Coworking space are shared office spaces that are usually occupied by startups, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and the likes. As property rates in Mumbai are sky-high these days. It’s only sensible to rent coworking space in Andheri when you’re starting a new business. While it may seem desirable to work from home, working out of an office gives you a better sense of purpose. When you’re not in the mood to work, seeing the people around you working hard towards their goals is motivating enough to help you get shit done.

Coworking space are generally based out of other offices but some pubs offer seats during the day too. Some of the coworking space in Andheri offer weekly passes to occupants while the others offer either daily or monthly seats. An ideal shared spaces must provide tenants with a number of services based on the offer chosen by them. These services could be inclusive of but not limited to.


  • High speed internet
  • Daily cleaning services
  • Tea & coffee
  • Spacious desks
  • Storage spaces
  • Conference/meeting rooms
  • Private cabins
  • Comfortable chairs
  • Plug points
  • Adequate ventilation
  • Water supply
  • Sufficient washrooms

Apart from these services, a coworking spaces in Andheri should also be based in such locations that don’t make travel too inconvenient for the occupants. Huge deposits could also be a turnoff for bootstrapped startups or freelancers, so a lot of places don’t have such policies.

It’s indisputable that coworking space must be affordable. Since the target audiences of affordable coworking space in Mumbai include businesses that are just starting off, it’s only understandable that they must be priced economically. Finding the best coworking space in Mumbai can be hard, but it’s definitely not impossible. Considering that the atmosphere outside is not exactly pleasant, a vibrant atmosphere in and around the office as well as interiors that are easy on the eyes are also major selling points for an ideal shared space in a busy city like Mumbai.

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