32 Most Spooky and Haunted Places in Mumbai

31 Most Haunted Places in Mumbai 2020 That You Shouldn’t Try To Visit Alone!


You must have heard scary stories of several haunted places in Mumbai from your friends and relatives. But if you haven’t, and if you are interested in knowing various haunted places in the city, then you have arrived at the right place. Out of these stories, some are genuine incidences while some are made-up stories. Many people, in different parts of the city, have experienced different types of unusual and spooky experiences.

In this article, we have listed some genuinely haunted places in Mumbai with nerve-chilling stories and real-life experiences felt by people. Let’s look at how and why some places in Mumbai are spooky and connected with paranormal activities.

Here are 12 haunted places in Mumbai we suggest you not visit.

1. D’Souza Chawl

Haunted Places in Mumbai - D’Souza Chawl

This Chawl was just like any other common Chawl residence in Mumbai. But it all changed since the day an old woman fell into the common community well and died. Since then, the area is assumed to be haunted. Several people have reported that the spirit of the old woman haunts the Chawl premise and its periphery. Nobody has ever clearly seen the female. However, many of the local residents have claimed to witness unusual shadows and hazy figures after the sunset. Furthermore, they have also seen an apparition roaming the streets at night. The noteworthy point is that the spirit is harmless and hasn’t hurt anyone till date.

2. Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Haunted Places in Mumbai - Sanjay Gandhi National Park

The lush green forests of Sanjay Gandhi National Park are known to have some terrifying secrets hidden related to mysterious paranormal activities. Many residents and late-night visitors have seen a lunatic female hitchhiker, clad in white, obstructing the path of travellers. Many people have also reported seeing a hazy shadow gradually vanishing in the air. If you are curious to know the story behind these happenings, we will disappoint you here. Although there isn’t any solid reason, the residents and frequent visitors claim that several women were killed brutally and buried here.

3. Tower of Silence

Haunted Places in Mumbai - Tower of Silence

The next name on the list of haunted places in Mumbai is slightly unusual. The Zoroastrian cremation or burial ground is considered to be haunted because of several dead bodies lying there. It is strange to believe that such a place exists so close to the busy road that goes up to Malabar Hill. People passing by this site complain of a “sense of uneasiness and feel uncomfortable”. It is obvious and natural to feel the weird uneasiness when you know there are several dead bodies lying abandoned inside the gate.

4. Aarey Milk Colony Road

Haunted Places in Mumbai - Aarey Milk Colony Road

Aarey Milk Colony road is as dreadful as relaxing and cosy it may seem. Countless horrifying stories and incidences lie in the lanes of this dense forest. Several stories conclude a direct relation between the Aarey Colony and paranormal activities. People have reported incidents of a woman in a white saree, asking for a lift and then getting violent in the odd hours of the night. Additionally, many people have spotted a lady with a kid in hand asks for a lift. After the lift, her face distorts and she vanishes with a deafening yowl. 

Do you realise why those rickshaw and taxi drivers denied taking you through Aarey Colony during the odd hours?

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5. Mukesh Mills

Haunted Places in Mumbai - Mukesh Mills

What is the story of Shah Rukh Khan’s movie Om Shanti Om became real? The story of a place burning and coming down into ashes, and then being used as a movie set. Scary, isn’t it? That’s exactly what happened at Mukesh Mills. A fire accident of 1870 destroyed these Mills. This famous shoot location is considered to be haunted because of visitors feeling uncanny and seeing mysterious shadows. People commonly report the feeling of getting a strange, unnerving sensation. Stories of a possessed actress and uncomfortable eerie interiors are peculiar to the mill.

6. Vrindavan Building

Haunted Places in Mumbai - Vrindavan Building

One of the most famous and posh societies of the city, Vrindavan society behind Thane Creek is also one of the haunted places in Mumbai. This spirit often slaps the night guards unnaturally. Residents have admitted that they have experienced unclear whispers in their ears during the night hours. The accused in this story is of an old depressed, troubled man who committed suicide in one of the buildings of the society. People believe that he punishes the mischief-makers and watchmen who sleep during their duty hours.

7. IC Colony, Borivali

Haunted Places in Mumbai - IC ColonyIC Colony is one gem of a place in suburbs. But a patch of this area is also one of the haunted places in Mumbai. When you visit this area of Borivali West, you’ll find an open ground right in the middle of the area. It is said that a gardener committed suicide a few years ago as he was scared of losing his job because of the transfer of ownership. However, his spirit is still attached to the place where he used to work, and hence, his spirit loiters in and around the ground. Although there is no specific reason, the spirit tends to target only children playing around the ground.

8. Taj Mahal Hotel

Haunted Places in Mumbai - Taj Mahal Hotel

Stories say that the spirit of an architect haunts this legendary hotel at Apollo Bunder. It so happened that the architect designed the hotel. However, he found out that the building design deviated from the original layout. Shaken by this, he decided to kill himself. Since then people claim that the ghost loiters around various corridors and staircases of the Taj Mahal Hotel. But the best part is that this spirit hasn’t harmed or disturbed anyone till date.

9. Madh Island Road

Haunted Places in Mumbai - Madh Island RoadThe road to Marve and Madh Island is one of the most used ones as countless tourists and residents pass through this route. Several people out of these have witnessed something strange that others haven’t. According to the locals, some years ago, a girl was brutally killed on her wedding night and dumped in the adjoining mangrove forests. And since then the road of Madh island has an eerie presence. Locals and residents state that she haunts the road. This especially happens on full moon nights, torturing and obstructing the path of vehicles. This makes it one of the famous haunted places in Mumbai, especially on full moon nights.

10. Bandra’s Jivesh Terrace

Haunted Places in Mumbai - Bandra’s Jivesh Terrace

The posh-looking Jivesh Terrace located on Bandstand is also a mystery. Several construction workers died here while the building was in making. That is also the reason why the building’s construction work stopped for five years. Some even say that years ago, this piece of land was a burial ground. We don’t know which reason is true but some residents and visitors have often felt uneasy and eerie here

11. SNDT Girls College, Juhu

Haunted Places in Mumbai - SNDT Girls College

The next one on the list of haunted places in Mumbai is the famous Juhu S.N.D.T. College. The girl’s college is famous for the story of sounds of a woman reciting multiplication tables at around 2 am. The sounds of wailing children and slapping follow the reciting sounds. A few years before, some boys decided to investigate the place and see who made the sounds, but they couldn’t find anyone. Just an eerie empty sensation with chilling silence prevailed there. Care to try your hand at investigating?

12. Mahakali Caves

Haunted Places in Mumbai - Mahakali Caves

The combination of 15 caves, Mahakali Caves is also one of the haunted places in Mumbai. It is hard to believe that this tourist place which is always flooded with visitors is also associated with paranormal activities. People living in its vicinity have reported unusual occurrences, strange sightings and voices from these abandoned caves. Till date, no reason has been identified for this occurring.

13. Nasserganj Wadi

Haunted Places in Mumbai - Nasserganj Wadi

Nasserganj Wadi is located fairly close to the Mahim station. An old compound, it once belonged to a Parsi man named Nasser. His spirit haunts the premise. He was murdered brutally and buried near a well in the area. His spirit keeps a watch on his property, injuring and tormenting anyone who obstructs his path. People, especially residents have often seen him, rather his spirit, walking around the premises of the compound.

14. Vasai Fort

Haunted Places in Mumbai - Vasai Fort

The ancient fort built in the Portuguese era is known to be haunted. This is because many visitors have heard weird sounds of horse riding and people knocking the windows of their cars. Many have even seen some hazy figures crossing their ways even during the noon hours. These spirits are of the soldiers who died here due to various fights. Many widows of the soldiers jumped into the pond in the premise to save their dignity from the enemies. The reason for the sound of horses is also the same.

15. Trident Hotel, Nariman Point

Haunted Places in Mumbai - Trident Hotel

Yet another one in the list of haunted places in Mumbai is the Oberoi Trident Hotel. People believe that this hotel doesn’t have the 13th floor. Yes, call it superstition or an urban legend but people believe that the building doesn’t have the 13th floor. The fact is that the floor exists but the entry to this floor is blocked. A couple once committed suicide here. After that day, lots of paranormal occurrences started. That’s when the authority decided to close that floor for their guest safety.


16. Grand Paradi Towers

Haunted Places in Mumbai - Grand Paradi Towers

It is hard to believe that such a posh building in such a post locality is one of the haunted places in Mumbai. The Grand Paradi Tower in Malabar Hills was constructed in the 1970s, still, a number of flats in the buildings are still vacant. The towers, especially the 8th floor of one of the towers is known for multiple suicides. The first incident was that of a couple jumping from their flat, followed by other family members the next year. There have been reports of maids committing suicide in the building and other incidences claiming the lives of residents. Although several pujas and other methods used to get rid of the spirits were carried out, the towers still remain one of the most haunted places.

Cremation Ground Facing Arcade Bhoomi

Are you planning to buy a new house in Kandivali West? If yes, then avoid even looking for options in the Arcade Bhoomi building near the famous Dhanukar Wadi naalah. Not the entire building, but people living in the flats facing the cremation ground often experience a strange experience. One of the most serious ones was when in 2017 a lady saw something very spine-chilling. She once happened to wake up one night to refill her water bottle. She went to her kitchen which still faces the Hindu cremation ground. When she looked at the window, she could see a burning lady with fire all around her. This burning lady was just outside the window on the 7th floor. The very next day, this mid-aged couple vacated the house.

17. Kamathipura, Brothel No.25

Haunted Places in Mumbai - Kamathipura, Brothel No.25

In the Colonial era, a lot of European and Japanese women were imported to this brothel area. This place was a hub of British soldiers at that time. One of the prostitutes was abused and murdered because she refused to render certain services. Since then the ghost of the prostitute makes an appearance with the motive to scare unassuming customers. Several clients and other prostitutes have witnessed the sight on countless nights.

18. Mumbai High Court

Haunted Places in Mumbai - Mumbai High Court

The next name on the list of haunted places in Mumbai is Mumbai High Court. Don’t raise your eyebrows, we know how hard it is to believe this. Many people who worked in the high court said that a courtroom has some disturbances by the ghost for the last 30 years. The court is haunted by a bilingual ghost of a lawyer. During a murder trial in that room, the ghost scares the accused to the extent that he/she accepts the crime.

19. Ramnarayan Ruia College

Haunted Places in Mumbai - Ramnarayan Ruia College

Yet another college associated with paranormal activities is famous and old Ramnarayan Ruia College in Dadar East. A spirit is claimed to wander in the corridors of this college. Not only this but students have also heard weird sounds from the classroom S16. The mini-auditorium of the college and also the ladies common room are also said to be occupied by a spirit or ghost. This spirit is totally unidentified and it can be considered as harmless.

20. Mulund Rail Crossing

Haunted Places in Mumbai - Mulund Rail Crossing

The railway tracks near the Mulund station crossing are haunted as they are highly prone to massive accidents. Several people while crossing the tracks at midnight have been assaulted and hurt by someone unknown. No one can be seen after such mishaps. Some people have even seen a person crossing the tracks with his cycle. He keeps walking even when a train is approaching. As the train passes from the track right at the crossing point, the man disappears.

21. St. John’s Baptist Church

Haunted Places in Mumbai - St. John’s Baptist Church

If you look at the picture above, you’ll see how spooky and creepy this place looks. This 500-year-old Portuguese church was abandoned due to an epidemic in 1840. Since then, the ghost of a bride was claimed to haunt the church and surrounding areas. She disturbed people living in the vicinity of the church. Hence, an exorcism was performed in 1977.

The writer described the details of that day in his experience. “As the priest read lines from the Bible, we first heard manic laughter and then loud wailing. Then we heard shrieking and screaming, and suddenly there was a loud splashing sound from the pond next to the church. Everything then fell silent.” The following day, all the fishes in the pond were found dead.

22. Poonam Chambers, Worli

Haunted Places in Mumbai - Poonam Chambers

Two critical incidents, bomb blast of 1993 and building collapse in 1997, resulted in countless deaths. Thus, the B wing of Poonam Chambers is highly haunted with several spirits. Watchmen, security guards, and people working in late nights have repeatedly reported sounds of door rattle and knocks. However, no one has ever seen any hazy figure or felt an alien presence in and around the B wing.

23. Johnson & Johnson Road

Haunted Places in Mumbai - Johnson & Johnson Road

The signal at Johnson & Johnson Mulund is also a place associated with paranormal activities. A lot of people have witnessed a lady in white saree walking across the road. Nobody knows who she is and why she roams at this junction. While most accidents are fatal, those who survived to tell the tale said that they were only trying to save a lady in white.

24. Mahim Fort

Haunted Places in Mumbai - Mahim Fort

Yet another disturbing story comes from Mahim. People claim that many years ago a prostitute was brutally raped and murdered at one of the oldest forts of Mumbai. The spirit of this woman is said to haunt the fort area during a night and even during the day. People have reported that they heard screams of a woman and people being slapped when they were here. Many tourists have reported that they have felt an eerie presence in this area.

25. Juhu Pawan Hans Quarters

Haunted Places in Mumbai - Juhu Pawan Hans Quarters

Who doesn’t know Pawan Hans Aerodrome in Juhu? But did you know that this aerodrome is also one of the top haunted places in Mumbai? Yes, that’s right. Several people and workers of the quarters have seen a blazing figure of a woman hurriedly running towards the age-old peepal tree in the corner of the aerodrome. Nobody knows the reason why she poured kerosene and set herself on fire in 1989. But since then, countless people have seen this girl names Salma, when alive, running towards the tree. Locals even built a Hanuman temple to put a full stop to all this. But even that was fruitless as people still often see the blazing figure.

26. Covered Well in Vakola

Haunted Places in Mumbai - Covered Well in Vakola

A spooky-looking well is located in an isolated area of Vakola. This well is known to be haunted as several people jumped into it to suicide. The spirits of these suicide committers are known to cause nuisance around the well. Once a resident spotted a man who committed suicide just a day before. Since then, the word of spookiness spread across and the area is considered to be haunted.

27. Babanrao Kulkarni Road

Haunted Places in Mumbai - Babanrao Kulkarni Road

A stretch of this active road is also considered to be haunted. A few years back a college girl was raped and killed somewhere on this route. Since then, a crying girl can be seen running for help on this road. When some people tried helping her by following her or trying to stop her, this girl suddenly disappeared. So, if you happened to see a girl running and crying for help, make sure you ignore her and don’t be a helpful person.

28. Thane’s Abhijit Building

Haunted Places in Mumbai - Abhijit Building

A building named Abhijit is vacant for a very long time except two families staying here. In spite of advertising extensively and tying up with brokers, the flats in this building aren’t selling. The only reason behind this is that a former resident had committed suicide here and continues to haunts the place. The constant feeling of uneasiness and sickness experienced by people keeps this building empty.

29. Cadbury Junction Signal

Haunted Places in Mumbai - Cadbury Junction Signal

One of the busiest signals in Mumbai, the Cadbury Junction Signal is also considered to be haunted. Several rickshaw drivers and travellers have witnessed a hazy figure of a woman in white. People mostly witness this during late hours of the night. Not only this but the witnesses are followed by massive accidents. Many people believe that this junction once had a graveyard. A part of the graveyard still exists but the road was built on half of the area. People claim that the building process disturbed the spirits.

30. Ram Sakit Building 

Haunted Places in Mumbai - Ram Sakit Building

By the time you finish reaching about this haunted place, you’ll feel that Mahim has the largest number of paranormal activities. This story is of the sealed well located on the premise of Ram Sakit Building behind Paradise Theatre. A lady names Sulochana, around 55 years of age, fell into the well while washing clothes about 20 years ago. She cried for help but no one could hear her. She eventually died. Now, the spirit is reported to be seen on the new moon night and this spirit disappears after dawn. The good thing here is that the spirit is completely harmless. But the well and area around it look spooky enough to scare people away.

31. Last Bus from Film City to Dindoshi

Last bus from Film City to Dindoshi

The last one on our list of haunted places in Mumbai is not a place but a bus. The drivers and conductors on duty, as well as some travellers, have mentioned that a woman in white clothing comes and sits on the bus. It has been seen that she gets onto the bus from a stop (not fixed which stop) and gets down mid-route when the bus is in full speed. The only reason known and assumed is that the lady was killed on the route. She is said to sit only on one particular seat. Hence, the conductor asks all the travellers of the bus to sit in the front and not on “her” seat.

Now you know how and why some haunted places in Mumbai are spooky and connected with paranormal activities. Therefore, avoid visiting these places after sunset unnecessarily.

If you too have experienced something unusual and fishy, mention your experience and location in the Comments section below.

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