In a city famous for its diverse lifestyles, it’s only understandable that everybody has different tastes. With long lists and quite a few articles available for foodies, we thought of making one for people with slightly different interests. Along with great food, this list contains places that offer the best beers for every beer lover! From locations to contact numbers to timings to must try drinks, this list has everything you need to know before heading out for a great time! Whether it’s day or night, these places will surely lift up your spirits and help you make everlasting memories.

Here’s a list of the 9 best breweries in Mumbai you must visit if you love beer:

1. Doolally Taproom

One of the most famous breweries in Mumbai, Doolally Taproom’s Apple Cider is a mutually agreed crowd favorite. Though the menu is limited, the options available are all of exquisite quality. To add to the fun, Doolally offers board games to make your visits more memorable.

Approx. Cost: Rs. 300
Timing: 7 am to 1 am
Location: Veera Desai Area
Contact: +91 7400171674

2. Brewbot Eatery And Pub Brewery

Brewbot offers classic beers brewed by Julie Bagett, an American brewmaster. Some of their must try beers include Skywalker – a Kolsch beer and Floating Head – a Hefeweizen. Pair with this their delicious burgers and you’re set for the evening!

Approx. Cost: Rs. 215
Timing: 4 pm to 12 am
Location: Veera Desai Area
Contact: 022 39698091 / 022 40034449

3. The White Owl

If you’re ever worried about drinking on an empty stomach, just walk into The White Owl. Their food matches well with the alcohol and will fill you up enough to let you drink worry-free. Try out Diablo – an Irish Red Ale, and if drinking beer isn’t enough, you can also have their beer-battered fish n chips.

Approx. Cost: Rs. 245
Timing: 12 pm to 1:30 am
Location: Lower Parel
Contact: 022 33126124

4. The Barking Deer Brewpub

The Barking Deer Brewpub is a must visit even for newbies who need help picking out from the huge variety of beers. This brewery gives its customers a detailed description of the beer from its color to its taste to help them choose better. As an added plus, they also tell you what dish it tastes best with. A must try is their Flying Pig Belgian Wit.

Approx. Cost: Rs. 200
Timing: 12 pm to 1 am
Location: Lower Parel
Contact: 022 39966001

5. Gateway Brewing Company

Gateway Brewing CO. had its name inspired from Gateway Of India. The three founders made key efforts in changing Mumbai’s micro-brewery policy. Gateway Brewing CO., one of the best breweries in Mumbai, creates unique beers from local ingredients that are then supplied to places like 145 Kala Ghoda, Monkey Bar, and Olive Bistro.

Approx. Cost: Rs 400
10 pm to 12 am
Location: Nariman Point
Contact: +91 22 2202 5496

6. Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden

Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden, as the name specifies, has different types of beers for every taste. Apart from the usual breweries that are available in other breweries in Mumbai, they also have beer shakes for anyone looking for an added sugar rush with ice cream.

Approx. Cost: Rs. 200
Timing: 12 pm to 1:30 am
Location: Hill Road
Contact: 022 33956191

7. Verbena – BrewPub & SkyGarden

Verbena has some of the most beautiful interior decor. The ambience is extremely soothing with pretty lights and nature everywhere. A chilled beer on their rooftop lounge along with some flavorful hookah is the recipe for a perfect evening. They also have a special menu of whiskies from all around the world. Some must try dishes include nachos and jumbo prawns.

Approx. Cost: Rs. 140
Timing: 4 pm to 1:30 am
Location: Lower Parel
Contact: 022 33956113

8. The English Department Bar & Diner

The English Department serves imported as well as domestic beers. Some of their imported beers include Corona, Birra Moretti, Asahi, Hoegaarden, Estrella Galicia, and Stella Artois. They serve a variety of cuisines like British, Mexican, Japanese, etc. A must try dish is their Minestrone Soup.

Approx. Cost: N/A 
Timing: 12 pm to 1 am
Location: Malad West
Contact: 022 65702233 / 022 65712233

9. Royal Oak Brewery

Located in the heart of Vashi, Royal Oak Brewery is best known for its craft beer, apple cider, and choices of chicken. Customers enjoy mugs of beers to go with the live screenings and music.

Approx. Cost: Rs. 260
Timing: 12 pm to 1 am
Location: Vashi
Contact: 022 33126167

10. Independence Brewing Company

Independence Brewing Company is one of the breweries in Mumbai that serve special home brews. Their long list of homebrews includes Belgian Wit, Beer Flight, Summer Gruit Ale, Four Grain Saison, Ixcacao, and Method to Madness Oaked IPA.

Approx. Cost: Rs. 225
Timing: 1 pm to 1:15 am
Location: Andheri West
Contact: 022 30151279

11. The Beer Cafe

With a bar menu that has 9 pages dedicated to beer, The Beer Cafe definitely takes its theme seriously across all its locations. From choices in draught beers to bottled beers, and unique creations from Gateway Brewing Company, this place offers the best list of beers across the city.

Approx. Cost: Rs. 169
Timing: 11 am to 12:30 am
Location: Veera Desai Area
Contact: 022 67418225

12. The Irish House

If kegs of draught beers seem like nothing to you, then this is your place to be. With lively music and a party crowd, kegs of beer flowing through tables is no shocker at The Irish House. As a right match to the alcohol, this place also serves delicious appetizers to fill you up.

Approx. Cost: Rs. 200
Timing: 12 pm to 1 am
Location: Andheri West
Contact: 022 61046161 / +91 8879773380

13. British Brewing Company

British Brewing Company, or BBC, has multiple outlets throughout Mumbai. They’re well-known as a party spot at night and a great place to eat all day. They feature beers from Gateway Brewing Company and an assortment of local and imported beers. They’re one of the best breweries in Mumbai.

Approx. Cost: Rs. 225
Timing: 12 pm to 12:30 am
Location: Sakinaka
Contact: 022 30151086

If you think we missed out on any noteworthy brewery, let us know in the comment section below 🙂

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