coworking hub coffee mugFree Unlimited Tea, Coffee & Snacks At Coworking Hub

Members of the coworking hub are given access to the pantry which is home to the vending machine. Tea, coffee, water, and hot water are always available in the kitchen for you to use. Whether you come early in the morning or it’s time for your evening tea break, there’s never a shortage of supplies. It may seem as something really small, but imagine this – you’re tired from a hard day and are about to give up. And you decide, let’s have a cup of coffee. That feeling of refreshment on having the first sip is indescribable. Relaxing on the terrace with your mug, staring out at the fantastic view, heaven at work. This serves as an instant mood booster, even if you haven’t had a hard day.

What’s more is that with tea and coffee, you also get free food. Occupants of MumbaiCoworking get free snacks every evening. There’s a different dish everyday, so there’s always a surprise to look forward to. From authentic Mumbaiyya chats, sandwiches made by SutraHR’s CEO himself, to delicious aloo parathas, there’s always something filling to munch on. Say goodbye to carrying multiple tiffins, because all you need here to get through the day is one lunch box. All your other meals are taken care of.

If this sounds tempting to you, give us a call at +91 922 221 3191 or visit to book a tour of now! 🙂