Late Night Food Places In Mumbai

40+ Best Places To Find Late Night Food In Mumbai

There’s a reason Mumbai is called “the city that never sleeps”. It’s because the people literally Do. Not. Sleep. Mumbai has a long list of places that are open for night owls. Whether they’re Mumbaikars or outsiders who’ve come to visit the city, we all want to know the best places to visit after hours. A club or late night food in Mumbai, dine-in or home delivery, just hang out somewhere or do an activity, this list includes all the information you would need to do any of these.

Here’s the most exclusive list of 40+ best places to eat late-night food in Mumbai:

Andheri to Bandra

1. AndaMental (Andheri West) Open till: 3 AM

late night food in mumbai

AndaMental is a piece of heaven for egg lovers. They serve some scrumptious egg dishes that are healthy and easy to eat. This small joint in Azad Nagar also delivers home and is open till 3 am.
Call: 022 30151468

2. Go! Biryan (Andheri West) Open till: 3 AM

Go Biryan’s outlet in Andheri is open till 3 am. Their Chicken Tikka Biryani, Bohri Style Lamb, and Butter Chicken Biryani are a must try.
Call: 022 65348844 / 022 26348855

3. Local – World Cuisine Kitchen (Andheri West) Open till: 4:30 AM

Local is located away from all the city’s hustle and bustle, tucked in a corner off the main road. The food here is fantastic and a sin to miss out on. Local is open from midnight to 4:30am.
Call: 022 30151733

4. Mandarin Kitchen (Andheri West) Open till: 4 AM

Mandarin Kitchen serves Thai and Asian cuisines, but they specialize in Chinese food too. This restaurant in 7 bungalows runs till 4am.
Call: +91 88284 92160 / +91 88284 92170

5. Yalla Yalla (Andheri West) Open till: 3:30 AM

Yalla Yalla is open every day till 3:30 am and exclusively serve Middle Eastern cuisines. One of the most wonderful dishes here is their chicken shawarma.
Call:+91 76780 39898 / 022 26319898

6. Yasin’s Food Inn (Andheri West) Open till: 2 AM

late night food in andheri

Yasin’s in Lokhandwala market is a famous joint for Mughlai and North Indian. Their chicken tandoori roll and malai tikka are must tries.
Call: 022 30150887

7. Planet Food (Andheri West) Open 24 hours

late night food andheri

Call: 022 30151826

8. Fatboy’s Kitchen (Andheri) Open till: 3 AM

Fatboy’s Kitchen in Azad Nagar serves kickass burgers late at night. Their food tastes as good as it looks.
Call: 022 30151698

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9. Happytite (Andheri) Open 24 hrs

late food delivery happytite

Call: 086910399528691039951

10. Night Riders Kitchen (Andheri) Open till: 3 AM

late night food in andheri

Night Riders Kitchen is an affordable North Indian, Continental, and Chinese takeaway/delivery place. They’re open from 11am to 3am everyday.
Call: +91 81087 43590 / +91 97698 55491

11. The Third House (Andheri) Open till: 4 AM

Located in Lokhandwala, this place doesn’t have any seating arrangements. Famous for their healthy food items, this is a great spot for a late night food delivery in Mumbai till 4am.
Call: +91 77188 09001 / +91 77188 09002

12. The Beer Cafe (International Airport) Open 24 hours

The Beer Cafe is located right outside the airport (T2), so it’s open 24 hours. It’s a great spot to hang out with your friends and have a couple of drinks any time of the day.
Call: 022 30151826

13. Ice n Rolls (Juhu) Open till: 2 AM

This vegetarian only eatery is located right opposite Mithibhai college. Ice n Rolls is open till 2 am. It’s the perfect street food place to go for a light midnight snack or dessert. Their chocolate milkshake is to die for, so make sure you try it out if you visit. If you love spicy food, the pizza dosa here is also a must-have.

Call: 022 26175528 / +91 90228 17788

14. Khurshid (Juhu) Open till: 5:30 AM

Mohammad Nashir Pavbhaji & Bhurji Centre, better known as Khurshid pav bhaji, is located in Juhu lane. Khurshid opens in the evening and is operational until 5:30am. It’s the best place to eat pav bhaji after a long night of dancing.
Call: +91 93247 06250 / +91 80806 75735

15. Sagar Chinese (Juhu) Open till: 4 AM

The Juhu outlet of Sagar Chinese is open till 4 am. As the name suggests, it’s a great place to eat lip smacking greasy Chinese food at night.
Call: 098339 17350

16. Cairo Grill (Khar West) Open till: 3 AM

Cairo Grill serves only Lebanese food and are very well known for their shawarmas and cheezed out fries. A must try dish here is their unique oreo nacho. Cairo is open until 3 am every day and also provides home delivery.
Call: 022 26000250 / 022 26000251

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17. Sheetal Restaurant (Khar West) Open till: 2 AM

late night food in khar sheetal

Sheetal Restaurant and Bar in Khar is a bit heavier on the pocket than other eateries as this place also serves alcohol at night upto 2am.
Call: 022 26497938 / 022 26460643

18. Ayaz’s The Kebab Place (Bandra) Open till: 2 AM

Ayaz is open till 1:30 am in Bandra. While they only serve the best Mughlai late night food in Mumbai, they are experts in the same. Must try at Ayaz’s are Chicken Kali Mirch and Mutton Sheek Kebab.
Call: +91 98925 99990 / +91 98929 66660

19. Lazeez (Bandra West) Open till: 4 AM

Lazeez at Hill Road serves hookah along with delicious food. The entry is restricted to 18+ only and is reasonably priced with a wide variety of options to eat. Enjoy awesome Hookah & late night food in Mumbai at Lazeez.
Call: 022 33126866

20. Mini Punjab (Bandra) Open till: 2 AM

Mini Punjab at Pali Hill has a comprehensive list of tandoori dishes to choose from. Though it’s only open till 2 am, it’s worth visiting.
Call: 022 26006164 / 022 26004395

21. Mogul Sarai (Bandra West) Open till: 5 AM

Mogul Sarai operates all night till 5 in the morning. They’re noted for their terrific North Indian cuisine.
Call: 022 33951675

22. Sigdi (Bandra West) Open till: 6 AM

late food sigdi

If you’re going to visit Sigdi after 1 am, do not be disheartened if the place looks shut. Just park your car outside and the waiters will come serve you. Try out their rolls, especially the bhuna chicken roll. It’s one the best place late night food in Mumbai.
Call: 022 26557907 / 022 26557906

Kandivali to Jogeshwari

23. Bhagwati (Kandivali West) Open till: 3 AM

night food in kandivali

Bhagwati in Kandivali West operates till 3 am in the morning. It’s an awesome place to fulfill cravings with late night food in Mumbai.
Call: 022 28073217 / 022 28663728

24. Ibrahim’s (Malad West) Open till: 4 AM

Ibrahim’s is acclaimed for their keema. It’s open until 4 am and is the ideal place to try out keema. Keema is great late night food in Mumbai.
Call: +91 98670 60654 / 022 65060654

25. Qutuz Irani Cafe (Malad West) Open till: Open till: 2 AM

Qutuz is a well-known fast food joint in Malad West. They’re renowned for their Irani chai and bun maska. Qutuz opens early in the morning at 7am so it’s a great spot to visit for breakfast.
Call: +91 80802 02424

26. Anda Apna Apna (Malad) Open till: 3:30 AM

midnight eating place andheri

Adna Apna Apna is located in Ram Nagar and offers late night food delivery in Mumbai till 3:30am. The entire menu is inspired by the movie ‘Andaz Apna Apna’.
Call: +91 99204 37197

27. Smokin’ Joes (Malad) Open till: 6 AM

smokin joes night food malad

Smokin’ Joes in Malad delivers fresh pizzas till 6 in the morning to help with your late night munchies.
Call: 022 3248 4447

28. Kasbah Grand (Goregaon West) Open till: 2 AM

Kasbah specializes in Mughlai and is a sheesha lounge open till 2am. The place is always crowded so it’s recommended to book a table.
Call: 022 33715931

29. The Night Chulhaa (Jogeshwari West) Open till: 4 AM

As the name suggests, The Night Chulhaa is one of the typical late night restaurants in Mumbai that run only at night from 7pm to 4am. Their chicken zaikedar slider is raved about by the customers.
Call: +91 80977 00061 / +91 80977 00062

Kurla to Fort

30. Nawab Seekh Paratha (Kurla) Open till: 4 AM

Nawab Seekh Paratha in Kurla is open till 4am and one of the best places to find late night food in Mumbai. The name makes the food served very obvious. The seekh parathas here are a must try if you love nonveg.
Call: 097691 70308

31. Sardar Refreshments (Mumbai Central) Open till: 2 AM

Sardar pav bhaji is one of the most famous food outlets in Mumbai. It’s a must visit place for anyone who loves pav bhaji. The pav is always hot and dripping with butter, and so is the bhaji. It’s open during the day as well. If you’re planning on going here, make sure you’re not on a tight schedule as this place is always crowded.
Call: 022 23530208

32. Persian Darbar (Byculla) Open till: 3 AM

late food house in byculla

Located in Rani baug, Byculla East, this place runs till 3 in the morning. Some of their best chicken dishes include Chicken Tikka, Chicken Tikka Biryani, and Chicken Biryani.
Call: 022 30151060

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33. Zaffran (Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus) Open till: 3 AM

niught food cst zaffran

Zaffran is a Mughlai food specialist that serves tongue-tantalizing food till 3 am. Their specialties include Zaffran E Murg Mussallam and Murg Patiyala.

Call: 022 23459000 / 022 23479065

Matunga to Fort

34. Barbarian (Matunga) Open till: 3 AM

Barbarian in the heart of Matunga East does not have any seating arrangement available. They specialize in pizzas and fast food, perfect for late night munchies as they’re open till 3am..
Call: +91 70455 69799

35. FiestaBites (Dadar West) Open till: 4 AM

Located at Ambedkar Nagar near Dadar/Prabhadevi, they offer a wide range of food options from 11 am till 4 am in the morning at your doorstep. They serve a variety of Mexican and Italian delicacies. It’s an amazingly cool hang out place where one can chill with their buddies, and is a must visit for all especially the vegetarians out there.
Call:  096192 82555

36. Jaffer Bhai’s Delhi Darbar (Grant Road) Open till: 3 AM

Jaffer Bhai’s in Grant Road is open till 3am. They serve cuisines like North Indian, Biryani, and Chinese but are extremely well-known for their Mughlai cuisine. Their biryani is exquisite too.

Call: 022 23875656 / 022 23875697

37. Bachelorr’s (Charni Road) Open till: 2 AM

Bachelorr’s at Marine Lines is remarkably famous for its legendary chili ice cream. They also serve delightful ice cream milkshakes and juices till 2 am.
Call: 022 23682211 / 022 23688889

38. Bademiya (Colaba) Open till: 3 AM

night food in colaba

Bademiya in Colaba is best visited at night in a car. The food is served to you at your car so make sure you get a good spot. The baida rolls here are delectable and the place is open till 3am. This is a place to get some of the best late night food in Mumbai.
Call: 022 30151738

39. Gokul Bite (Colaba) Open till: 3:30 AM

gokul bite late night food in colaba

Gokul Bite in Colaba serves delicious rolls. Do try out their malai chicken roll and charcoal chicken roll. The food here is very filling and totally worth the money.
Call: +91 91677 45049 / +91 91677 45948

40. Ustaadi (Fort) Open till: 4 AM

late food in CST ustaadi

Call: 022 23401976 / 022 23446690

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41. The Bayview Restaurant – Marine Plaza (Churchgate) Open 24 hours

Bayview in Marine Plaza is open 24 hours and the go-to place for late night food in Mumbai. If you haven’t tried out their mouth-watering cheesecakes, you haven’t lived.
Call: 022 22851212 / +91 98924 25420


All of the places mentioned above have been tried out by us or our friends at Mumbai Coworking. Tell us your experiences with these places in the comment section below.


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