make friends
with it (one step at a time)?  Listen to Joshua’s
enchanting story. (Age: 6+ yrs)
If I Could Teach A TeacherKitab Khana3:00 pm –Ever wondered what makes a few words a
by Sakshi Singh4:00 pmpoem? Is it rhyme, rhythm or idea? Learn
about the magic of writing poetry in this
session. (Age: 6+ yrs)
In My HeartKitab Khana4:00 pm –A story of families born out of love, followed
with Nandana Sen5:00 pmby a jigsaw puzzle, activity cards and a
spontaneous drawing session based on the
book. (Age: 6+ yrs)
Magicians of MadhKitab Khana5:00 pm –Take a fun quiz about mythological creatures
with Aditi Krishnakumar6:00 pmand the things people believed about them.
Design your own creatures and help on a
magical quest. (Age: 8+ yrs)
The Little Red String withKitab Khana10:30 am –Join The Little Red string, Moni and Viru on their
Madhumita Nandi Srivastava11:30 amadventure. Imagine and create your own story
panel. (Age: 6+ yrs)
Travel Writing WorkshopVisitor’s10:30 am –Editor-writer Gretchen Ferrao Walkers helps
with Gretchen FerraoCentre,12:30 pmyou dip into your travel memories, fish for the
CSMVSright experiences and find the perfect words to
describe your adventures. (Age: 10+ yrs)
My City, My DogsKitab Khana11:30 am –Meet Traffic, Hole, Periappa and other dogs who
with Abodh Aras12:30 pmlive of the streets of Mumbai and listen to the
stories the dogs pictured in the book, My City,
My Dogs written by Abodh Aras, illustrated by
Sumedha Sah, photographed by Hashim Badani.
(Age: 5+ yrs)
Neel on WheelsKitab Khana12:30 pm –Listen to the story of a superboy with a super set
with Lavanya Karthik1:30 pmof wheels. Come along and also make your own
monster and super duper machines.
(Age: 6+ yrs)
Insect Boy with MonamiKitab Khana3:00 pm –One incident can lead to different stories, and
and Shobha Vishwanath4:00 pmcharacters are influenced by small events in
their life. Learn to flip a story on its head.
(Age: 6+ yrs)
The Little RainmakerKitab Khana4:00 pm –Would we survive in a world without sunlight
with Roopal Kewalaya5:00 pmand rain? Can a ten year-old bring rain to
the world? Can magic really make dreams
possible? Discuss myriad possibilities of
living in an underground world or drinking
chemical water. (Age: 8+ yrs)
Book Launch!Kitab Khana5:00 pm –If you think you’ve read every fairytale out
Twice Upon a Time6:00 pmthere, think again. Smash the tired old princess
with Payal Kapadiastory to smithereens with Twice Upon a Time.
Write a princess story like no other!
(Age: 9+ yrs)
Discover India TambolaKitab Khana10:30 am –Roll up your sleeves and revise your knowledge
with Sonia Mehta11:30 amof India with the coolest game of housie you’ve
ever played. Peek into Daadu Dolma, Pushki
and Mishka’s adventures across the states of
India and end with a fun session of quizzing and
tambola! (Age: 6+ yrs)
Zine Making WorkshopKitab Khana10:30 am –Do you have a topic or an idea that you really want
with Himanshu12:30 pmto share with the world? Painter and zine-maker
Himanshu will help you make a magazine based on
your thoughts, ideas, dreams and fantasies.
(Age: 10+ yrs)
Jiya Meets UrmilaKitab Khana11:30 am –Jiya and Urmila grow up on two sides of a wall.
with Shabnam Minwalla12:30 pmThey lead completely different lives. Then one
and Tanvi Bhatday, the two girls  come together to battle their
horrid, trouble-making neighbour. Join these
two girls and make some music along the way.
(Age: 6+ yrs)
I Need to PeeKitab Khana12:30 pm –Young Rahi loves drinking water, juices and
with Neha Singh1:30 pmnariyal paani – what do you think that leads to?
A whole lot of susu – susu on the train, susu
on the plane, susu when travelling in a bus too!
(Age: 5+ yrs)
Amuchi PuchiKitab Khana3:00 pm –Do you have a secret code, story or ritual with
with Sharanya Manivanan4:00 pmyour grandparents? Come listen to the heart-
warming tale of Aditya, Anjali and their dear
Ammuchi. (Age: 6+ yrs)
Padma and the BlueKitab Khana4:00 pm –Learn about the exciting world of Indian
Dinosaur with Vaishali Shroff5:00 pmdinosaurs and our rich fossil heritage.
(Age: 8+ yrs)
At the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival we wish to make sure that children interact with authors, engage with
stories and expand their horizons. In addition to the festival, we organise sessions for schools every year.
To celebrate the 20th year of KGAF, in association with The Pomegranate Workshop we have organised
sessions in schools all over the city.
Magicians of MadhCSMVS10:00 am –Delve into a magical land, take a quiz and
with Aditi KrishnakumarLawns11:00 ameven design a magical creature.
The Sage’s SecretCSMVS10:00 am –Kalki Chronicles- a story about the 10th
with AbhinavLawns11:00 amAvatar of Vishnu who must restore the
balance between good and evil.
What Maya SawCSMVS10:00 am –Set in Mumbai, the story takes the
with Shabnam MinwallaLawns11:00 amprotagonist Maya on a cluehunt across
the city; a mystery to be unravelled.
Please register for all kids literature events by emailing [email protected] with “Register”
and the name of the session in the subject line. No registration for other children’s workshops.
Curator: Yashasvi Vachhani
Team: Poyani Mehta, Elvira Castelino
Acknowledgements: Puffin India, Duckbill Books, Karadi Tales, HarperCollins, Tulika Books,
FunOkPlease, Kitab Khana, Somaiya Bhavan, Lubaina Bandukwala, Australian Consulate-
General Mumbai, The Pomegranate Workshop.
Note: All programs are subject to change.
Swedish Dads Photography Exhibition12:00 noonThis photo essay by Johan Bävman
– 2:00 pmaims to describe the background to Sweden’s
unique parental allowance and inspire other fathers
– in Sweden, and further afield – to consider the
positive benefits of such a system.
Panel Discussion2:00 pm –Gender norms, values, stereotypes, impact on
3:30 pmquality of life & ground realities of increasing
women’s participation in the workplace.
Mom (Hindi, Feature)3:30 pm –Devaki is a biology teacher at the same school at-
6:00 pmtended by her step daughter who later gets brutally
attacked. When the justice system fails, Devaki
takes matters into her own hands.
Hamid (Hindi, Feature)6:00 pm –Eight-year-old Hamid learns that 786 is God’s
#PUBLICPREMIERE8:00 pmnumber and decides to try and reach out to God
by dialing this number to talk to his father, who his
mother tells him has gone to Allah. One fine day
the phone call is answered.
Audience Interaction8:00 pm –Talk with the cast and crew of Hamid.
8:30 pm
Juze (Konkani, Feature)12:30 pmA terrifying landlord in a small Goan village drives
#DIVERSEVOICES2:10 pmSantosh, a stubborn teenager on his path to self-
discovery, to make a brave and difficult choice.
Tottaa Pataaka Item Maal (Hindi, Feature)2:15 pm –Four women from Delhi, NCR and Gurgaon, tired
#PUBLICPREMIERE4:15 pmof dealing with the incessant fear or rape, decide
to teach one man how it feels to be afraid of being
Audience Interaction4:15 pm –Talk with the cast and crew of Totta Pataaka Item
4:45 pmMaal.
Shehjar (Hindi, Feature)5:00 pm –A young Kashmiri couple with their two teenaged
#DIVERSEVOICES7:00 pmsons travel from Kashmir to Mumbai for a brief
stay, leading to unexpected consequences and
Audience Interaction7:00 pm –Talk with the cast and crew of Shehjar.
8:00 pm
Zoo (Hindi, Feature)1:00 pm –Shot entirely on an iPhone, Zoo inter-weaves the
#DIVERSEVOICES2:45 pmlives of 2 teenaged Dharavi rappers, a coffee-shop
waiter, an under-aged teenage girl and another
girl staying in the slums working as house help in
upmarket Mumbai, all battling their own demons.
Talk3:00 pm –Mobile filmmaking by Shlok Sharma, director of
4:00 pmZoo.
Haseena Maan Jayegi (Hindi, Feature)5:00 pm –Sanjay Dutt and Govinda’s fourth collaboration and
#HAPPY20TH7:30 pmtheir most successful one, Haseena Maan Jayegi
celebrates 20 years of its release this year.
Audience Interaction7:30 pm –Director David Dhawan on 20 years of Haseena
8:00 pmMaan Jayegi.
Bismillah of Benares1:00 pm –Director Nasreen Munni Kabir travels to Benaras
(Hindi/English, Documentary)2:00 pmto explore the life, work and unique personality of
#PICKSOFPAST20acclaimed classical musician Bismillah Khan. This
documentary made in 2002 has the world-class
performer look back at his amazing career with
humour, humility and spirituality.
Actor in Law (Urdu, Feature)2:00 pm –Celebrated actor Om Puri’s last film, Actor in Law,
#DIVERSEVOICES4:30 pmis the story of an aspiring actor, estranged from his
attorney father, who poses as a lawyer and becomes a
celebrity for taking up difficult cases.
Audience Interaction4:30 pm –Talk with Nandita Puri who looks back on veteran
5:00 pmactor Om Puri’s career, spanning decades.
Aligarh (Hindi, Feature)5:00 pm –A gay, linguistics professor must deal with the
#PICKSOFPAST207:00 pmaftermath of a sting operation that outs his sexual
orientation in front of the entire nation.
Audience Interaction7:00 pm –Talk with Hansal Mehta, director of Aligarh.
7:30 pm
In Search of Guru Dutt1:00 pm  –In search of Guru Dutt, directed by Nasreen Muni
(Hindi/English, Documentary)2:30 pmKabir, is a film on the life of the legendary filmmaker
#DIVERSEVOICESthat includes comments from his contemporaries
Dev Anand,Waheeda Rehman and many more.
Nil Battey Sannata (Hindi, Feature)3:00 pm –A comedy-drama, Nil Battey Sannata is about a
#PICKSOFPAST204:45 pmsingle woman who works as a housemaid but has
big dreams for her daughter.
Sudani from Nigeria (Malayalam, Feature)5:00 pm –Majeed, a football manager, recruits three Nigerian
#DIVERSEVOICES7:05 pmfootballers for his team. When Samuel, one of
the players, is injured, Majeed lets him stay at his
house and over time, they develop a close bond.
#HOTSHORTS1:00 pm –A curated collection of short films.
Death of a Father (10 mins)3:30 pm
Playboy Mr. Sawhney (25 mins)
Bawraa (28 mins)
Shame (25 mins)
Sheher Ya Tum (6 mins)
Raat Baaki Baat Baaki (20 mins)
Fool for Love (15 mins)
Arth (Hindi, Feature)3:30 pm –A filmmaker who is having an extra-marital affair
#PICKSOFPAST205:45 pmdecides to leave his wife. Arth is the story of this
woman’s search for her identity.
Short Films on Mahatma Gandhi6:00 pm –A curated collection of short films on Mahatma
#CELEBRATING1507:00 pmGandhi to celebrate the 150th year of his birth
Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (Hindi, Feature)1:00 pm –Three friends decide to turn their fantasy vacation
#PICKSOFPAST203:00 pminto reality after one of their number becomes
Short Films on Mahatma Gandhi3:30 pm –A curated collection of short films on Mahatma
#CELEBRATING1504:30 pmGandhi to celebrate the 150th year of his birth
Sarfarosh (Hindi, Feature)5:00 pm –After his brother is killed and father severely injured
#HAPPY20TH8:00 pmby terrorists, a young medical student quits his
studies to join the Indian Police Service to wipe out
the terrorists.
Best of KASHISH Short Films12:00 noonA curated collection of short films from KASHISH
#DIVERSEVOICES– 2:00 pmMumbai International Queer Film Festival.
Evening Shadows (Hindi, Feature)2:15 pm –Evening Shadows, directed by Sridhar Rangayan, is
#DIVERSEVOICES4:00 pmthe heart-warming story about a mother-son bond,
that has to withstand the ravages of time, distance
and truths.
Audience Interaction4:00 pm –Talk with director Sridhar Rangayan.
4:30 pm
Supermen of Malegaon5:00 pm –The film revolves around the passion which residents
(Hindi/English, Documentary)7:00 pmof Malegaon, a city in Maharashtra, India have for
#PICKSOFPAST20filmmaking. This documentary is a journey through
that movie making process.
The Making of the Mahatma (English,1:00 pm –Directed by Shyam Benegal, the film explores the
Feature)3:30 pmearly life of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, during
#CELEBRATING150the 21 years he spent in South Africa.
Red Dog (English, Feature)3:45 pm –Based on the legendary true story of the Red Dog
#DIVERSEVOICES5:15 pmwho united a disparate local community while
roaming the Australian outback in search of his
long lost master.
Juze (Konkani, Feature)5:30 pm –A terrifying landlord in a small Goan village drives
#DIVERSEVOICES7:00 pmSantosh, a stubborn teenager on his path to self-
discovery, to make a brave and difficult choice.
Amdavad Ma Famous1:00 pm –Set during the kaleidoscopic backdrop of the kite-
(Gujarati, Short)1:30 pmflying festival, ‘Amdavad Ma Famous’, witnesses
#PICKSOFPAST20the transformation of an 11-year-old Zaid an
aggressive and a passionate kite-runner who
comes across a hindrance that prevents him from
flying kites on the terrace.
Maman Last Call (French, Feature)2:00 pm –A Canadian comedy-drama film based on Nathalie
#DIVERSEVOICES3:45 pmPetrowski’s novel, Maman Last Call revolves
around a career-oriented journalist who has resisted
marrying and start a family with her boyfriend, but
unexpectedly finds herself pregnant.
6DHHG 0LU]D 7KH /HIWLVW 6XÀ4:30 pm –A lyrical documentary on India’s most celebrated
(English, Documentary)5:30 pmauteur of the 70s through the mid 90s. Saeed Mirza
#PICKSOFPAST20is the creator of cult films that delve into the socio-
economic realities of Mumbai and the angst of the
marginalized and disenfranchised.
La Passion d’Augustine (French, Feature)1:00 pm –Mother Augustine provides a musical education
#DIVERSEVOICES2:45 pmto young women, no matter the socio-economic
background. However, with the looming changes
brought by the Vatican II and Quebec’s Quiet
Revolution, the school’s future is in peril.
Vino Para Robar (Spanish, Feature)3:00 pm –Two professional thieves realize they will have to
#DIVERSEVOICES4:45 pmwork together to steal a unique bottle of wine kept
safe inside a bank in Mendoza.
The Fakir of Venice (Hindi, Feature)5:00 pm –An Indian con man is hired to find a fakir who can
#PUBLICPREMIERE7:00 pmbury himself in sand for an installation art project
in Venice. He passes off a poor slum dweller from
Bombay as the real thing, conning the European
art world successfully.
The Last Music Store12:30 pm –The Last Music Store documents the curtains go-
(English, Documentary)1:30 pming down on the iconic Rhythm House, Bombay’s
#PICKSOFPAST20last and oldest large-format music store ensconced
in the Kala Ghoda precinct.
Shool (Hindi, Feature)2:00 pm –Honest and diligent inspector Samar Pratap Singh
#PICKSOFPAST204:15 pmfaces the cruelty of the local MLA due to Samar’s
attribute of maintaining law and order.
Kapoor & Sons (Hindi, Feature)4:30 pm –A story revolving around a dysfunctional family of
#PICKSOFPAST206:45 pmtwo brothers who visit their family and discover the
family’s undergoing crisis.
Inkaar (Hindi, Feature)2:00 pm –At a leading advertising agency, the battle for the
#DIVERSEVOICES4:00 pmtop job takes an ugly turn when Maya files a sexual
harassment complaint against the CEO.
In Conversation4:00 pm –Paromita Vohra talks to Sudhir Misra about
5:00 pmconsent.
Tumbbad (Hindi, Feature)5:30 pm –A mythological story about a Goddess who created the
#DIVERSEVOICES7:15 pmentire universe. This film was the first Indian film ever to
open the Venice International Film Critic’s Week.
Audience Interaction7:15 pm –Talk with the cast and crew of Tumbbad.
8:15 pm
Mayurakshi (Bengali, Feature)1:00 pm –A middle-aged man, who is facing problems in his
#DiverseVoices2:45 pmlife, visits his father who is suffering from a neurologi-
cal disorder. This reunion changes their lives when a
lot of closed chapters are reopened.
Ambassador of Socialism3:00 pm –This docu-fiction is a memorable journey of a
(Hindi, Docu-Drama)5:15 pmsimple man, Dr. Rammanohar Lohia, who created
#DIVERSEVOICEShistory in Indian politics.
Victor’s History (English, Feature)5:30 pm –A proud son hires a documentary filmmaker to
#DIVERSEVOICES7:30 pmimmortalize his father’s legacy. Tensions flare up
between filmmaker and subject and a rookie camera-
man is caught in the cross fire as the three travel
across France unearthing family secrets.
Noblemen (English, Feature)12:00 noonNoblemen is the story of a 15-year-old boy, strug-
#DIVERSEVOICES– 2:00 pmgling with his adolescent years, who is terrorized
by a gang of bullies in a posh boarding school.
This sets forth a chain of events that leads to a
loss of life and innocence.
Metegol (Spanish, Feature)1:00 pm –A young man named Amadeo sets off on an unex-
#DIVERSEVOICES2:30 pmpected adventure with the players of his beloved
Foosball game.
Raghu Rai – An Unframed Portrait3:00 pm –Avani Rai didn’t set out to make a film on her
(Hindi/English, Documentary)4:00 pmfather, the famous photographer, Raghu Rai. What
#DIVERSEVOICESshe wanted was to get to know him better by
observing him on one of his photo trips. The duo
travel to Kashmir, photographing each other and
their surroundings and each other while reflecting
on their lives, politics and his craft.
&Privé Film + Panel5:00 pm –Popular film screening followed by a panel discus-
7:30 pmsion.
Food Walk9:30 am –Irani Café visit with Roxanne Bamboat.
12:00 noon
The Last Irani Chai12:30 pm –The Last Irani Chai, by Khalid Mohamed is a salute
(Hindi/English, Documentary)1:15 pmto the surviving spirit of the Irani tea-shops of
#DIVERSEVOICESMumbai. Most of them have vanished from the city
with the vagaries of time and the advance of fast-
food chains yet a few of them continue to be an
integral part of the city’s culture and hospitality.
Audience Interaction1:15 pm –Talk with Khalid Mohamed, director of The Last
1:45 pmIrani Chai.
Workshop: Acting with Joy2:00 pm –Award-winning actor Joy Sengupta teaches the
4:00 pmbasics of acting. Open for all ages.
Dear Molly (English, Feature)5:00 pm –An Indo-Swedish collaboration Dear Molly is a
#PUBLICPREMIERE7:00 pmpoignant story based on a father-daughter relation-
ship. The film explores the journey of a daughter in
search of her father in Sweden.
Goopi Gawaiyaa, Bagha Bajaiyaa12:00 noonGoopi loves to sing, Bagha loves to drum. They
(Hindi, Animated Feature)– 1:30 pmmeet in the jungle, to where they are banished
#PUBLICPREMIEREwhen the caophony they create becomes unbear-
able. They form an immediate bond and their
destinies intertwine.
Victor’s History (English, Feature)1:00 pm –A proud son hires a documentary filmmaker to
#DIVERSEVOICES2:45 pmimmortalize his father’s legacy. Tensions flare up
between filmmaker and subject and a rookie camera-
man is caught in the cross fire as the three travel
across France unearthing family secrets.
Noblemen (English, Feature)3:00 pm –Noblemen is the story of a 15-year-old boy, strug-
#DIVERSEVOICES5:00 pmgling with his adolescent years, who is terrorized
by a gang of bullies in a posh boarding school.
This sets forth a chain of events that leads to a
loss of life and innocence.
&Privé Film + Panel5:15 pm –Popular film screening followed by a panel discus-
7:15 pmsion.
The Immortals (English, Documentary)12:30 pm –The Immortals is a personal journey travelling through
#DIVERSEVOICES1:30 pmtime and space to unravel hidden stories and rediscover
objects and images that at one time were an integral
part of the lives of cinematic artists through which their
creations came into being.
#HOTSHORTS2:00 pm –A curated collection of short films.
Death of a Father (10 mins)5:00 pm
Playboy Mr. Sawhney (25 mins)
Bawraa (28 mins)
Shame (25 mins)
Sheher Ya Tum (6 mins)
Raat Baaki Baat Baaki (20 mins)
Khoj (28 mins)
Pardaa (17 mins)
Fool for Love (15 mins)
A Big Little Murder5:30 pm –In a bid to uncover the truth, the film conducts an
(Hindi/English, Documentary)7:10 pmindependent investigation into the shocking murder
#DIVERSEVOICESof a 7 year-old boy at Ryan International School,
Gurgaon. With exclusive access to families of
both the victim and the accused, the series goes
beyond a “whodunnit” to probe into the “why” of
the murder.
Dear Molly (English, Feature)12:00 noonAn Indo-Swedish collaboration Dear Molly is a
#PUBLICPREMIERE– 2:00 pmpoignant story based on a father-daughter relation-
ship. The film explores the journey of a daughter in
search of her father in Sweden.
Curators: Mayank Shekhar, Karan Agarwal and Bhavika Thakkar
Team: Akansha Lande
Acknowledgements: The Consulate General of Argentina, Consulate General of Canada, Australian
Consulate- General Mumbai, National Film Development Corporation; and all directors and producers.
Punjabi Folk DanceCross5:15 pm –An energetic and pulsating rhythm with live drums
by Virasat ClubMaidan5:25 pmbrings Punjab’s Bhangra to captivate the audience.
PrabhavCross5:35 pm –This Kathak duet will present the Sphoorti of the Sun
by Dr. Parinita Shah & VaidehiMaidan6:05 pmand the Moon and present their contrasting roles.
Purusha and PrakritiCross6:15 pm –Purusha and Prakriti: A contemporary human relationship
by Naushina Shaikh &Maidan6:25 pmexperienced through 20 poses of Acro yoga to celebrate 20
Vrushankh Raghatateyears of KGAF.
SattriyaCross6:35 pm –Sattriya Dance Academy from Philadelphia, USA promotes
by Prerona Bhuyan &Maidan6:50 pmthis 600 year old dance form and gives us a glimpse of
Madhusmita BoraKrishna’s 10 incarnations.
Inauguration & InvocationCross6:50 pm –Shloka/ prayer to invoke the blessings of the Lord for
Maidan7:10 pmpeace and enlightenment.
Geet RamayanCross7:15 pm –Creative dance adaptation and an excerpt of Geet
by Dr.Tushar Guha’s NrityanjaliMaidan8:00 pmRamayan by 80 dancers; 20 characters of Ramayan
commemorating 20 years of KGAF.
Odissi, ManipuriCross8:10 pm –A duet from Odisha and Manipur with their characteristic
by Suchismita Kanjilal & Rintu DasMaidan8:35 pmfluidity and charm.
BharatanatyamCross8:45 pm –Danseuse and film actress Rukmini Vijakumar’s
by Rukmini VijaykumarMaidan9:15 pmbrilliance lies in her aesthetic approach to dance and
reflects her intensive training in Bharatnatyam and
Modern Dance.
Contemporary, JazzCross9:25 pm –Dance India Dance winner and Dance Plus judge Shakti
by Shakti Mohan’s Nritya ShaktiMaidan9.55 pmMohan’s troupe presents Contemporary and Jazz.
KGAF Talent HuntCross5:00 pm –Winners of the All India KGAF Talent Hunt perform.
Maidan5:10 pm
KathakCross5:20 pm –Kathak performance with the specalised elements
by Pallavi Mhaiskar & NrutyanganMaidan5:40 pmcharacterising this dance form from the North of India.
Dance Academy
FusionCross5:50 pm –Upbeat and energising performances using songs from
by Urmila Thakkar ChoreographyMaidan6:00 pmthe legends of Bollywood.
Drutam: The messenger ofCross6:10 pm –Sanjog Academy of Performing Arts epitomises 20 years
youth, a Kathak performanceMaidan6:30 pmof KGAF in 20 minutes with Drutam symbolising life in the
by Amartyya Chatterjee20’s: The fast motion of youthful life, their sense of freedom
and enjoyment.
OdissiCross6:40 pm –The dance recital will present the Odissi repertoire to
by Raminder KhuranaMaidan7:05 pmmelodious music.
Folk DanceCross7:15 pm –Experience India’s varied cultural aspects with folk
by Khyati Shah & KalautsavMaidan7:35 pmdances of Madhya Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Uttar Pradesh,
Dance AcademyAssam and Nagaland- 20 minutes with 20 dancers.
BharatanatyamCross7:45 pm –Renowned institution Kala Sadan started by Guru Shri
by Nandini GanesanMaidan8:15 pmMani explores how divine energy exists in each one of
& Kala Sadanus, with four generations of Guru Shishya Parampara
set to live music accompaniment.
Shur-o-Dhwani, Rabindra NrityaCross8:25 pm –Well-known television actress Kamalika Guha Thakurta
by Kamalika Guha Thakurta &Maidan8:55 pmpresents a bouquet of dances set to Rabindra Sangeet
Srijon Foundationwhere musical instruments are woven into the songs as
metaphors of love, longing and divinity.
Odissi, Mayurbhanj ChhauCross9:05 pm –Intricacies of both Odissi and Chhau will be explored in
by Sushant Maharana &Maidan9:45 pmthis performance.
MohiniattamCross5:00 pm –Gliding movements of the body and the gentleness of its
by Lakshmi NairMaidan5:20 pmstyle reflected in Mohiniattam Dance from Kerala.
BharatanatyamCross5:30 pm –Classical dance from Tamil Nadu presents
by Kashmira Trivedi &Maidan5:50 pmdivine moments.
Takshashila Nrityakala Mandir
OdissiCross6:00 pm –The dance recital will present Pallavi and Sunderkanda
by Dr. Prachi JariwalaMaidan6:25 pmfrom Saint Tulsidas’s Ramcharitamanas.
Latin RhythmCross6:35 pm –Millenials will showcase Sphoorti through Salsa
by Nimesh Bijlani & La RhythmMaidan6:45 pmand Bachata.
BharatanatyamCross6:55 pm –With varying pace rhythm and in the inimitable
by Ambali PraharajMaidan7:20 pmKalakshetra style, this dance recital will present the
Bharatanatyam repertoire.
Princess MeeraCross7:30 pm –This dramatic Kathak dance performance reflects the
by Dr. Anonna Guha & disciplesMaidan7:40 pmlove, passion and determination of Princess Meera and
her belief in herself.
WaterfloorCross7:50 pm –Waterfloor situates a body and its reflection in a
by Osmosis Cie-Ali SalmiMaidan8:00 pmLandscape. A standing man, reflection, illusion:
video-choreographic performance.
TangoCross8:10 pm –You are what you dance, nothing less nothing more-
by BTangoconsciousMaidan8:20 pmTango is universal surrender.
Kuchipudi, Bharatanatyam,Cross8:30 pm –Abhimanyu Vadh is the highlight of this dramatic
Mayurbhanj ChhauMaidan9:05 pmdance performance.
by Vanashree Rao & Rasa United
KathakCross9:15 pm –The performance will highlight the various nuances of
by Ranjana Phadke & Kathakalaya Maidan9:40 pmKathak including intricate footwork and pirouettes.
Seraikella ChhauCross9:50 pm –A martial art or sword dance, based on Seraikella
by Sushant MaharanaMaidan9:55 pmChhau movements.
KathakCross5:00 pm –The presentation set to live music accompaniment,
by Padmashri SunayanaMaidan5:20 pmdirected by Padmashri Sunayana Hazarilal will depict
Hazarilal & Natwaricharacteristic Benaras Gharana  Kathak while delineating
the Nayika’s dilemma.
BharatanatyamCross5;30 pm –The recital will commence with a traditional invocatory
by Shreyasi GopinathMaidan5:50 pmPushpanjali and a composition and choreography of
Guru Jamuna Krishnan.
BharatanatyamCross6:00 pm –This solo presentation explores the various popular
by Divya RaviMaidan6:30 pmas well as lesser-known tales of the magnificent river
Ganga through intricately woven poetry.
Odissi, FlamencoCross6:40 pm –Synthesis of poems of Spanish poet Federico Garcia
by Shubhada Varadkar & MiguelMaidan7:25 pmLorca and India’s poetic genius Jaydev, will create a
Angel Espinovisual poetic exploration.
Festivals of IndiaCross7:35 pm –Headed by Krutika Shah, the performance will bring us
by Taal GroupMaidan7:55 pmvibrant, colourful and joyful moments set to Bollywood
and Folk music.
Creation of the Five ElementsCross8:45 pm –Amritanjalai School of Bharatanatyam will depict the
by Dr. Shashikala Ravi & TroupeMaidan9:10 pmcreation of the five elements by the Supreme Brahman.
KathakCross9:20 pm –Arpana Mahuaa Nritya Academy will present a Kathak
by Arpana RaoMaidan9:50 pmperformance with traditional Kathak repertoire.
Let’s Bachata Dominican StyleSomaiya4:30 pm –Be a part of this fun learning workshop about Bachata.
by Avan MehtaCentre6:00 pm
Catch the Culture through FolkSomaiya4:30 pm –An introductory workshop on the varied array of folk
DancesCentre6:00 pmdance forms in India.
by Dr. Tushar Guha
BharatanatyamCross5:00 pm –Young Adi Mahima’s passion for Bharatanatyam will
by Adi MahimaMaidan5:10 pmenergise the audience.
KuchipudiCross5:20 pm –Lyrical dance and Kuchipudi repertoire will be reflected
By Payal RamchandaniMaidan5:50 pmin this performance.
KathakCross6:00 pm –The senior most disciple of Pt. Gopikrishna, Vaibhav
by Vaibhav JoshiMaidan6:30 pmJoshi’s Kathak will reflect the style and energy of his
Guru through Teen taal repertoire.
Ritu MaalyaCross6:40 pm –An interpretation of the prominent Indian seasons
by Saji Menon, Prachi Saathi,Maidan7:05 pmthrough a melange of three classical dance styles of
Namrata MehtaMohiniattam, Bharatnatyam and Odissi.
Folk DanceCross7:15 pm –Gujarati Folk dances and Raas Garba in colourful attire
by Chetan JethavaMaidan8:00 pmwill reflect the Sphoorti of the dance section.
& Saptak Folk Dance Group
20 : 20 Confluence of ArtCross8:10 pm –20 dance styles dedicated to 20 years of KGAF- a
Maidan8:25 pmplatform for artistes representing various genres to
share, interact and exchange over the last 20 years.
FlamencoKathaaCross8:35 pm –Flamenco-Kathak is a blend of the two disciplines in their
by Aditi Bhagwat & Kunal OmMaidan9:35 pmpure and collaborative form with foot tapping being at the
crux of both styles.
KathakCross4:45 pm –Young dancer Diva Agarwal presents Kathak.
by Diva AgarwalMaidan4:55 pm
Ballet, Contemporary, ZumbaCross5:05 pm –Founded by Swara Patel and Deepika Ravindran, the
by Rhythmus Happy FeetMaidan5:20 pmstudents of the academy will present well thought out
concepts with their creative movements.
BharatanatyamCross5:30 pm –An energetic performance by the graceful Suhail Bhan.
by Suhail BhanMaidan5:50 pm
BharatanatyamCross6:00 pm –Nritya Darpana Academy of Fine arts headed by
by Sandhya DamleMaidan6:20 pmSandhya Damle, presents Bharatanatyam.
Ishara, a Sufi KathakCross6:30 pm –This work is styled with the beauty of Kathak dance,
presentationMaidan7:00 pmsinging and world music with the choreographer trying
by Vaishali Trivedi & Sangatito hold on to the ideas around a voyage of reconnection
Centre for Performing Artsand conflict between materialism and spirituality and
eventually choosing a path.
Urban Hip HopCross7:10 pm –Recent contestants of Dance Plus, and part of 13.13
by Gang 13Maidan7:15 pmCrew, this youthful group will entrall with their
dance performance.
Ek Tha Raja – a Dance TheatreCross7:25 pm –A spectacular Musical that celebrates the timeless
by Indian Revival GroupMaidan8:25 pmand unusual tale of an exceptional Raja, a great son of
Gujarat, choreographed and directed by Yug Sundar and
Papiha Desai.
Kathak YatraCross8:35 pm –Kathak exponent, renowned and graceful danseuse
by Saswati Sen & KalashramMaidan9:20 pmSaswati Sen’s performance of the Lucknow Gharana will
eulogise Guru Pt. Birju Maharaj’s inimitable style,
while tracing the journey of Kathak.
Shakti AwakeningCross9:30 pm –The Odissi performance traces the blossoming of
by Sangeeta Rajan & Swati ApteMaidan9:55 pmthe feminine from a meditative awakening to its full
manifestation as the warrior Goddess.
Curator: Dr. Anonna Guha
Assistant Curator: Hetal Desai
Team: Girish Dalvi, Maitri Khedekar, Priyadarshi Desai, Manasi Damle, Tanmay Kamble, Geeta
Chandrasekaran, Harsha Andan, Poonam Arora, Balkrishna Sawant, Sreekala Velambath, Anjum
Panna, Falak Trivedi, Manjula Parshram, Neeta Parekh, Sayali Shinde, Bhavna Gandhi, Neelima
Sonkusale, Nikita Basari, Vinaya Kenny, Juhi Trivedi, Bindu Singh, Sunmesh Singh, Ajay Jadhav, Sagar
Damle, Khushi Patel, Bhavika Nathwani, Satyen Tawde, Neha Valmiki
Acknowledgements: Dance Gurus, Dancers, Musicians, Troupe Managers and Dr. Tushar Guha –
Note: All programs are subject to change.
Top Chef Masters4:00 pm –145America’s favourite Top Chef Tiffany Derry makes
With Chef Tiffany Derry6:00 pmRestauranta special appearance in Mumbai. She’s all set to
share some of her signature recipes and flavours
from the South.
Fad Diets & The Effect5:00 pm –BNHSNutrition Consultant Neha Sahaya talks about
They Have On Our Body7:00 pmtrendy diets like Keto and Intermittent Fasting, what
they mean and all the pros and cons.
An Asian Affair4:00 pm –Asian TownAsian Town prepares delicious Oriental dishes and
6:00 pmRestaurantteaches you tips and tricks to help you cook Asian
dishes at home.
Magical Millets4:30 pm –SomaiyaRuchi Jain from Taru Naturals and Reema Sathe
6:00 pmCenterfrom Happy Roots along with Kumud Dadlani
talking about what to do with millets and why they
are important today.
Regional Culinary Treasures4:00 pm –BombayThe chefs at Bombay Vintage share some of their
6:00 pmVintagefavourite recipes that celebrate the regional cuisines
that makes Bombay a melting pot of cultures.
Ghee roasts, unusual chaat and a lot more at this
Dessert Diva4:00 pm –Le15 CaféDessert Queen Pooja Dhingra shows you how to
6:00 pmprepare easy stress free and delicious sweet treats.
Irani Chai!9:30 am –   Start point   A food walk through Kala Ghoda talking about some
a food walk12:00 noon  Westsideof the most iconic Irani cafés and their history.
Burmese Culture4:30 pm –BurmaLearn all about Burmese culture and cuisine while
6:00 pmBurmamaking your own Burmese speciality salads.
Punjabi Tadka3:00 pm –Punjab Grill   A special workshop by Chef Amitesh Singh Virdi
5:00 pmon the flavours and spices that shape the curries of
Punjab. The story and recipes for these signature
curries and how they became an important part of
the cuisine.
Curators : Roxanne Bamboat and Nicole Mody
Acknowledgements : The restaurants in and around Kala Ghoda, the US Consulate of Mumbai,
145 Kala Ghoda
Note: All programs are subject to change. All entry on first come, first served basis only.
Passes have to be collected from the help desk at 11am on the day before the walk you wish to attend on a
First come first serve basis. Starting point of each walk will be mentioned on the pass. Each walk will have
two hosts and forty guests. No email registrations will be accepted. Right to admission strictly for those who
have a pass and at the discretion of the festival team.
Dockyard Street Walk9:30 am – 11:00 amA walk along the periphery of the city’s first
Time of assembly:dockyard that created a legacy of ship builders
9:00 am with the passand gave birth to the Indian Navy.
Conducted by: Mrigank, Fayeza
Heritage Bus Tour4:00 pm – 5:00 pmCapture the essence of the historic Fort district
Time of assembly:with the wind in your hair and wonder in your
3:30 pm with the passeyes on this open bus ride.
Conducted by: Bharat
Dalal Street Walk4:30 pm – 6:00 pmTake a stroll through the first financial hub of
Time of assembly:the city that transformed this trading port into
4:00 pm with the passa thriving metropolis and made Mumbai the
commercial capital of India.
Conducted by: Ashwin, Siddhartha
Heritage Bus Tour5:15 pm – 6:15 pmCapture the essence of the historic Fort district
Time of assembly:with the wind in your hair and wonder in your
4:45 pm with the passeyes on this open bus ride.
Conducted by: Bharat
Hutatma Chowk Walk9:30 am – 11:00 amThe city’s iconic square has a lot of stories to
Time of assembly:tell. Learn more about them as we walk past
9:00 am with the passthe institutions that came around it, and into the
bylanes of the Fort.
Conducted by: Mrigank, Fayeza
Azad Hind  Walk9:30 am – 11:00 amThe history of the Independence movement
Time of assembly:comes alive, as we enter the political epicenter
9:00 am with the passof the freedom strugle and mass agitations
by Mumbaikars.
Conducted by: Chandrashekhar, Kaevan
Kiddie Walk10:00 am – 11:00 amHistory need not always be about remembering
Children between 6 & 12 yearsTime of assembly:tough names and dates. Join us as we make
to be accompanied by an adult9:30 am with the passhistory fun and interactive for young minds!
Conducted by: Farrokh, Vinayak
Oval Maidan Walk4:30 pm – 6:00 pmDiscover the contributions of leading citizens –
Time of assembly:whom we today remember only as statues – in
4:00 pm with the passthe city’s growth, and marvel at the grandeur of
the majestic institutions in a walk around the
Oval Maidan.
Conducted by: Cusrow, Siddhartha
Heritage Bus Tour4:00 pm – 5:00 pmCapture the essence of the historic Fort district
Time of assembly:with the wind in your hair and wonder in your
3:30 pm with the passeyes on this open bus ride.
Conducted by: Ashwin
Heritage Bus Tour5:15 pm – 6:15 pmCapture the essence of the historic Fort district
Time of assembly:with the wind in your hair and wonder in your
4:45 pm with the passeyes on this open bus ride.
Conducted by: Ashwin
Dalal Street Walk9:30 am – 11:00 amTake a stroll through the first financial hub of
Time of assembly:the city that transformed this trading port into
9:00 am with the passa thriving metropolis and made Mumbai the
commercial capital of India.
Conducted by: Ashwin, Bharat
Gateway Walk4:30 pm – 6:00 pmThere’s more to the Gateway of India than just
Time of assembly:the Gateway. Learn more about the original face
4:00 pm with the passof the city.
Conducted by: Farrokh, Huzefa
Oval Maidan Walk9:30 am – 11:00 amDiscover the contributions of leading citizens –
Time of assembly:whom we today remember only as statues – in
9:00 am with the passthe city’s growth, and marvel at the grandeur
of the majestic institutions in a walk around the
Oval Maidan.
Conducted by: Cusrow, Kaevan
Hutatma Chowk Walk4:30 pm – 6:00 pmThe city’s iconic square has a lot of stories to
Time of assembly:tell. Learn more about them as we walk past
4:00 pm with the passthe institutions that came around it, and into the
bylanes of the Fort.
Conducted by: Mrigank, Bharat
Art Deco Walk9:30 am – 11:00 amMumbai is home to the largest number of Art
Time of assembly:Deco buildings in the world. Join our experts to
9:00 am with the passunderstand the nuances of this architectural style
on a walk around the lovely Art Deco buildings of
Backbay Reclamation.
Conducted by: Tapan, Rohit
Dockyard Street Walk4:30 pm – 6:00 pmA walk along the periphery of the city’s first
Time of assembly:dockyard that created a legacy of ship builders
4:00 pm with the passand gave birth to the Indian Navy.
Conducted by: Mrigank, Bharat
Wodehouse Road Walk9:30 am – 11:00 amDiscover what was once the southern coast of the
Time of assembly:original island of Bombay.
9:00 am with the passConducted by: Kaevan, Ashwin
Causeway Walk4:30 pm – 6:00 pmMumbai’s most famous shopping district
Time of assembly:was once a stretch of sea. Walk on water
4:00 pm with the passto understand how a shallow creek was
transformed into an upmarket enclave.
Conducted by: Farrokh, Huzefa
Cooperage Walk9:30 am – 11:00 amFrom barrels to bands, Cooperage has seen it all. Join
Time of assembly:us to discover the original Bandstand of the city.
9:00 am with the passConducted by: Ashwin, Bharat
Art Deco Walk4:30 pm – 6:00 pmMumbai is home to the largest collection of Art
Time of assembly:Deco buildings in the world. Join our experts to
4:00 pm with the passunderstand the nuances of this architectural style
on a walk around the lovely Art Deco buildings of
Backbay Reclamation.
Conducted by: Tapan, Rohit
Causeway Walk9:30 am – 11:00 amMumbai’s most famous shopping district
Time of assembly:was once a stretch of sea. Walk on water
9:00 am with the passto understand how a shallow creek was
transformed into an upmarket enclave.
Conducted by: Farrokh, Huzefa
Irani Chai!9:30 am -12:00 noonA food walk through Kala Ghoda talking about
a food walkTime of assembly:some of the areas most iconic Irani Cafes
9:00 amand their history. Participants to assemble at
Westside. No pass required.
Heritage Bus Tour4:00 pm – 5:00 pmCapture the essence of the historic Fort district
Time of assembly:with the wind in your hair and wonder in your
3:30 pm with the passeyes on this open bus ride.
Conducted by: Ashwin
Wodehouse Road Walk4:30 pm – 6:00 pmDiscover what was once the southern coast of
Time of assembly:the original island of Bombay.
4:00 pm with the passConducted by: Kaevan, Siddhartha
Heritage Bus Tour5:15 pm – 6:15 pmCapture the essence of the historic Fort district
Time of assembly:with the wind in your hair and wonder in your
4:45 pm with the passeyes on this open bus ride.
Conducted by: Ashwin
Gateway Walk9:30 am – 11:00 amThere’s more to the Gateway of India than just
Time of assembly:the Gateway. Learn more about the original face
9:00 am with the passof the city.
Conducted by: Farrokh, Huzefa
Azadhind Walk9:30 am – 11:00 amThe history of the Independence movement
Time of assembly:comes alive, as we enter the political epicenter
9:00 am with the passof the freedom strugle and the mass agitations
by Mumbaikars.
Conducted by: Chandrashekhar, Kaevan
Cooperage Walk4:30 pm – 6:00 pmFrom barrels to bands, Cooperage has seen it
Time of assembly:all. Join us to discover the original Bandstand of
4:00 pm with the passthe city.
Conducted by: Siddhartha, Vinayak
Heritage Bus tour4:00 pm – 5:00 pmCapture the essence of the historic Fort district
Time of assembly:with the wind in your hair and wonder in your
3:30 pm with the passeyes on this open bus ride.
Conducted by: Bharat
Kiddie Walk5:00 pm – 6:00 pmHistory need not always be about remembering
Children between 6 & 12 yearsTime of assembly:tough names and dates. Join us as we make
to be accompanied by an adult4:30 pm with the passhistory fun and interactive for the young minds!
Conducted by: Fayeza, Farrokh
Heritage Bus tour5:15 pm – 6:15 pmCapture the essence of the historic Fort district
Time of assembly:with the wind in your hair and wonder in your
4:45 pm with the passeyes on this open bus ride.
Conducted by: Bharat
Note: All programs are subject to change.
Inauguration and BookDSL5:00 pm –Inauguration, comments by Hon. Chairman,
Release: People CalledGarden5:10 pmKala Ghoda Association, Maneck Davar and
Kala GhodaFestival Coordinator, Nicole Mody. Release of
the People Place Project volume on 20 years of
Kala Ghoda with Nisha Nair Gupta.
Archiving CultureDSL5:10 pm –Nisha Nair Gupta, Nicole Mody, Kaiwan Mehta
Garden6:00 pmand Anuradha Parikh with Indira Chandrasekhar
discuss the enormities and the nuances of
creating and keeping cultural archives.
Literature at Kala Ghoda ArtsDSL6:15 pm –Introductory comments by curator of literature,
Festival 2019Garden6:20 pmIndira Chandrasekhar.
Retro/ProspectiveDSL6:20 pm –On the 20th anniversary of KGAF, Ranjit
Garden6:50 pmHoskote gives a perspective on literature at Kala
Ghoda over the years.
Book LaunchDSL6:55 pm –A major literary release of the year – Githa
Garden7:00 pmHariharan’s I Have Become the Tide with
Ranjit Hoskote.
Turning The TideDSL7:00 pm –Githa Hariharan talks to Ranjit Hoskote about
Garden7:45 pmthe fragility of societies in the context of her
recent novel.
A National Identity ProjectDSL7:45 pm –Charles Assisi and N.S. Ramnath authors of The
Garden8:45 pmAadhaar Effect with Haresh Chawla.
Twenty ReadingsDSL8:45 pm –Part of the 20 readings for 20 years of KGAF.
Garden9:00 pm
Speculating Realities- FictionDSL9:00 pm –Priya Sarukkai Chhabria, Krishna Udayasankar,
Crosses GenresGarden10:00 pmRebecca Lloyd and Sadhna Shanker with Indira
Chandrasekhar on stepping into and going
beyond genre.
Being Local while beingArtists’11:30 am –An interactive talk, filled with Dr. Mulay’s varied
Global : A literary journeyCentre1:30 pmexperiences on his literary journey.
by Dr. Dnyaneshwar Mulay
Discovering the YouthDSL3:00 pm –KGAF presents young talent. Listen to self-
Garden3:30 pmpublished author Mahika Mukherjee with God’s
Tears in conversation with Lubaina Bandukwala.
Salute!DSL3:30 pm –16 year old Aparajita Acharya in her coffee table
Garden4:00 pmbook Hero of Drass, pays tribute to her father
symbolising the armed forces.
Twenty ReadingsDSL4:00 pm –Part of the 20 readings for 20 years of KGAF.
Garden4:05 pm
Displacements: AssimilationDSL4:05 pm –Rochelle Almeida and Anita Heiss on migration,
Or Cultural LacunaeGarden5:00 pmdisplacement, diaspora and lost communities.
Displacements: Refugee TalesDSL5:00 pm –David Herd and Rebecca Lloyd on telling the
Garden5:30 pmdifficult stories of refugees in the UK through
poetry and prose.
26/11 – The Truths Of SurvivalDSL5:30 pm –Anant Goenka, Hussain Zaidi and Milind
Garden6:30 pmDeora talk to Kavitha Iyer about the Indian
Express compilation: Stories of Strength.
The Bombay PlanDSL6:45 pm –Lord Meghnad Desai, Sanjaya Baru and R.
Garden7:55 pmGopalakrishnan on the unique 1944 plan for
development in India.
Text And Script In ArtDSL8:05 pmAn image-rich presentation by Jaya Jaitly
PracticesGarden8:45  pmof her extensively researched compilation,
Crafting Indian Scripts, followed by an
engagement with contemporary practitioner of
calligraphy Zeenat Kulavoor.
Meeting On The Subcontinent:DSL9:00 pm –Alvin Pang, David Herd and Ranjit Hoskote with
Poets From East And WestGarden10:00 pmSharmistha Mohanty.
Twenty ReadingsDSL5:00 pm –Part of the 20 readings for 20 years of KGAF.
Garden5:10 pm
Drawing From The AncientDSL5:10 pm –Priya Sarukkai Chhabria leads Mani Rao,
Past Into The PresentGarden6:10 pmKarthika Nair and Mustansir Dalvi on cadence,
text, practice and translation.
The Language Of KutchDSL6:15 pm –From linguistic lack to aesthetic abundance, Kutch
Garden7:10 pmin focus with Vishan Nagda, Madhuri Chheda, Kirti
Khatri and Vinod Ganatra.
Where Are The Margins OfDSL7:15 pm –Ambai, Urvashi Butalia and Shanta Gokhale
Literature?Garden8:15 pmdiscuss writing, translation and subversive
spaces of literature.
Rediscovering HiddenDSL8:20 pm –Ira Mukhoty and Parvati Sharma in conversation
HistoriesGarden9:10 pmwith Ranjit Hoskote about discovering
fascinating unknown textures of the past.
Writing And Drawing CityDSL9:00 pm –Poetry and image – Karthika Nair, Sampurna
CommutesGarden10:00 pmChattarji and Roshni Vyam discuss the rhythms
of commuting with Indira Chandrasekhar.
Get Published!Artists’11:30 am –Do you want to become India’s next best-
By Meghna PantCentre1:30 pmselling author? Turn from an aspiring storyteller to a
published and successful author.
Twenty ReadingsDSL5:00 pm –Part of the 20 readings for 20 years of KGAF.
Garden5:10 pm
Gandhi Between The WarsDSL5:10 pm –Srinath Raghavan on the American interest in
Garden6:10 pmGandhi between WWI and WWII. Moderated by
Sidharth Bhatia.
Experiments with TruthDSL6:15 pm –Tridip Suhrud with his new critical edition of
Garden7:15 pmGandhi’s autobiographical tome in conversation
with Bernard Imhasly.
The First Call For Non-DSL7:20 pm –Usha Thakkar and Sandhya Mehta share their
Violence: Gandhi In BombayGarden8:00 pmdiscovery of Gandhi’s critical time in the city as
he shaped his political journey.
Bapu – Ways OfDSL8:10 pm –Atul Dodiya transforms the poetic fantasy of
UnderstandingGarden8:30 pmLabhshankar Thakkar, with readings in Gujarati
by Atul Dodiya and in English by Naushil Mehta
Gandhi Through PoetryDSL8:40 pm –Udayan Thakkar reads his selection of poetry
Garden8:55 pmon Gandhi.
Hope Street PoetsDSL9:00 pm –Curated with Sampurna Chattarji, five poets in
Garden10:00 pmdiscussion on the urgencies of our time through
and in their work: Mustansir Dalvi, Sohini Basak,
Arjun Rajendran, Suhit Kelkar, Vinita Agrawal.
Twenty ReadingsDSL5:00 pm –Part of the 20 readings for 20 years of KGAF.
Garden5:10 pm
Defining Boundaries: NorthernDSL5:10 pm –A.S. Dulat, Radha Kumar, Jairam Ramesh in
And Southern ReachesGarden6:00 pmconversation with Neena Gopal on our national
boundaries – fragile yet robust.
Resilient WomenDSL6:00 pm –Reshma Qureshi and Tania Singh from Make Love
Garden6:50 pmNot Scars and Manjima Bhattarjya talk to Meghna
Pant. Is fashion exploitation or redemption?
Book LaunchDSL6:50 pm –Feed our indulgences with two new
Garden7:00 pmpublications: Pooja Dhingra; Komala Sista Rao
accompanied by Arati Rao-Shetty
and Suneeta Rao.
Cooking Up A StormDSL7:00 pm –Komala Sista Rao, Maria Goretti, Tara
Garden8:00 pmDeshpande-Tennebaum, Pooja Dhingra with
Aditya Bal take us on a culinary journey across
India and the world.
Gendering CasteDSL8:00 pm –Uma Chakravarti in conversation with Kalpana
Garden9:00 pmSharma and Varsha Ayyar on the critical
interface between gender and caste.
Marathi AbhivyaktiDSL8:00 pm –Jayashree Hari Joshi leads a conversation with
Garden9:00 pmauthors Meena Gokhale, Pradnya Daya Pawar
and Pratima Joshi.
Your Story-Our Stories…Artists’11:30 am –Re-frame past experiences, and make a new
StorytellingCentre1:30 pmcollective narrative.
By Sonie Thakkar
Twenty ReadingsDSL5:00 pm –Part of the 20 readings for 20 years of KGAF.
Garden5:10 pm
Circus And MagicDSL5:10 pm –John Zubrzycki on the magical domain of
Garden5:50 pmJadoowallahs, Jugglers and Jinns with Arunava
Sinha and his translation of Tiger Woman,
Shirsho Bandyopadhyay’s thrilling novel about
India’s first woman to perform with tigers.
Exploring NatureDSL6:00 pm –Shubhangi Swarup, Kavitha Yaga Buggana and
Garden7:15 pmSharmistha Mohanty discuss with Karthika V.K.,
their deeply sensitive explorations of nature
through fiction, memoir, essay and genres that
cross barriers.
Rhythms Of Women Of TheDSL7:30 pm –Anjali Purohit talks to Namita Waikar: Grindmill
SoilGarden8:15 pmSongs, the Ovis of Bahinabai Choudhary and
the farmers’ long march for justice.
Twenty Readings: UsawaDSL8:20 pm –With editors Lavanya Shanbhogue Arvind and
Literary Review AndGarden8:40 pmSmita Sahay, prose readings as part of the 20
Poetrywalareadings for 20 years of Kala Ghoda. Poetry
selected by Hemant Divate, Poetrywala.
City Connections:DSL8:45 pm –Kala Ghoda Arts Festival joins hands with
SheThePeople.tvGarden10:00 pmShethePeople.TV for this session on women
in conflict zones: Rashmi Saksena, Teresa
Rehman in conversation with Kiran Manral.
The ocean in a drop – A HaikuBNHS3.00 pm –Haiku writing workshop.
Writing WorkshopAuditorium5.00 pm
by Neha Bahuguna
Twenty ReadingsDSL5:00 pm –Part of the 20 readings for 20 years of KGAF.
Garden5:05 pm
Crime Stories – Real Life AndDSL5:05 pm –Anuup Sonii and Oswald Pereira with
FictionGarden5:45 pmKalpana Swaminathan.
Agents Of Infinite VarietyDSL5:45 pm –Madhavi Menon and Paromita Vohra in
Garden6:20 pmconversation with Samhita Ami.
Shakespeare Goes DesiDSL6:20 pm –Jonathan Gil Harris with Masala Shakespeare in
Garden7:00 pmconversation with Supriya Nair.
Web Of BlogsDSL7:00 pm –Bloggers Roxanne Bamboat, Protima Tiwary,
Garden8:00 pmShivya Nath and Aanam Chashmawala talk
to Yamini Shah on how to keep up-to-date on
food, fitness, travel and fashion.
Gujarati Women PoetsDSL8:00 pm –Salil Tripathi talks to contemporary
Garden9:00 pmpractitioners Gopika Jadeja, Pratishtha Pandya
and Manisha Joshi on the bold new traditions
of Gujarati poetry.
City Connections:DSL9:00 pm –Kala Ghoda joins hands with Indian Novels
Indian Novels CollectiveGarden10:00 pmCollective for this session, Celebrated in Song:
Portraits of Women in Fiction and Music. Vidya
Shah’s musical performance highlights readings
from novels under translation by Priyanka Setia.
Where The Wild Things AreBNHS3.00 pm –Using unique, engaging formats to tell travel
by Sejal MehtaAuditorium5.00 pmstories about the outdoors.
Twenty ReadingsDSL4:00 pm –Part of the 20 readings for 20 years of KGAF.
Garden4:10 pm
New FictionDSL4:10 pm –Curated with Supriya Nair, Mahesh Rao, Sucharita
Garden5:10 pmDutta-Asane, Manu Bhattathiri and Neelum Saran
Gour in conversation.
Twenty ReadingsDSL5:15 pm –Part of the 20 readings for 20 years of KGAF.
Garden5:30 pm
Totems, Taboos And ThreatsDSL5:30 pm –Nancy Adajania with Paromita Vohra, Sudharak
Garden6:30 pmOlwe, Vidya Kamat and Malvika Maheshwari.
And Justice For More –DSL6:30 pm –Justice Chandrachud discusses the simple yet
Section 377Garden8:00 pmcomplex implications of Section 377 and the
power of the Indian Constitution in safeguarding
society. In conversation with senior advocate
Jayna Kothari known for her work on
transgender equality.
Queer Scapes: The PlatformsDSL8:15 pm –Salil Tripathi leads Parmesh Shahani, and Sridhar
And The FramesGarden9:00 pmRangayan in a conversation on just spaces.
Queer Scapes: The WrittenDSL9:00 pm –Shobhna Kumar leads a discussion with Raj
WordGarden10:00 pmRao, Nandini Krishnan and Bindumadhav Khire
on writing queer and more.
LISTEN TO MEDSL3:30 pm –Writer and feminist Shashi Deshpande takes us
Garden4:15 pmthrough her deeply insightful memoir.
BOOK LAUNCHDSL4:15 pm –Samhita Arni leads Krishna Udayasankar,
Garden4:20 pmSharanya Manivannan, Devi Yesodharan and
Abhinav Menon in an exploration of the wild
new ways to elaborate figures and stories from
history, literature and myth.
Imagined Histories:DSL4:20 pm –Samhita Arni leads Krishna Udayasankar,
Expanding MythsGarden5:30 pmSharanya Manivannan, Devi Yesodharan and
Abhinav Menon in an exploration of the wild
new ways to elaborate figures and stories from
history, literature and myth.
A Centenary Tribute To RaziaDSL5:30 pm –Nadira Zaheer Babbar pays tribute to her mother
Sajjad ZaheerGarden5:50 pmon her centenary year, with readings by Nadira
Zaheer Babbar and Juuhi Babbar Sonii.
Nazaakat-e-KalamDSL5:50 pm –Nadira Zaheer Babbar, Rahman Abbas and
Garden6:50 pmObaid Azam Azmi in conversation with Qamar
UNPACKING VOICES WITHDSL7:00 pm –Release of International Gallerie’s latest issue
GALLERIEGarden8:00 pmwith Bina Sarkar Ellias, Chintan Girish Modi,
Arshiya Lokhandwala and Shilpa Gupta.
Readings by Yuki Ellias.
Twenty Readings: Hakara, ADSL8:15 pm –With editors, Noopur Desai and Ashutosh
Bilingual JournalGarden8:35 pmPotdar, part of the 20 readings for 20 years of
Kala Ghoda.
Mee And Juhibaby: ADSL8:45 pm –Actor Susmita Mukherjee’s debut novel reveals
Dramatised ReadingGarden9:05 pmthe struggles and joys of surviving in Hindi
Seeing Places Through Names   DSL9:15 pm –Paul Fernandes, Chicku Jayadeva and Sidharth
And DrawingsGarden10:00 pmBhatia with Indira Chandrasekhar on city
Curator: Dr. Indira Chandrasekhar
Co-curator: Dr. Yamini Shah
Team: Harshita Rathod, Amisha Jain, Zahra Haidery and Vinni Chugh
Acknowledgements: Sampurna Chattarji, Supriya Nair, Sharon Irani, Indian Novels Collective,
ShethePeople.TV, Hemant Divate of Poetrywala, Lavanya Shanbhoghue Arvind and Smita Sahay of
Usawa Literary Review, Noopur Desai and Ashutosh Potdar of Hakara, Arun Kale of Helter Skelter
and the editors of Out of Print
Note: All programs are subject to change.
KGAF Talent Hunt5:00 pm –The winner of the All India Kala Ghoda Arts Festival
5:20 pmTalent Hunt 2019 performs.
Reflections5:30 pm –Reflections is a full-band energetic concert. In the heart
by Nir Koren5:50 pmof the show stands Koren with the songs that aim to
remind us to think for ourselves and to build a better
life together on Earth. He takes traditional world music
instruments with Alternative and Electronic elements.
Sharma & The Besharams6:00 pm –Vasuda Sharma on vocals, Rahul Hariharan on the drums,
6:30 pmChirayu Vedekar on bass, Chaitanya Bhaidkar on the guitar,
JK on keyboard and Sanchit Mhatre on percussion together
form Sharma & The Besharams. The band’s sound is
essentially Electro-Pop with bits of Soul and RnB.
Bombay Jazz Club6:50 pm –Renowned jazz vocalist Samantha Noella with other
feat. Samantha Noella7:30 pmleading International Jazz musicians will present popular
and original jazz tunes in both classic (swing) and more
contemporary styles.
Alif7:50 pm –A 5-member band, Alif is a beautiful blend of Urdu and
8:30 pmKashmiri poetry with contemporary music. Get set to
be taken on a seamless journey from Jhelumas’ chilling
crescendo into the rhythmic beat of IRRA award winner
‘Like a Sufi’, and much more.
Niladri Kumar8:45 pm –Niladri Kumar is an unconventional rare instrumentalist,
9:45 pmhoning a unique repertoire and profound in-depth
understanding of traditional and classical styles on the
sitar to innovative, electrifying renditions on his own
innovation, the ‘zitar’.
Amritaansh6:10 pm –A classical fusion rock band, they have been the finalists
6:30 pmat the ‘MTV Colours of Youth’.
The Kheyaal-E-Jazz Projekt6:50 pm –This fusion set is a blend of Ronkini Gupta’s classical
by Ronkini Gupta7:30 pmtraining with contemporary sounds of music.
Commemorating 20 years of KGAF, Ronkini will sing
popular Bollywood and retro songs.
Sufi and Folk7:50 pm –Capturing the earthy essence of Sufi and folk music,
by Imran Khan & Friends8:20 pmsitarist Imran Khan along with musicians from
Rajasthan, will present a dynamic ensemble, with
foot-tapping rhythms.
Sounds of Vrindaban8:35 pm –Get set to soak in the mellifluous sounds of the
by Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia9:45 pm‘bansuri’, rendered by Padma Vibhushan
and StudentsPt. Hariprasad Chaurasia and his students of the
Vrindaban Gurukul who will perform classical ragas,
ably supported on the Tabla by Pt. Yogesh Shamsi and
on the Pakhawaj by Pt. Bhawani Shankar.
Indian Classical5:30 pm –A grade XII student, Aarushi is passionate about music,
by Aarushi Majumdar6:00 pmand has been learning Hindustani classical vocal for
over 12 years. She won the KGAF Talent Hunt in 2018.
Jazz Jugalbandi6:10 pm –Italian born violin wizard Luca Ciarla owns the stage with
by Luca Ciarla Collective6:50 pmhis fiddle and other instruments. Starting with a loop
pedal, he is all set to enthrall audiences while playing the
violin like a guitar, a cello or a percussion.
Afro Percussion7:00 pm –An exciting and energetic group of drummers who
by Boombay Djembe Folas7:40 pmplay traditional rhythms from West Africa, Boombay
Djembe Folas are all set to to create a totally different
soundscape at KGAF.
Songs of Spring7:50 pm –Violinist Sunita Bhuyan known for her unique
by Sunita Bhuyan8:30 pmexperiments with musical genres presents an innovative
ensemble of folk fusion, highlighting the Assamese folk
form Bihu, with some scintillating Scottish and Irish folk
pieces. Add to that, authentic flute and dhol musicians
and dancers from Assam, and what you have is a
medley of musical flavours.
Classical Fusion8:45 pm –A world class virtuoso percussionist, Trilok has
by Trilok Gurtu9:45 pmcollaborated with other spectacular musicians. Although
his approach to playing and composing is non-stylistic,
it is built upon a solid and deep understanding of many
global styles.
LEAP5:30 pm –This 80-member youthful band directed by Srinivas
The Boundary Breakers6.05 pmKrishnan (founding member of LEAP Foundation) will
present diverse musical styles and traditions from
across India and some world selections. Their global
approach to creativity, music and the arts comes as no
surprise considering LEAP Foundation is mentored by
Maestro AR Rahman.
Swaradhar6:15 pm –A talented group of differently-abled street musicians
6:50 pmwill present an eclectic set comprising folk, classical
and Bollywood music, including performances on some
rare musical instruments.
Bollywood Gharana7:00 pm –Celebrating 20 years of KGAF,  Abhijit Pohankar the
by Abhijit Pohankar7:40 pmmaster craftsman of fusion music, presents this unique
sound of fusion comprising Bollywood hits and Indian
classical music, with foot-tapping groove and romantic
guitar melody.
Apache Indian7:55 pm –A British singer-songwriter and reggae DJ, Apache
8:35 pmIndian is all set to rock the KGAF stage with his unusual
compositions. His fantastic retro music pays ode to
KGAF’s 20th year.
Prakriti and Sukriti Kakar8:50 pm –The only twin sisters to have made a mark in Bollywood
9:50 pmare not only supremely talented singers but also great
performers. All set to perform at KGAF, they will be
rendering their popular songs such as ‘Ladki kar gayi
chull’, ‘Pehli baar’, ‘Katra Katra’ and ‘Paas aao na’.
Kabir Café6:00 pm –A neo-folk fusion band, Kabir Café plays the poetry of
6:45 pmthe 15th century Indian Mystic – Kabir, in a substrate of
Indian folk music, mixed contemporary genres of Rock,
Reggae, Pop and Carnatic music.
Anushka Manchanda7:00 pm –An Indian singer, model, actress, and former VJ, Anushka
7:45 pmhas been a member of the Indipop girl group Viva. She
will be rendering some of her popular songs from films as
well as private albums.
Shaan8:15 pm –A multi-lingual playback singer, Shaan will enthrall KGAF
9:45 pmaudiences with his soulful songs. Considered one of the
most popular voices for romantic as well as melodious
songs, Shaan is an extremely versatile singer. Bringing in
the essence of KGAF’s 20th year, Shaan will be belting out
some of his popular numbers sung over this period.
Curators : Naveen Deshpande, Geetha Balsara and Nevil Timbadia
Team: Sainath Bhagwat and Diksha Jain
Acknowledgements: Consulate General of Israel, Istituto Italiano di Cultura and all the artists.
Note: All programs are subject to change.
KachchighodiRampart Row5:00 pm –   Kachchighodi is a folk dance largely performed by
9:30 pmthe menfolk. It has its roots in the martial traditions
of Rajasthan.
BahurupiaRampart Row5.00 pm –   Bahurupia is one of India’s oldest art forms where
9.30 pmartists regale street audiences dressed up in
colourful mythological and other costumes.
Nat KartabCross Maidan5:00 pm –Nat Kartab is the art of mid-air tightrope walking.
9:30 pmArtists from Rajasthan will wow curious passersby
with their feat while also bringing back memories
of simpler times.
Note: All programs are subject to change.
Raunaq Rajani (Host)A pure-bred Bombay boy, Raunaq Rajani has been on the comedy scene for a little
more than half a decade. Some insightful perspectives, honest observations and
sarcastic wit make Raunaq an act that shouldn’t be missed.
Agrima JoshuaAgrima Joshua is an upcoming stand-up comedienne.
Niveditha PrakasamNiveditha, the winner of the reality show – Queens of Comedy, is from Tamil Nadu and
is here in Bombay to steal all your jobs.
Surbhi BaggaSurbhi Bagga is an upcoming stand-up comic.
Vaibhav SethiaVaibhav is one of the oldest comics in the Indian stand up scene. After his first
Amazon special “Don’t” he has been lying in bed scribbling what he calls ‘bookmark
moments’ of life. Today he calls them jokes.
Ashutosh GuptaAshutosh is a new comic on the scene, not from Mumbai, but settling in.
Aayush RathiAayush Rathi is an upcoming stand-up comic.
Shashwat MaheshwariShashwat Maheshwari is a short guy who tells offensive jokes at restaurants, while
people eat stupid over-priced food. He is a fan of recreation and distraction in general
but not a fan of long artist bios.
Anirban DasguptaAnirban Dasgupta is a comedian, writer and full-time married person from Kolkata. He
is also a certified nice guy. And as if that is not enough, he is funny too. Now based
out of Mumbai, he recently released his Stand up special on Amazon Prime Video
called- ‘Take it Easy?’.
5TH FEB TUESDAY   TWENTY SOMETHING – 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Navin Noronha (Host)Navin Noronha is an amply likable guy who tries very hard to be badass. To live by
his motto of ‘Live Fast, Die Poor’, Navin has taken up writing as a profession. He also
performs stand-up because it fits so well into the underpaid artist routine.
Hoshang MainiHoshang Maini is trying to do comedy.
Mohd SuhelSuhel can speak eight languages but he is just not good with numbers.
Christopher BarettoChristopher Baretto is an upcoming stand-up comedian.
Aishwarya MohanrajAishwarya is a participant from Comicstaan and an upcoming stand-up comic.
Sonali ThakkerSonali’s stand-up is powerful, always funny and sometimes scary. The other big love
of her life is travelling as it gives her great material and is the only way she can escape
from people cracking sad Gujju jokes.
Unnati MarfatiaUnnati is an upcoming stand-up comic.
Shreeja ChaturvediShreeja Chaturvedi is a soft-spoken comic with hard-hitting punchlines. With a
dead-pan style of performance, she is one of the funniest comics around.
Siddharth DudejaSiddharth Dudeja is a 26-year-old graduate on a perpetual sabbatical. He talks about
how school and vegetarians ruined his childhood and sometimes he talks about world
Niveditha PrakasamNiveditha, the winner of the reality show Queens of Comedy, is from Tamil Nadu and is
(Host)here in Mumbai to steal all your jobs.
Supriya JoshiSupriya Joshi aka Supaarwoman is a writer, comic and caped crusader battling the
pointlessness of life, one meme at a time.
Fatima AyeshaFatima is an upcoming stand-up comic.
Aayushi JagadAayushi Jagad is a Pune-based comic artist who was among the top eight on TLC’s
Queens of Comedy- India’s first all-women comedy show. Her comedy is all about
challenging stereotypes about, well, everything!
Abira NathAbira is an upcoming stand-up comic.
Pavitra ShettyPavitra Shetty is an undiscovered singer, upcoming stand-up artist and reportedly also
a girl. She has an unnaturally high number of best friends who insisted that a new bio
be written for her.
Unnati MarfatiaUnnati is an upcoming stand-up comic.
Jeeya SethiJeeya believes if you are fat once (by fat she means FAAAAT) you are fat forever.
Mentally you never become thin even after losing all the weight. She has made
entertainment her new life’s mission since nothing else is going for her!
Priyanka GohilPriyanka Gohil is a teacher by day and a comic by night. She is one of the upcoming
artists in the Indian scene.
Kajol SrinivasanKajol Srinivasan is an upcoming comedian who, in her words, is half-Tamilian and
half-Bengali, like 2 Chetan Bhagat novels in 1.
Kruti KattigeKruti is an upcoming stand-up comic.
Vrinda BhagchandaniVrinda Bhagchandani is an upcoming stand-up comedian and has featured in several
Anu MenonThe Verdict. This helped her bag the role of Lola Kutty on Channel V, which
consequently made her extremely popular among the masses. Anu appears at many
of her public outings dressed as Lola Kutty. She has also been a part of well-known
theatrical works such as Zen Katha and Sammy!
7TH FEB THURSDAYTHE LAST DAY 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Jeeya Sethi (Host)Jeeya believes if you are fat once (by fat she means FAAAAT) you are fat forever.
Mentally you never become thin even after losing all the weight. She has made
entertainment her new life’s mission since nothing else is going for her!
Raunaq RajaniA pure-bred Bombay boy, Raunaq Rajani has been in the comedy scene for a little
more than half a decade. Insightful perspectives, honest observations and sarcastic wit
make Raunaq an act that you shoudn’t miss!
Prashasti SinghPrashasti Singh is yet another IIM graduate searching for meaning outside academic
excellence and material achievement. She has found space for expressing her small-
town sensibilities in this big town hustle.
Ashish DashAmongst the few things we know about Ashish Dash are the fact that he is from the
great state of Odisha and that he is fond of monkeys. Dash’s act is more confession
than comedy and can be memorably disturbing, This is why he is not popular at house
parties. A very jolly fellow, Ashish plans to make friends in the future.
Sonali ThakkerSonali’s stand-up is powerful, always funny and sometimes scary. The other big love
of her life is travelling, as it gives her great material and is the only way she can escape
from people cracking sad Gujju jokes.
Siddharth GopinathA very, very tall person from Chennai.
Anand ReghuPublished reports say that Anand Reghu has been on the Mumbai stand-up scene for
seven long years since its very inception. This cannot be proved or disproved but it is
ok. Reghu claims to be a Parsi with a bad case of sun burn but we have our doubts.
Masoom RajwaniMasoom Rajwani is one the youngest and most promising stand-up acts on the scene
and one of the few Sindhis who refuses to do a Sindhi joke.
Sumit AnandSumit Anand has a YouTube Channel containing stand-up videos, you can check it out
and dont have to read below then.
Manik MahnaManik Mahna is an Indian comedian from Delhi. His style of dry, almost offensive
but in a funny sort of way comedy is what he’s loved for. Manik is an Ultimate Street
Dance battle champion.
Curator: Jeeya Sethi Team: Dhruv Sanghvi & Masoom Rajwani
Note: All programs are subject to change.
Drama Queen (English)Horniman7:30 pm –
by AGP WorldCircle8:45 pm
[1hr 15mins]Gardens
Mara Asatya Na Prayogo (Gujarati)MC Ghia Hall7:45 pm –
by Utopia Communication8:50 pm
[1hr 5mins]
Coffee in the Canteen (Hindi/ English)NGMA8:15 pm –
by Playtrix[1hr 15mins]9:30 pm
The Twelve Brothers (English)MC Ghia Hall4:30 pm –A king wants to kill his twelve sons, so that
by Playpen Performing Arts5:30 pmhis thirteenth child will be a girl, and can
Production [1hr]inherit his kingdom. The plot builds and ten
years later, after hearing of their existence
from her mother, the sister leaves to find her
Go…Go…Gomuli (English/Hindi)MC Ghia Hall7:45 pm –The sleepy village of Gomuli comes
by Story Circus8:50 pmabuzz when the driver of a stranded bus
[1hr 5mins]arrives there looking for help and ends up
encountering feuding families. Eventually
these warring people learn to love in this
funny, enchanting play.
Mother Of The Year (Hindi/English) –Horniman7:00 pm –Stories of famous mothers, the play is about
A Children’s playCircle8:30 pmeight children who play truant in their society
by Gopal Sharma Memorial SchoolGardensbuilding and disrespect their mothers – a
[1hr 30mins]unique performance by 200 students of Gopal
Sharma School.
Mora Varni Bairi (Parsi Gujarati)NGMA8:00 pm –The rip-roaring play revolves around the
by Centre Stage9:10 pmconstant fight between mother-in-law and
[1hr 10mins]son-in-law on a carefully planned vacation
gone awry.
Acting Workshop: Explore YourNGMA2:00 pm –Learn the nuances of acting from theatre
Potential With Om Katare5:00 pmveteran Om Katare, Founder, Yatri Group.
by Yatri (Hindi/English)[3hrs]
Fail Hona Asthaban Ka Aur KarnaMC Ghia Hall7:00 pm –Asthban, a foolish prince plans his suicide
Atma Hatya Ki Tayyari (Hindi)8:30 pmto become a memorable one! An adaptation
by Sparch Theatre Repertoryof a small piece from Harishankar Parsai’s
[1hr 30mins]novel, Rani Naag Fani Ki Kahaani.
Harus Marus (Hindustani)Horniman7:30 pm –A satirical play depicting the story of the
by Being AssociationCircle9:00 pmtransformation of rats into humans and
[1hr 30mins]Gardenshumans into rats.
Hey Bhagwaan (Hindi)NGMA8:00 pm –What would happen if God himself appeared
by Yatri Production [1hr 20mins]9:20 pmin front of people? Hey Bhagwaan is a
satirical comedy and a pun on commercial
The Learning Factory (English)MC Ghia Hall7:00 pm –A puppet play on diversity and inclusion by
by NGO Trinayani [1hr 35mins]8:35 pmTrinayani, an NGO, based on George Reavis’ fable
The Animal School.
Dr. Anandibai-Like, Comment, ShareHorniman7:30 pm –Anandibai Joshi, India’s first female
(Gujarati)Circle9:00 pmphysician, was a trailblazer and her
by Ideas Unlimited [1hr 30mins]Gardensachievement paved the way for Indian
Directed by Manoj Shahwomen to see themselves beyond the
Performed by Manasi Joshihousehold. But are women really free?
Ghalib (Hindustani)NGMA8:00 pm –A sincere effort to play out the life of
by Storia Senza Storia9:10 pmGhalib and his poetry to find deeper hidden
[1hr 10mins]meanings.
Close Up Of 26/11 (Hindi)MC Ghia Hall7:00 pm –A tribute to the brave soldiers, courageous
by The Back Benchers [55mins]7:55 pmpolicemen, victims and survivors of
26/11- the deadliest terror attack on
Hai Mera Dil (Hindi)Horniman7:30 pm –The longest show in the history of the Hindi
by ANK, Mumbai [2hrs]Circle9:30 pmstage with over 36 years and 1067 shows
Gardensdirected by the late actor and director, Dinesh
Thakur. A happily married man accidentally
overhears the doctor’s telephonic conversation
giving him a few weeks to live and turns his life
upside down with irrational fears.
ARCADIA… The Promised LandNGMA8:00 pm –A poetic rendition of fifteen poems in
(English, Hindi & Marathi)9:10 pmmultilingual form, accompanied by an
by St. Andrew’s Centre for Philosophyunplugged guitarist. It covers multiple
and Performance Art [1hr 10mins]perspectives and aspects of ageing,
gerontology and death.
Panchwa Sawar (Hindi)MC Ghia Hall7:00 pm –The story revolves around the life of a boy
by Don’t Act & Teflas Studio8:10 pmand a girl who experience ego, ignorance
[1hr 10mins]and the idea of being self-sufficient in
different phases of life.
Chalona Aa Jao (Hindustani)Horniman7:30 pm –A hilarious women-centric comedy by
by Ekjute Theatre GroupCircle9:00 pmtheatre stalwart Nadira Zaheer Babbar
[1hr 30mins]Gardenswhich showcases a small village girl raising
her voice against dowry demands.
Ek Ka Teen (Hindi)NGMA8:00 pm –A collage of three stories in nautanki style.
by tpot Production [1hr]9:00 pmIt finds common ground bringing stories of
the Hindi-speaking community.
Chauryahattar PavasalyanchaNGMA4:00 pm –Based on a story written by Vijay Tendulkar
Jamakharch (Dramatised Reading5:20 pmabout a common man sharing his mistakes
in Marathi)and eventually leads to taking up his love
by eperformers [1hr 20mins]for writing.
The Three Musketeers (Hindi)MC Ghia Hall5:30 pm –Shravan is deaf, Naina is blind, Subhash
by Theatrix [1hr]6:30 PMis dumb and they witness a murder. The
laughter riot begins when the three of them
try to communicate through their handicap to
find the murderer and catch him.
“Bhoot… Manaatle Ki..?” (Marathi)NGMA6:15 pm –Bhoot is a symbolic representation of fears
Enatyashodh presents Unnati Art7:05 pmsuch as injustice, lust, corruption, blind
Production [50mins]faith, etc. The play is a satirical comical
presentation on our education system.
Ballygunge 1990 (Hindustani)Horniman7:30 pm –This is the failed love story of Kartik and
by The Fims & Theatre SocietyCircle8:50 pmVasuki, played by Annup Sonii and Nishta
[1hr 20mins]GardensPaliwal Tomar, set in Calcutta. A well-
crafted plan is going to change the course
of their lives forever.
S.A.N.E.S.D. (Gujrati)MC Ghia Hall8:00 pm –Four engineering students work on a super
by Yash & Deep Production9:10 pmcomputer that spreads neutrons and solar
[1hr 10mins]waves into other electronic gadgets killing
another student. Is this virus self-made or
MarathiNGMA8:15 pm –24-year-old Sunil is a struggling cricketer
Iris Flicks presents’ Giraffe Theatre9:15 pmwho runs away to Mumbai to realize his
Production [1hr]dream and make it big in cricket. One day
when in deep sleep, Trouble (a symbolic
character) comes knocking.
Voice Workshop (Hindi/English)MC Ghia Hall1:00 pm –Involves learnings on modulation, pitch,
by Viva Voice Academy [2hrs]3:00 pmsilence and expression, through voice
exercises, breathing exercises, improvisations
and expressing their emotions.
Children’s Workshop (Hindi/English)NGMA2:30 pm –An acting workshop through theatre games
by Anita Salim [1hr 30mins]4:00 pmbased on the five senses (Age: 10 to 16yrs)
Aadhi Aurat Aadha KhwaabMC Ghia Hall5:00 pm –The play based on Ismat Chugtai’s essay is
(Hindustani)6:00 pman engaging and power-packed discussion on
by Viva Voice Academy [1hr]what men feel about women.
Upside Downside (English)NGMA7:00 pm –A madcap mirthquake through its rich vein of
by Pheonix Players [1hr]8:00 pmblack humour and dystopia reveals the unique
genius of Franz Kafka through his telling
observations about the human condition.
Ink-Ka-Labh (Hindi)MC Ghia Hall8:00 pm –It is the story of a budding writer who
by Roshan Ke Production9:35 pmconnects with one of the brave jawans and
[1hr 35mins]discovers that he has been supporting the
wrong morals all along.
La La Land (Hindi/English)NGMA3:30 pm –The play revolves around a boy named
(Children’s Play)4:30 pmRahul, who finds happiness in playing video
by Eventz Entertainment [1hr]games and how he learns a lesson from
Goddess Saraswati.
Buddha Sathiya Gaya Hai (Hindi)MC Ghia Hall3:45 pm –A 59-year old inspector accidentally meets a
by Anubhuti Theatre Group4:50 pm60+ woman and at some point, as they share
[1hr 5mins]each other’s life stories, they  begin to realise
that they can’t live as per their children’s
Adrak (Hindi)MC Ghia Hall7:30 pm –Vikrant and Nischay are siblings who live
by Now Production8:40 pmtogether along with Vikrant’s girlfriend
[1hr 10mins]Anokhi. When things go sour the play
highlights their hopelessness.They try to dig
out the nostalgia of their shared past.
Khatijabai of Karmali Terrace (Hindi)NGMA8:00 pm –A play revolving around resultant
by Q Theatre Production [1hr 20 mins]9:20 pmabandonment of  Khatijabai, an orphan who
Directed by Quasar Thakoreveers out of favouritism into being a powerful
Performed by Jayati Bhatiamatriarch.
Curator: Juuhi Babbar Sonii
Assistant Curator: Ankur Parekh
Team: Sheetal Shardul, Mudita Shauq, Hira Mehta, Shivam Dubey, Haripriya Thakar, Paridhi
Bhandari, Rahul Singh Rajput
Acknowledgements: Ekjute Theatre Group
Note: All programs are subject to change.
Squeeze Lime in Your Eye5:00 pm –The film Squeeze Lime in Your Eye by Avijit Mukul
6:30 pmKishore and Rohan Shivkumar (Mumbai), on the artist
Kausik Mukhopadhyay (Mumbai), explores the world
of art and design of fantastical and whimsical objects
through locations of home, city, and the University, as
Mukhopadhyay also teaches architecture students. The
screening will be followed by a discussion with the
filmmakers and the artist-protagonist of the film.
Crafting the Nation6:45 pm –Researcher and historian Abigail McGowan (University of
7:30 pmVermont) discusses the relationship between crafts and
nationality, and the shaping of past and future politics in
SAHAJ – Vernacular Furniture of7:45 pm –Two of the four co-authors, Jay Thakkar (Ahmedabad)
Gujarat8:30 pmand Samrudha Dixit present the research accompanying
the first-ever survey of vernacular furniture design from a
region, from the 1900s to the present.
Inversion – the Architecture-8:45 pm –Writer and critic Suprio Bhattacharjee (Mumbai)
Engineer schism9:45 pmdiscusses with architect Madhusudhan Shridhar
(Funktion Design, Bengaluru) and engineer Manjunath
BL (Bengaluru) the design of a house they conceived,
putting forth a convincing argument of the spatial
wonders achievable when two practitioners from different
disciplines choose to turn the tables on a historically
fraught relationship.
Civic Space – Architecture amongst5:00 pm –While most quality projects in architecture and urban
People6:00 pmdesign have moved into the private sector, there is a
general deterioration of civic spaces in terms of the
quality and ambition of architecture. Writer and editor
Ruturaj Parikh (Goa) will discuss with Rohan Chavan
(RC Architects, Mumbai) and Anand Sonecha (seaLAB,
Ahmedabad) their works, the significance of good design
in the civic realm and its impact on people accessing
these spaces.
Sacred outside Tradition?6:15 pm –Researcher and critic A. Srivathsan (Chennai/
7:15 pmAhmedabad) explores the dilemmas involved in designing
the contemporary Hindu temple, through his in-depth
discursive investigation of some recent cases.
The Sacred Everyday7:30 pm –Cultural theorist and curator Ranjit Hoskote (Mumbai) will
8:30 pmpresent and discuss his recently curated exhibition which
explores the interrelationship between the sacred – the
domain of the divine, iconic, cosmic and sublime, and the
everyday – the realm of the human, intimate, individual and
Fernweh – when not at home…8:45 pm –Two practices, one led by Madhusudhan Chalasani
9:45 pm(Studio MADe, Hyderabad) and another by the duo
of Neha Rane and Avneesh Tiwari (atArchitecture,
Mumbai), have recently emerged victorious in significant
international competitions — proving that success can
be achieved away from the spotlight. In the context where
contemporary Indian architecture is crippled by a startling
lack of open and anonymous competitions
(even for publicly-funded projects), writer and critic
Suprio Bhattacharjee (Mumbai) talks to them.
Flying High, Hunting the Streets5:30 pm –Architect and researcher Robert Stephens will share and
6:15 pmpresent from his vast collection of aerial photographs of
many cities in India, alongside his activities as an urban
researcher excavating archives and bookstalls on streets
to document an urban history for India.
Building on Continuities6:30 pm –Architects Brinda Somaya and Nandini Sampat (SNK
7:30 pmConsultants, Mumbai) will discuss how a long and
dedicated career in architecture, conservation, and
urban engagement comes to a discursive compilation in
their recent book, Works and Continuities, and how this
engagement is also expressed through artistic projects
and collaborations. The presentations will be followed by a
discussion with architect Shimul Javeri Kadri (Mumbai).
Writing the City – City Biographies7:45 pm –Writer and editor Arpita Das Rebeiro discusses with three
8:45 pmaccomplished journalists and writers —  Indrajit Hazra
(New Delhi), Amrita Shah (Bengaluru/Ahmedabad), and
Naresh Fernandes (Mumbai) – how they bring a city to
life in their writings, and how does one write about a city
as a lead protagonist in a story.
Shaping a Design Narrative – a view9:00 pm –Architect Abin Chaudhuri (Abin Design Studio, Kolkata)
from Kolkata9:45 pmwill present from his practice, now structured into a
narrative in his recent book, Hand and Mind. The title
evokes the thought behind the designs from the studio,
along with regional and political narratives layered within
the designs of buildings, public installations, and urban
interventions that belong to a region in transition and a
country of varied complexities.
The Architecture of Architecture5:30 pm –Architects and writers Ekta Idnany and Sahil Latheef
Schools7:00 pm(Mumbai/Dubai) discuss the design of architecture
schools and their programmes through three
contemporary schools, practices and educators: SPA
Vijaywada – Shantanu Poredi and Manisha Agarwal
(Studio MO-OF, Mumbai);  Wadiyar Center for Architecture
– Prashant Pole (Genesis Architects, Mysore); and Avani
Institute of Design – Roshan George (Stapati Calicut,
Writing the City – Urban Moments7:15 pm –Focusing on one aspect of a city’s character, a sociologist,
8:15 pma graphic artist, and an urbanist turn the spotlight on
urban moments which resonate with everyone who has
ever lived in a city. Writer and editor Arpita Das Rebeiro
discusses these urban moments with Madhura Lohokare
(New Delhi/Pune), Sarnath Banerjee (New Delhi/Berlin),
and Kaiwan Mehta (Mumbai).
Practising at the Grassroots level8:30 pm –Discussing projects from studios that look at practices
9:45 pminvolved in various forms of civic engagement through
alternate models of patronage, architects and writers
Ekta Idnany and Sahil Latheef (Mumbai/Dubai) hold a
conversation with Architecture Brio – Shefali Balwani and
Robert Verrijit (Mumbai); Studio Pomegranate –  Shweta
Chhatpar and Pranav Nayak (Mumbai); and Mad(e) in
Mumbai  – Mayuri Sisodia and Kalpit Ashar (Mumbai).
Restoration of the Knesset Eliyahoo5:00 pm –The conservation movement in the area of Kala Ghoda
Synagogue6:00 pmwas key in shaping an awareness as well as citizen-
action in the direction of conserving the city, but also
restoring and arguing many other aspects of civic issues
and life in the city. A short film on the recent restoration
of the synagogue at Kala Ghoda will be followed by a
presentation by architect Abha Narain Lambah, and
conversation with patron and founding member of the
Kala Ghoda Association, Sangita Jindal.
Place to Live / State of Housing in India6:00 pm –A screening of  the film State of Housing in India, on
8:00 pmdwelling, homes, development, and lives of people in
India today by Sanjiv Shah (Ahmedabad), followed by a
discussion on the project and exhibition State of Housing
in India – Aspirations, Imaginaries, and Realities in India
between filmmaker and co-curators Rahul Mehrotra
(Mumbai/Boston), Ranjit Hoskote (Mumbai) and Kaiwan
Mehta (Mumbai/Ahmedabad).
Photographing Architecture8:15 pm –Documentation, investigation and commentary on
9:30 pmarchitecture and the urban environment through the
photographic lens is what architects and writers Ekta
Idnany and Sahil Latheef (Mumbai/Dubai) will
discuss with photographers Vibhor Yadav (New
Delhi), Andre Fanthome (New Delhi), and Ritesh
Uttamchandani (The Red Cat and Other Stories,
Flaneurs – visiting contemporary9:30 amConcrete Void Factory by Sameep Padora & Associates
architecture in Mumbai, with
presentations from the design studios12:30 pmSomaiya School by Nitin Killawala + Associates
on-site. (Pre-registration required at3:30 pmDr. Ernest Borges Memorial Home by Architects’
Flaneurs – visiting contemporary9:30 amBombay International School by Mobile Offices
architecture in Mumbai, with
presentations from the design studios3:00 pmLodha Place Park by M/S Prabhakar B Bhagwat
on-site. (Pre-registration required at5:00 pmPublic Infrastructure by Studio Pomegranate
For more information https://www.indiaarchopen.com/
Curator: Kaiwan Mehta
Acknowledgements: Shaheen Mehta (administrative support) and Domus India (content and
administrative support); Arpita Das Rebeiro, Ekta Idnany, Suprio Bhattacharjee, Sahil Latheef, and
Ruturaj Parikh for collaborating on respective panel curations.
Note: All programs are subject to change.
Being Local while being GlobalArtists’11:30 am –An interactive talk, filled with Dr. Mulay’s
A Literary JourneyCentre1:30  pmvaried experiences on his literary journey.
by Dr. Dnyaneshwar Mulay
The Human Relationship MatrixArtists’2:30 pm –How to accept people the way they are
by Anil ThomasCentre4:30 pmand free them of the roles they play.
Life LessonsBNHS12:00 noon –A look into lessons learnt during the journey
by Arundhati BhattacharyaAuditorium2:00 pmat SBI, culminating into becoming the first
woman chairman of the largest bank in India.
Magic Wand: Styling up SpacesBNHS3:00 pm –A quick peak into what it takes to convert a
by Riyaz HimanyAuditorium5:00 pmboring space into a vibrant and inviting room.
:LOGÁRZHU  5HOLHI $UWArtists’11:30 am –Create a floral sculpture in relief giving it
by Surbhi SoniCentre1:30 pma 3D impression using marble powder,
adhesive and paints.
Intentionally VeganArtists’2:30 pm –A talk on vegan food, along with a cooking
by Vinita ContractorCentre4:30 pmdemo and some recipes.
Meditation Rooms: the hottest newBNHS12:00 noon –Create a serene and sacred place in your
perk by Kanika BawaAuditorium2:00 pmhome to explore dreams and reboot yourself.
Portrait in CharcoalBNHS3:00 pm –Learn the technique of charcoal portraits
by Madhusudan KumarAuditorium5:00 pmand its intricacies.
Original Chen Style T’ai Chi- TheSomaiya4:30 pm –An introduction to the ancient health
Best kept Secret of ChinaCentre6.00 pmand healing art from China along with a
by Sandeep Desaiwonderful practice session.
Get Published!Artists’11:30 am –Do you want to become India’s next best-
by Meghna PantCentre1:30 pmselling author? Turn from an aspiring story-
teller to a published and successful author.
Creative ClayArtists’2:30 pm –Explore your inner self and turn a lump of
by VijayalaxmiCentre4:30 pmclay into various creative forms.
Painting with ScissorsBNHS12:00 noonChannel your inner artist and create your
by Madhumita Nandi SrivastavaAuditorium–  2:00 pmvery own unique masterpiece.
Food WorkshopBNHS5:00 pm –Nutrition Consultant Neha Sahaya talks
Fad diets & the effectAuditorium7:00 pmabout fad diets like Keto & Intermittent Fast-
they have on our bodying, what they mean and the pros and cons.
Expressive ArtSomaiya4:30 pm –Participants will undergo a mindful ses-
by Veda DhaulCentre6:00 pmsion using a combination of therapeutic
movement, art, sound and clay.
TEDx and BeyondArtists’11:30 am –An insight into what goes into the making
by Siji VargheseCentre1:30 pmof a great TED talk, being known widely
across circles and the impact thereafter.
Storytelling Tradition in PhadArtists’2:30 pm –An interactive session of the traditional
Paintings of RajasthanCentre4:30 pmPhad painting of Rajasthan.
by Natallia Bahushevich
Lino Cut PrintingBNHS12:00 noonLearn the printmaking technique of Lino
by Pritam DeuskarAuditorium–  2:00 pmcut to create your own design.
Photography DocumentationBNHS3:00 pm –Aesthetic documentation of Landscapes
by Furqan KhanAuditorium5:00 pmand Monumental ruins through
Food WorkshopSomaiya4:30 pm –Ruchi Jain from Taru Naturals and Reema
Magical MilletsCentre6:00 pmSathe from Happy Roots along with
Kumud Dadlani talk about what to do with
millets and why they are important today.
Your Story – Our StoriesArtists’11:30 am –Re-frame past experiences, and make a
StorytellingCentre1:30 pmnew collective narrative.
by Sonie Thakkar
Get, Set, DroneArtists’2:30 pm –A demo and DIY session of fun with
by Gaurav SinghCentre4:30 pmdrones.
Relevance of KhadiBNHS12:00 noonAn interactive talk on Khadi, its history and
by Ravi Kiran & Haresh ShahAuditorium–  2:00 pmtimelessness.
Drawn to AnimateBNHS3:00 pm –Be a part of this fun filled interactive 2D
by Chetan SharmaAuditorium5:00 pmanimation workshop.
Percussion with Passion-Let It GoSomaiya4:30 pm –A soul searching musical journey through
by Jainaam SinghiCentre6:00 pmpercussion.
Mandala Art RejuvenationArtists’11:30 am –Learn the mystic art of drawing Mandalas
by Mayank AgarwalCentre1:30 pmwith the techniques of making intricate
Type CookingArtists’2:30 pm –Learn to use recipes to make lettershapes.
by Tanya GeorgeCentre4:30 pmBring a curiosity for type and an appetite
for funky shapes.
Every Word CountsBNHS12:00 noonA calligraphy workshop to create absolute
by Manjri VardeAuditorium–  2:00 pmbeauty with just ink and paper.
The Ocean in a DropBNHS3:00 pm –A Haiku writing workshop
by Neha BahugunaAuditorium5:00 pm
Let’s Bachata- Dominican StyleSomaiya4:30 pm –Be a part of this fun learning session
by Avan MehtaCentre6:00 pmabout the Bachata form of dance.
Drawing Your Words: The Nuts andArtists’11:30 am –A hands on workshop about starting out,
Bolts of the Picture Book IndustryCentre1:30 pmplanning, writing and illustrating picture
by Yasmeen Ismailbooks for the under 5’s.
Colors to Dye ForArtists’2:30 pm –Learn to make natural dyes, to dye fabrics
by Suvarnareha M. JadhavCentre4:30 pmand clothes at home using household
organic waste.
Food PhotographyBNHS12:00 noonGet tips from a master photographer on
by Shiriesh R. KarraleAuditorium–  2:00 pmthe art of making food look even more
Where The Wild Things AreBNHS3:00 pm –Learn to use unique engaging formats to
by Sejal MehtaAuditorium5:00 pmtell travel stories about the outdoors.
Catch the Culture throughSomaiya4:30 pm –An introductory workshop on the folk
Folk DancesCentre6:00 pmdance forms in India.
by Dr. Tushar Guha
Sense it Paint it – Blindfold ArtArtists’11:30 am –A unique experience of creating  your own
WorkshopCentre1:30 pmwork of art, blindfolded.
by Siddhant Shah
Rockscapes in Oils DemoBNHS12:00 noonAn interactive painting session.
by Vinod SharmaAuditorium–  2:00 pm
• No pre-registration is required • Entry is on a first come, first serve basis
• Entry for all hands-on workshops will be limited to 25 paricipants only
• For all photography and related workshops please bring your own Mobile / SLR Camera
• For all writing workshops please bring your own notebook & pen
Curators: Ami Patel and Tripti Ayyar
Team: Yash Oberoi, Payal Bania, Vinodini Hasal and Amanpreet Kaur
Learning, British Council Mumbai and all our guest conductors.
Note: All programs are subject to change.
Dedication of the Restored5:30 pmOpening of the newly restored Synagogue along with a film screening
Synagogue to Mumbai Cityand exhibition on the restoration process.
Guided Tour11:00 amGuided tour of the Synagogue highlighting the restoration process.
Guided Tour11:00 amGuided tour of the Synagogue highlighting the restoration process.
CSMVS – THE MUSEUM* Museum entry ticket applicable
3RD – 9TH FEB 2019
Museum on Wheels11:00 amMuseum on Wheels is a bus with an exhibition that will be part of
at Museum Gate No. 4– 5:00 pmKGAF 2019!
2ND – 3RD FEB 2019
Nature Nurture*11:00 amLearn to be nature’s best friend by engaging in these
at Key Gallery– 4:00 pmfun activities.
Living Landscapes11:00 amCreate a fabulous collage using different materials found
– 4:00 pmin nature.
Animated Miniatures*11:00 amMake the characters from our miniature paintings come alive using
at Key Gallery– 4:00 pmthe power of electromagnets.
Crazy Calculator*11:00 amLearn how the ancients did their math homework by creating your
at Key Gallery– 4:00 pmown, personal abacus!
Messing with Metals*11:00 am –Try your hand at the Mexican metal art form of Hojalata.
at Key Gallery4:00 pm
Trippy Tiles*11:00 am –Explore the geometric patterns of Islamic architecture to create
at Key Gallery4:00 pmyour own exquisite patterned tiles.
9TH – 10TH FEB 2019
Funtastic Fossils*11:00 am –Learn about fossil formations, its causes and process.
at the Natural History4:00 pm
Urban Sketchers*10:15 am –Urban Sketchers, Mumbai invites you to sketch the architecture
around the Museum6:00 pmand artifacts at the museum. Bring your sketching material and
have a blast!
2TH – 10TH FEB 2019
Daily Tours and Trails*11:00 amExplore the treasures of the Museum with our two daily exciting
at Key Gallerytrails – Art and Technology.
2ND – 10TH FEB 2019
Memory of Red 311:00 am –This spirited assemblage of fibres, fabrics and found objects are
by Smriti Dixit7:00 pmsewn, stitched, and knotted using materials and methods tradition-
ally from women’s work. Dixit explores her role as an artist-artisan,
“working with art and no-art”.
Indian Modern Masters5:30 pm –A combined screening of short films of artists like Avinash
Movie Screening6:30 pmChandra, Raza, Krishen Khanna and others from DAG’s
archival collection.
PLEASE TOUCH ART5:30 pm –Has any art gallery asked you to Touch artworks to
Blind-fold Tactile Art Experience6:30 pmExperience them?! Event accessible for visitors with visual
You CAN(vas) Paint!!5:00 pm –A canvas painting workshop drawing inspiration from
6:00 pmmodern masters like Raza, Tyeb Mehta and others.
Readings in the Shed- Letter to7:00 pmKafka wrote many letters in his life – to his girlfriends, friends, and
Fatherone for his father. This letter was undelivered and unread.
by Asif Ali Beg, Keith SequeiraWhat was in this letter?
Let’s Write12:00 noonAn introduction to writing stories with the right tools.
by Tall Tales Storytelling
Farrago7:00 pmFarrago consists of an enactment of four short stories written by
Dr. Shashi Tharoor in his teens, and later published as a collection.
Log Kya Kahenge? Aapki Kahani7:00 pmThis statement, Log kya Kahenge? has impacted each of us in
Humari Zubaanidifferent ways. Share your story, hear others’ and watch it come
by Mumbai Playbackersalive on stage.
Fistful of Rupees7:00 pmRaghav lands in Mumbai without a plan and it’s quite a shock!
by Shiv TandanEverything feels louder, brighter, impossible to ignore.
Storytelling Workshop for6:00 pmA workshop designed to dive deep into your life and understand it
Healing and Therapy by Tall Talesas a story, where you are the protagonist. Sharing your story can
Storytelling & Alisha Parekhcreate catharsis, the relief you’ve been looking for.
Sringara – The Essence of6:00 pmLive lecture accompanied by a demonstration of the dance.
by Dr. Geeta Radhakrishnan Menon
with Shruti Verman & Manjula Manoj
Thy Name is Woman6:00 pmCelebrating the different shades of womanhood through select
by Nandini Krishnacompositions in Hindi, Sanskrit, and English.
Surpanakha – Stand Up Kathak7:30 pmSurpanakha is a contemporary dance work based on Kathak in a
by Ashavari Majumdarstand-up format accompanied by live tabla and guitar.
MAX MUELLER BHAVAN*registration required, [email protected]
Sujata2nd Feb3:00 pm   This 1960 movie revolves around the caste system that is
at The Libraryprevalent in India even to this day. Director: Bimal Roy.
Devdas: A Discussion2nd Feb6:00 pm   A conversation, moderated by Nasreen Munni Kabir,
at The Librarybetween Rashna Imhasly and Joy Roy.
Devdas (1955)2nd Feb6:45 pm   This film stresses on the social customs that prevailed
at The Libraryin Bengal in the early 1900s. Director: Bimal Roy
Light Workshop*2nd Feb4:00 pmAn interactive light sculpture composed of different lamps
by Rainer Kehres3rd Feb4:00 pmbuilt at workshops during the festival. (Age: 10+ yrs, also
open to adults). Participants to bring household materials
like cloth, plastic spoons or cups, straws etc.
First Steps with Augmented2nd Feb7:00 pmParticipants will learn the basic steps necessary to build
Reality* by Yasha Jaintheir own augmented reality software. Please bring your
own laptop. (Age: 12+ yrs, also open to adults).
Artist talk: TimeBlur4th Feb6:00 pmThe artists at Timeblur Studio, a creative studio at the
intersection of data, art and technology will present ‘St-
ambh’, a Sculpture translated from the Kinetics of Yoga.
Digital Embroidery*5th Feb6:00 pmCreate your own patterns with codes, maths and logic,
by Clemens Wallrath and Felix7th Feb6:00 pmand embroider them on your favorite Tshirt. Bring your
Held10th Feb8:00 pmown laptop (Age: 12+ yrs, also open to adults).
All Creatures Welcome6th Feb6:00 pmAll Creatures Welcome sketches a utopian image of
German+English movie withsociety in the digital era. Director: Sandra Trostel
English subtitles
Artist talk with Vladan Joler8th Feb6:00 pmThe lecture Forensics of Exploitation: Anatomy of an AI
System by Prof. Vladan Joler from Novi Sad University
covers the invisible matrix of human labour, energy
consumption and resource extraction that is hidden
behind digital networks and Artificial Intelligence.
Algorave workshop with9th Feb4:00 pmLearn how to create sounds, rhythms and music with
Dhanya Philo and Algorave9th Feb8:00 pmcode. Participants to bring a laptop with up-to-date
India*Browser (Chrome, Firefox), empty thumb drive. Up to
45 persons (Age: 12+ yrs, also open to adults).
Note: All programs subject to change. Entry on a first come first serve basis.

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