Benefits of Virtual Office

Top 10 Benefits of Virtual Office for Startup Business

The virtual office is a service that provides a business owner with all the perks of commercial property without owning a physical office. In addition to this, it also offers benefits like office address, telephone number, company board communication & administration services, and access to meeting rooms.
So how does a virtual office beneficial for your company? There are many advantages of virtual offices for small businesses, startups, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. From remote work to business support, the benefits of virtual offices include:

1. No Commute Time:

To commute to the office, people spent daily 2-3 hours. So, instead of wasting your time on commuting, you can spend time increasing your productivity. Which will help you to focus on your company’s growth. No commute means you do not have to sit in traffic, wait for public transport, or rushing into the crowded train. Plus, you’ll be more dedicated and focused on your work that’s what matters.

2. Increase in productivity:

Working in a flexible office is one of the additional benefits of Virtual Office, It increases your productivity, reduces your distraction, and improves the concentration of work. The on-going trend of the virtual office saves money and Time. It gives more freedom and flexible work-life balance which leads to an increase in dedication towards work and goals. Due to this it increases productivity and efficiency and makes you feel better and more relaxed environment.

3. Saves Money:

Renting your dream office may cost you really high, or out of your budget but opting for a virtual office will cost 1/10th of the cost of office space. Virtual office cost starts from Rs.16,000 at Mumbai Coworking. It allows you to keep your business cost less expensive as well as it also helps to reduce costs of commuting, office equipment, office maintenance, and utilities, and also the cost of a full-time receptionist, relocation costs, and work attire.

4. Work From Anywhere:

Another key benefit of virtual office is it allows you to work from home, on a beach, the park, anywhere you want. The best part is you don’t have to be present in the office but all the administrative work will be taken care of by virtual office services. Working in a flexible environment helps you to have a positive impact on your work attributes and attitude.


 Get all benefits of Virtual office at Mumbai Coworking starting at Rs.16,000/year

Benefits of Virtual Office

5. Cost-Effective:

A virtual office gives you the convenience of actual office space. Whereas in a virtual office, you don’t need to bear expenses like buying furniture, equipment, and technology. The key benefits of virtual office are, it helps you to save a huge amount of money which you can utilize for future business expansion.

6. Corporate Mailing Address:

By signing up for a Virtual Office, you create a physical office without committing a lease obligation. You can use a virtual office address to collect all your mails or packages on your behalf. You can either pick the mails/packages when you arrive, or they can be delivered to your given address. Therefore, it develops a good amount of trust and reliability between the clients and us.

7. Increase Scalability and less Overhead:

You don’t have to bear costs like an office lease, utility payments, hardware, and none of the associated costs. On the other hand, all the savings can be used in sustainability, innovation, scalability, investing in human resources which will help your company to grow.

8. Increase Business Authority:

It is also one of the best benefits of Virtual offices for startups is that they can have multiple locations across the nation or worldwide. Hence, it also increases your credibility and authority for your clients

9. Quick Registration Process:

We at Mumbai Coworking space also believe in keeping our registration procedure as quick as possible. The Clients save a lot of time and effort because of our quick registration. And also, we give Rent agreement, NOC, Utility bill, and Permission to opt-in for government registrations like ROC and other license documents in just 20 minutes to help you start immediately.

10. Easy Setup:

Setting up a Virtual office is not that difficult task as well as shutting down. Therefore, without the need to invest or doing additional for setting up the business virtual office make your startup plans feasible.


Why Virtual office?

A virtual office provides you the physical appearance of your office without renting as well as buying property for office space. It is cost-effective and saves your commute time. Virtual office space also gives you the leverages of the physical office like business address, company board, documentation for registration and permission to opt-in for government registrations like ROC, other licenses and also the permission to get a current account on the address, mail collection, and forwarding services, meeting room, etc. The onboarding process of a virtual office is very seamless. You can have your own virtual office in 20 Minutes with Mumbai Coworking.

How do I get a virtual office for a Startup business?

As living in the modern generation. Where technology and the internet are booming rapidly, and every current problems also required a modern solution. In terms of Business as well as social life, you need to be smart and wiser. To be smart and wiser, you need to find a smart solution for your Business, and that’s what virtual office is. Benefits of virtual office is provides you the registered office address without its tangibility. Nowadays, Virtual offices are gaining maximum traction in owning getting an honest side of Business simply because showcasing a maturity towards works, showing work ethics to the clients, and running minimum time in diligence and doing innovative work. Getting a virtual office in a prime location can reach more clients, customers at the doorstep with no effort, increase business chances, and gain you maximum popularity.

To get a Virtual office for your Startup business:

You must need to find your virtual office at the prime location of the city. For example, how our Mumbai coworking space is located at the prime location of the city Andheri, Mumbai. The second thing is you should check its accessibility. And the last and the most important thing is its work ambiance and facility.

How does a virtual office work?

Benefits of virtual office give your businesses a physical identity and office-related services without a load of a long lease and administrative staff. With a virtual office, you can get benefit to work anywhere as well as you will get a business address, Documents to register a company, Permission to opt-in for government registrations like ROC,  other licenses, Permission to get a current account on the address, Mail collection, and forwarding, Complimentary meeting rooms services.

Is Virtual Office legal?

Yes, it is legal; while registering your business, you must need the Articles of Organization’s business identity; you need to include an office address for your business. In most cases, it is acceptable to use a virtual office address as your business address. 

Can I use a virtual office for company registration?

Yes, you can use the virtual office for company registration, GST registration, etc. Since the virtual office benefits give you a professional address for your business, you can use a virtual office for all business correspondence and mails. In addition to having an efficient post forwarding service, you will get all your mails on time.

Why do you need a Virtual office?

Virtual Office for small businesses and startup helps you keep your address private rather than provide the residential address. The virtual office service provider like Mumbai coworking has assigned dedicated staff to collect your all-important business documents as well as couriers.

It also provides you an address that will make a genuine impact in front of your clients or customers. It will gain confidence amongst your clients and help you to build reliability and develop a good brand image.

How do you find right Virtual office?

To find the right virtual office, you need to find the exact prime location, the technology provided by the virtual office space providers to get your work done easy. Comfortable meeting rooms, flexible membership, and the budget? You are paying for the services which you can expect to get offered from your virtual office service providers. 

Mumbai Coworking, the best virtual office in Mumbai, gives you the benefits of getting your business address, a nameplate outside the office, and also give you the leverage to open the bank current account, Complimentary meeting rooms, Mail collection, and forwarding services.

Everything you should need to know for Virtual Office GST Registration at Coworking Space:

To avail service of Virtual Office Gst Registration, Here is the list of documentation, you should know about:

  1. Pan Card of the company,
  2. Pancard & Aadhar Card of the Signatory,
  3. Business Registration certificate or incorporation certificate provided by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs
  4. Identity & proof of the prime authorized signatory
  5. Gst No incase if they have.

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