Lil Flea 2018: The Best Flea Market in Mumbai is Here!

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The city of Mumbai is full of vibrant minds and creative souls, who never stop coming up with new ideas to make things more interesting. Be it the way one works, to the way one has fun; Mumbai knows how to have fun. One such innovative and interesting idea is that of the Lil Flea 2018, which is organized in this city. Lil Flea Mumbai is not like the ordinary markets but is full of quirky ideas, interesting products, delicious food and heartwarming entertainment. It is not just a market, but a festival in itself.

Here, several well-known brands and people from various parts of the country set up their stalls. These stalls have a variety of items right from jewelry to antiques, clothes to bags and so on. One can find a huge variety of quirky and interesting items to shop over here. Not only this, there are several food stalls selling delicacies and desserts as well.

Another attraction in Lil Flea, is the entertaining elements present here. Right from music, to movies, there is something for everyone.

History of Lil Flea Mumbai

This awe-inspiring market idea came into being in 2014 by two creative minds – Priyanka Punjabi and Alankar Jain. They began the organizing the Lil Flea market in Mumbai to bring together the communities of fashion, music, food, and so on.

All the stalls put up in this market, are personally curated by Priyanka. She efficiently designs the plans for the setting up of stalls and brings in ideas to make them more interesting than they already are. The other aspect covering the finances and business is handled efficiently by Alankar. He makes sure that the event is profitable.

Lil Flea is for everybody!

Yes, unlike ordinary markets, it does not believe in serving a bunch of people. It has something for everybody. It is for the people who love to shop, to eat, to watch movies, to experience band performances, to read and so on. It is for all the art enthusiasts, for the poetry lovers, for the aesthetic lovers, for the music enthusiasts, for the shopping addicts, for the food hoggers, phew! The list is endless.

Events that you can find at Lil Flea 2018 Mumbai (April)

lil flea 20181 – Stalls for the shopper in you

Lil Flea Mumbai is the best place to get some of the most quirky, chic and handmade products for yourself. One can find a variety of stalls for apparels, bags, shoes, jewelry, pop up arts, and so on. There will be around 300 homegrown brands, all of which will be curated. All these will definitely excite the shopper in you!

2 – It is a place for the bibliophiles!

At this place, all the bibliophiles can find a piece of their hearts- Books! Yes, one can get their books exchanged at the Lil Book Exchange in Lil Flea and get the book that they really wish to own. Not only that, one can meet fellow bibliophiles here and talk over a cup of tea and classics.

3 – Festival of experimental and Fusion Foods

As mentioned earlier, Lil Flea is a place where one can satisfy their taste buds with unique delicacies and desserts from various chefs. There will be more than 60 brands, putting up the food stalls for people. So throw your diet out of the window and unleash the foodie within you.

4 – Festival of Indie Music

Lil Flea market is here to give you some heartfelt beats and soulful music on all the days of the festival. Every evening, Lil Flea Mumbai has a new band to entertain people with some of the best Indie music by several well known and talented bands. Some of the performing bands include Ankur and The Ghalat Family, Marshall & The Mischief, Sidd Coutto Experience, Tejas, Clayton and Friends, Jazz Jams and All-Star Jams.

5 – There’s no bar at Festival Bar

Along with food, there’s a line up of 7 microbreweries at the Lil Flea Festival Bar to sort out one’s weekend drinking plans. There will be Brewbot, White Owl, Independence Brewing Co, wines, cocktails, alcohol golas, and slushies.

6 – Movie under the stars!

Ever wished for a pleasant experience of watching a movie right under the stars, with friends around, the wind playing with the hair and drinks and snacks to add on to the fun? If yes, Lil Flea can fulfill that wish of the people. At the Lil Flea, one can watch several classics every night from 10 pm onwards. If you are looking forward to this enthralling experience, pre-register as early as possible.

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7 – Something for nature – One Lil Tree.

Keeping in mind the importance of growing trees and increasing the nature’s strength, One Lil Tree is here to provide free seeds for their homes. Grab your seeds from here and plant them at your homes. One can also learn a lot about organic gardening or even adopt a plant from here.

8 – A place for Art

One can find several works of artists from around the world at the Lil Flea Mumbai. There is live art, art for a cause, and a collaborative art section here. It tries to bring in the artists who are unique and believe in spreading their thoughts through the art.

9 – Carnival Games and Board Games

Lil Flea has unique ways to keep one away from the boredom. There are several carnival and board games that can bring out the kids in people. Right from hula loops, giant Jenga, trampolines, dart games, and many more are present here to keep the fun on. You can also pick up board games of your choice from the board game booth and spend some fun time with your friends.

These are just some of the interesting things that one can find at the Lil Flea.

If you are looking for a different and not-so-ordinary way of spending your weekend, Lil Flea is the place for you!

Lil Flea Mumbai 2018 Schedule


1st Weekend
6th April
Time Events Location
11:00 AM New Leaf Jio Gardens, BKC
12:00 PM The Linen Way Stall No. E-5 at The Lil Flea
12:00 PM Oh Cha The Lil Flea
12:00 PM Brewlette Jio Gardens, BKC
10:30 PM Open Air Movies Jio Gardens, BKC
7th April
12:00 PM Hive Presents Sahi Jawab Theatre at the Lil Flea
4:00 PM Stories on Toast Jio Gardens, BKC
6:00 PM The Hippy Guitar-
Canvas Painting
Jio Gardens, BKC
8th April
12:00 PM Night Must Fall Jio Gardens, BKC
12:00 PM Hive Presents Silent Zone Jio Gardens, BKC
6:00 PM Eiffel Tower Knife
Painting Workshop
Jio Gardens, BKC
2nd Weekend
13th April
4:00 PM Bigmic Mixed Bag Jio Gardens, BKC
10:30 PM Late Night Poetry Jio Gardens, BKC
14th April
4:00 PM Hive presents: Jashn-E-Qalam
10:00 PM Hive presents #OyeStandUp
15th April
12:00 PM Hive Presents: Devi (Theatre) Jio Gardens, BKC
4:00 PM Books on Toast LIVE Jio Gardens, BKC
6:00 PM Wine Glass Painting Workshop Jio Gardens, BKC
8:00 PM Monster Battles Jio Gardens, BKC

lil flea 2018 Mumbai

Movie Schedule (Movie tickets: Rs 200)
1st Weekend
April 7,10:30 pm Juno Jio Gardens, BKC
April 8, 10:30 pm Breakfast at Tiffany’s Jio Gardens, BKC
April 9, 10:30 pm Priceless Jio Gardens, BKC
2nd Weekend
April 13, 10:30 pm Catch Me If You Can Jio Gardens, BKC
April 14, 10:30 pm Exit Through The Gift Shop Jio Gardens, BKC
April 14, 10:30 pm Moonrise Kingdom Jio Gardens, BKC


About the brands at Lil Flea Mumbai

Boriya basta7 Craft Beer Brands

Beer craft at Lil Flea Mumbai

  • Brewbot Mumbai

Brewbot is Mumbai’s Craft Beer Destination. They offer the best artisanal craft beer in India, brewed from scratch at the restaurant right in front of our clients.

  • White Owl Brewery

With a singular aim of creating top-notch, locally-handcrafted beer,

they started brewing ferociously in October 2014 at our tiny craft brewery

  • Independence Brewing Co.

A pub brewery for India offering a comprehensive variety of gourmet, craft beers across numerous global brew styles

  • Toit Brewery – Mumbai – Taproom & Kitchen

Beers are made only with natural ingredients; imported malts, the hippest of hops and the most eukaryotic of yeast.

  • Bombay Duck Brewing

They’re a small craft brewery in Mumbai making handcrafted, artisanal ales believing in innovation, experimentation and collaboration.

  • ThirstyBeers

Thirsty Beers is a new-age beer company looking to bring back pedigree to the art of beer and brews.

  • Great State Aleworks

Going by this age-old tradition, the Great State Ale Works, a Pune-based craft brewery,

  • Drifters Brewing Co

Drifters Brewing Co., established by Nayan and Shital Shah, was born out of the need for Handcrafted Beers in the city

  • Moonshine Meadery

One mead, a traditional type to which coffee is to be added, is in the primary fermentation stage, and the other, which has apple juice concentrate, is ready to be carbonated



  • B:Kind

B:Kind, a trendy fashion brand for women who want to stand apart from generic fashion

  • Blue Baksa

. Shoes that are trendy & handcrafted

  • Aureole

Minimalist handwoven textiles are woven by Indian artisans. Their apparel is timeless, trendy, comfortable and relaxed made from handspun khadi and silks.

  • Arabella

Arabella brings you beautiful, unique, and playful apparel, accessories, and more for everything from daily use to special events

  • Angiya

Created by a Mumbai-based label, Angiya, these Indian bras are a re-imagined version of the traditional angiya worn by Indian women for centuries.

  • LMNO

LMNO is a women’s wear online store with a range of colorful separates and Instagram friendly forms

  • New leaf

A modern mix of ornament and head turning stuff that’d add a dash of innovation to the aura defines New Leaf’s chic design exploits.

  • Urban Suburban

Urban Suburban – Manufacturer of One Piece Dress, Ladies Western Shirts & Western T-Shirt from Surat, Gujarat, India.

  • Desi Hangover

Desi hangover brings you a perfect handcrafted pair of leather footwear, meticulously engineered for your comfort!

  • Lola’s Closet

A high street e-commerce brand, founded by Priyanka Sawhney. they offer the freshest trends in eyewear and accessories to fashion-forward girls all over India.

  • Closet Code

The perfect destination for men’s accessories such as neckties, bow-ties, cufflinks, socks

  • Satva Living

SATVA’s organic clothing online for workout and yoga from cotton and recycled polyester. Eco-friendly & sustainable

  • Chaakmaati

Chaakmaati retails quirky tribal accessories made with vintage coins, earthen pottery, and fusion elements

  • Faaya Gifting

Faaya is a luxury gifting brand working with Indian Artisans to create a handcrafted line of flatware.

  • Soul Works

At Soul Works, dreamcatchers are made of embroidery threads, wool, feathers, beads and metal rings.

  • Suta

The brand SUTA is a fresh design house that centers on creating a range of attire with a blend of tradition and contemporaneity.

  • AmbarEla

The brand doles out pretty looking but durable umbrellas for those who see a silver lining in the monsoon gloom

  • Boriya basta

BORIYA BASTA is not all that shines and blings. The destination for bohemian and ethno fashion and accessories.

  • HappyBooch Kombucha

Delicious Kombucha home brewed in Mumbai with lots of love and care.

  • The Black Canvas

The Black Canvas is a brand of well designed, durable and meticulously curated quality leather products for you to treasure.

  • Swarang Designs

Swarang designs weave the genius of indigenous art, perfectly entwined with the contemporary sensibilities of design and craftsmanship

  • Whistle snacks

Healthy, Guilt-free snacks that are Delicious & Tasty. The whistle is on a quest to change the world one snack at a time.

  • Coral Haze

They are leading manufacturer of handmade shoes online shop, Best Handmade Designer Shoes, embroidered.

  • The Linen Way

The Linen Way specializes in linen wear and accessories for women. High quality, casual innovative design, the range of colors and natural linen fabric is the basis of our brand.


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