Add A Galore Of Happiness To Your Loved One’s Life by Sending Cakes in Navi Mumbai

When it comes to having desserts, cakes are the most craved and delicious food items that everyone wants

When it comes to having desserts, cakes are the most craved and delicious food items that everyone wants to eat. One of the most crucial facts about having cake is the numbers of variations that we find by the cake flavored option. There is a wide choice of cakes that you can find in the market and most of the cakes come in different types of flavors. No one can deny the fact that cake is one of the most experimental dishes in the world and people through ages have tried to bake and design different types of cakes in different ways. From a simple, ready to go home-made cake to fancy bakery items, the cake baking has become a huge industry in these days.

We all know the fact that the celebration of any kind of occasion is a bit colorless without a sumptuous cake and that’s why a lot of stores have started to offering super delicious cake online. Now you can order the cake in any cities in India. Being the business capital of India, ordering cake in Mumbai is like a cakewalk. No matter where you stay in Mumbai, be it Churchgate, Bandra, Andheri or Dadar, Powai or any other place in Mumbai, you can easily go for online cake delivery option. If your beloved ones reside in Mumbai, you can easily go for online cake delivery in Navi Mumbai from popular online cake store in India namely FlowerAura.

The most popular types of lips-smacking cakes in Navi Mumbai that you can find online at FlowerAura:

Dreamy Vanilla Cake:
Cakes in Navi Mumbai

The whole vanilla bean and vanilla extract have made this cake a super popular dessert treat among the dessert connoisseurs. It comes with the two layers and a thick layer of frosting is packed between the layers. An authentic vanilla cake can easily add a lot of fun to your sweetheart’s life.

Vanilla Butter Cake:

Recipes – Best of buttercake Basic Vanilla Buttercake

This versatile and super simple Vanilla makes the ideal base for the buttercream frosting. If you are looking for a cake that has a subtle beauty, the Vanilla-Butter cake could be the ideal choice for you.

Vanilla Birthday Cake:

If you are looking for a perfect cake treat for your loved one who is a pure vegetarian, ordering this cake would be an excellent choice. Now you might be wondering to know the reason behind it. The eggs in this cake are smartly substituted with the maple sauce. If you are planning to gift it as a birthday cake, you can easily turn this cake into a special birthday cake by adding glittering gel or edible sugar.

Rich Rum Cake:

Made with the ingredients like chopped pecans, cinnamon, allspice, vanilla pudding mix and rum, this cake provides a rich and super delicious taste experience to people who want to have a strongly flavored cake. The whole cake is baked in the bundt pan and the rum glaze in this cake is made with the maple syrup.

Fudgy Brownie Cake:

It is one of the tempting birthday cakes to have. It’s a very popular cake and that’s the reason most of the online cake stores offer this cake. The lips-smacking gastronomical combination of bittersweet chocolate, cocoa powder and lots of butter has made this cake highly popular choice among the dessert lovers.

Chocolate and Ice-cream Cake That Comes With The Marsh-mellow Swirl:

No wonder, this cake is a most tantalizing cake ever. The sugary goodness of Marshmallow, Hazelnuts, Ice-cream, and chocolate in this cake can leave you in a total wow state of mind.

Now, you might have gotten some excellent ideas about the cakes that you send to your loved one in Navi Mumbai from this online shop. Choose any one of these cakes and make your loved one feel extremely pampered and elated from the heart.


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