Imagine: You finally find the coworking space of your dreams and you’re ready to move out of that small corner of your bed you’ve been working out of (You know, because the rest of your bed’s a mess). And then, you find out there’s a two month deposit along with a 20-day period to move in. Sigh, you tried.

One of the main reasons freelancers and entrepreneurs still don’t opt for a collaborative office space in Mumbai is the lengthy process of moving in and out. Before you even pack your laptop to move in, you get an endless amount of rules, regulations, policies, and protocols thrown at you. This can be a big turnoff for anyone looking for an ideal collaborative office space.

But that’s not the case with Mumbai Coworking. Our aim is to provide you with a space where you fit right in with ease but also experience an office-like ambiance. To help achieve our goal of giving you the utmost comfort, we’ve created a hassle-free process that’s as easy as transferring money online.

Our process goes something like this –

  1. You drop by: Visit our collaborative workplace in Andheri West and fall in love with our interiors. We’ll give you all the details you need about the amazing facilities you will have access to once you book a seat.
  1. Booking a seat: Once you’ve booked a seat with the plan you would most prefer, all you need to do is pay a month’s rent as deposit and immediately have access to your seat. No waiting time, no move-in procedure. Simply grab your seat and get to work.
  1. Payment: No brokerage. We accept payments in cheques. You can choose to pay immediately and start working in seconds, or you can pick a date to move in. We also accept payments via online transfers, so feel free to go cashless.
  1. Bidding adieu: If you ever choose to move out, and we hope you don’t, just let us know 30 days before you pack your stuff. Although, we hope you only move out because you’ve become super successful and need your personal office. A 30-day notice is all you need to give us to brace ourselves to say goodbye!

That’s all, folks. There’s nothing else you need to do to get your own collaborative workspace in Mumbai.

Make sure to call us right now at +91 922 220 7277 / +91 922 229 9360 if you want a hassle-free collaborative office space!

Or you can also visit our About Us page to know more about Mumbai Coworking.

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