Top 10 Virtual Office Benefits For Your Startup

Mumbai is a city of dreams. From Bollywood industry to industrialists who want to have an abode here.

Mumbai is a city of dreams. From Bollywood industry to industrialists who want to have an abode here. Mumbai is a place where having an office in a plush locality will cost you more than a fortune. But the impression of having a registered office in Mumbai gives your business different advantage! What if we told you can have a registered office in Mumbai without spending a fortune? Try Mumbai Coworking’s Virtual Office. And enjoy the Virtual Office Benefits of the same.

virtual office benefitsWhat is Mumbai Coworking’s Virtual Office?

There are various benefits of virtual office. A virtual office provides address services for a fee, without providing dedicated office space. It differs from “office business centers” or “executive suites”, which do provide physical office space and/or meeting rooms.

Here are 10 Virtual Office Benefits in Mumbai:

1. Make Mumbai a part of your dream:

Having a registered office in Mumbai is a dream of every organization. With a virtual office, this is a dream which can come true. Mumbai Coworking’s Virtual Office benefits can help you set up a registered office in the city of dreams

2. No hassle of relocation:

Registering your office in another city doesn’t mean you have to take all your belongings and relocate your base and find new contacts! Mumbai Coworking’s Virtual Office allows you to set a base away from home without relocating. This is one of the most important Virtual Office Benefit.

3. Legally Secure

A virtual office benefit of Mumbai Coworking ensures you a virtual office which is legally secure. Mumbai Coworking gives you a legal cover while others work on ‘word of mouth’. Get authentic NOC Copy, Electricity Bill on Company or Owner’s name and rental agreement.

4. Welcome Cost Cutting

A virtual office benefit provides all kinds of cost-cutting for your business. From an all-inclusive place with no additional charges. Mumbai Coworking’s virtual office is a place to consider!

5. Amp up your Company’s image

Located in Andheri – the heart of Mumbai city, having a registered address can bring a shine to your company and your clients.

 Get all virtual office benefits at one place at Rs.18,000/year

6. Know that your mail is safe

Mumbai Coworking’s virtual office ensures to ship back the mail which comes to your Mumbai address to your desired address. Did we tell you it is all-inclusive?

7. Branding of your brand

Mumbai Coworking’s virtual office benefits allows your companies branding to shine on the walls of the office for everyone to see.

8. Perfect Middlemen

People at Mumbai Coworking’s Virtual Office form perfect middlemen for you. From attending your calls to people, stay assured you are in good hands!

9. Get perks!

The other virtual office benefit is visiting Mumbai for a day and use our office to meet your clients for an hour.

10. Unlimited access to beverages

Are you a coffee drinker or a ‘chai’ lover? We have both for you. That also unlimited.

Do you love the idea of working in a virtual office of Mumbai Coworking?

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