When it comes to having desserts, cakes are the most craved and delicious food items that everyone wants to eat. One of the most crucial facts about having cake is the numbers of variations that we find by the cake flavored option. There is a wide choice of cakes that you can find in the […]

To maintain a healthy life, one needs to often indulge in a physical activity. It can be working out, playing a sport, dancing or yoga but the key is to take part in such activities on a regular basis. In a city like Mumbai, where people are stuck in a 9 to 9 routine, there […]

“How can I make money on weekends ?” – is possibly the most asked question on Fridays or Thursdays (if you’re having a slow week). For most people weekend involves spending time in bed or catching up with friends over drinks & food. But there are some of us who are spending their weekends at […]

LEAPING WINDOWS For all the Book Lovers, this is the place to be at. We are certain that you’ll meet all your ideal Superhero’s here hidden in the background comic book shelves. The writers can explore incredible ideas at such a comfortable place, and can possibly get to meet their favorite writers/celebrities sitting close by. […]

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