As mentioned in the previous article, blogging is on the rise. And apart from fashion and beauty bloggers, another domain that’s taking over these days is food blogging. Food enthusiasts are really keen on knowing what’s the best place to eat and what’s the best dish. They’re taking up blogging themselves. Visiting the newest places, trying out the most talked about dishes, exploring new areas in addition to finding delicious street food that’s not heavy on the pocket. We know you want to know the best places in Mumbai to eat too. And so we’ve curated a list of food bloggers in Mumbai

List of food bloggers in Mumbai

List of Top food bloggers in Mumbai:

1. MumbaiFoodie

MumbaiFoodie has to be hands down one of the top most food bloggers in Mumbai. With over 2,000 posts on Instagram, they’re dedicated to supplying their audience with the best of everything. Post your pictures with #MumbaiFoodie to get noticed. Also, check out their full-fledged website for more exciting stuff!

Instagram: 184k followers

2. Forever Hungry Mumbai

Forever Hungry Mumbai is included in our list of food bloggers in Mumbai as personal of a journey of a diehard food lover as it can get. Check them out on Zomato too to view their latest reviews on some of the most famous places in the city.

Instagram: 46.9k followers

3. The Food Punch

The Food Punch has definitely given a new meaning to food with a punch. They’re always exploring the most unique and scrumptious looking dishes in major cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, etc. You can see the samples in their recent posts, the bulb shots and oreo ice-cream cookie sandwich stack. DM them or use #thefoodpunch to get featured. You’ll find them blogging on The Food Punch.

Instagram: 43.9k followers

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4. Trell a Tale

Trell a Tale is included in our list of food bloggers in Mumbai, They have a specific page for Mumbai, have a page dedicated to food from around the country. They’re selected as the best upcoming app from Asia. They post the most yummylicious dishes to try out along with the location details. You can also contact/tag them to get featured on their Instagram!

trelltalemumbai: 46.3k followers

trellfood: 36k followers

5. Food of Mumbai

Food of Mumbai explores everything from high-end restaurants with food made using new techniques to street vendors. From simple hummus and pita bread to an expensive white wine sangria, there’s not much they’ve left to your imagination. You can check out Food of Mumbai’s blog for more reviews.

Instagram: 113k followers

6. Mumbai Food Junkie

Mumbai Food Junkie is a team of junkies in the true sense. From celebrating National Ice-cream Day with buckets of ice-cream, and visits to the cheese factory, they’ve done every possible thing to make us all burn with jealousy. Visit their blog for more envious posts and to get your share of delectable food.

Instagram: 69.4k followers

7. MunchyMumbai

Voted no. 1 in Huffington Post’s top 15 Instagrammers of India, they’ve definitely earned their spot in our list of food bloggers in Mumbai. MunchyMumbai lives up to its name and posts delicious food you can munch on all over Mumbai. The best vada pavs, scrumptious cheese pav bhajis, and chocolate brick shakes are just a few examples of the kind of stuff you’ll find on their page. Tag them on Instagram using #MunchyMumbai

Instagram: 95k followers

8. Foodilicious Mumbai

Whether Mumbai is filled with a bunch of foodies or not, this team definitely is! Foodilicious Mumbai has a drool-worthy Instagram account with fine dining to street food pictures. They’re surely here to satisfy all your food cravings. Tag them on Instagram using #foodiliciousmumbai

Instagram: 56k followers

9. The Hungry Mumbaikar

The Hungry Mumbaikar, food blogger and consultant, is the winner of Best Food Blog at Cosmopolitan India Blogger Awards 2016. It would be a sin not to mention them in the list of top food bloggers in Mumbai. Their Instagram account is full of original posts and to maintain this authenticity, they do not repost. Follow them for amazing food reviews along with great offers nearby.

Instagram: 62.6k followers

10. Foodholic

Foodaholic, run by Esha Shroff, is a savior for vegetarian people. Being an all veg account, we added it to our list of top food bloggers in Mumbai for vegetarian foodies who are probably tired looking at all the meat on other accounts. Expect mouthwatering homemade cookies, cheesiest dishes, and delightful waffles. #FoodholicMumbai

Instagram: 73.2k followers

11. MumbaiFoodicious

MumbaiFoodicious, a foodie’s dreamland, post the most amazing pictures of scrumptious food from all over Mumbai. Dahi Gol Gappe, Funghi Fritii (Mushrooms stuffed with spinach and cottage cheese, fancy), and other such hoity-toity dishes can be found on their account. To get featured, DM them or use #mumbaifoodicious or #MFFoodTrail.

Instagram: 68.2k followers

We hope you liked our list of food bloggers in Mumbai. If there’s an account you think we missed, do let us know in the comment section below!

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