shared office space in mumbai

   About Our Shared Office Space In Mumbai

Being a startup ourselves, we realized the biggest issue faced by bootstrapped startups is finding a shared office space in Mumbai for rent to grow their business. Freelancers, stock brokers, entrepreneurs, or even companies sending an employee to another city would need an office to work out of. And that’s why Mumbai Coworking was initiated.

While working out of a coffee shop may sound dreamy but it won’t give you the amount of motivation or the creativity boost you would get when you’re surrounded by like-minded people. Our mission is to provide you with an affordable shared office space in Mumbai and help you grow your business.

Keeping this in mind, we’ve built and maintained a vibrant atmosphere just for you. The interiors are designed in such a way that the pop of color refreshes you. Walking into the office in the morning should be something to look forward to. That’s what we hope to make people feel in our shared office space in Mumbai.

Mumbai Coworking is located a few minutes from bus stops and a train station to make traveling as convenient as it can be. We’ve got fantastic views of the Andheri skyline thanks to our terrace. We also have balconies in every room because who wouldn’t like to work outside on a laptop. Say hello to French windows!

I’d love to tell you more but wouldn’t it be better if you just dropped by to see for yourself?


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